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Brand New Eyes


I admittedly started out not liking this album.. maybe it was a slight departure from their emo/punk sound that preceded it, but after a few listens it grew on me, to the point where I believe it's their very best work.

When I first listened to this, without skipping, I literally fell in love with every song! You might think I'm exaggerating but seriously though, almost every song is perfect. musically AND lyrically. so inspiring and has helped me through my hardest times. I can never get tired of this amazing record!

This album is genius and they titled it perfectly. "Brand New Eyes" for a new way of seeing things and the world, for understanding new perceptions. Probably one of the most inspiring albums of all time.


I mean misery business is great but after playing it a million times it got old so I then started to over play the Acoustic version! All song are amazing plus for a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic and fences are my favourite songs

I love this album it has always been my favourite since I became a fan of Paramore a year or two ago. It has most of my favourite songs from paramore and is just a such an amazing album.

This album has the most positive lyrics and the tune is very upbeat, and it can get you through anything. I know it has worked for me. I became a fan of Paramore because of this album.

Best album they did and probably will ever do. This was their best sound and they just lost it when they were struggling to stay to gather and thereafter. Really sad because there really isn't a great replacement for the energy and amazing vocals this album brought and its all been downhill from this one.


Are you deaf? This is the best comeback I know!

Every single song on this album is good. Paramore as a band has really matured musically and this album shows that.

AMAZING ALBUM AND AMAZING COME-BACK! The best songs are Now, Last hope, Part II, Anklebiters, Hate to see your heart break, Grow up, Daydreaming, Ain't it fun, Still into you... Oh wait, all songs are perfect.
That's not only a new (and good) sound for Paramore, that's one of the best albums of the decade!

Hayley's voice is shown off on this album, last hope and proof are perfect

After Laughter

As much As I love their 2002-2014 material But at the End of around 2013/14/15 it really started to Get repetetive And this album feels a lot like a breath of space And still manager to sound like Paramore this should at least be 4.

This album is brilliant. The fact that some of the most upbeat songs have the saddest, and most real lyrics proves that Paramore is still one of the most relatable bands out there.

The most mature lyrics yet with music that doesn't overpower its meaning, Paramore stuck gold with this album

How is this below AWNIF and self-titled

even paramore said this album is the truest form of them and their favorite album

All We Know Is Falling

Deserves better. This should be the first or second on the list.

Definitely this one. It has all of my favorite songs in that you can never get out of your head. Should at the very least be above RIOT! Because that's just the one everyone knows, like it's popular to like that one album. All of Paramore's songs are amazing, bu the ones on here are better

Deserves more votes... Brighter, Never Let This Go, Here We Go Again, Emergency etc anyone? That's 4 great songs right there!

Here We Go Again is my favourite Paramore song and my 2nd is Conspiracy... Both from this album! Definitely deserves some more votes!

Singles Club

It has monster... it couldn't get any better!

Their only album that was online only, and not available in stores. Consisted of four tracks total:

1. Monster
2. Hello Cold World
3. Renegade
4. In the Mourning

The Final Riot!

One of the if not the best video I have ever watched it's so perfect every performance is a 100/10 and every second of the video is a 10/10 hayley williams is so hot

Watch the video for We Are Broken and tell me this isn't their best

Absolutely love let the flames begin on this

The B-Sides Album

This extremely rare album is a compilation of their b-sides through the years. Some of their best songs are b-sides, little hidden gems only people looking, or forced to listen to them by their friend (I regret nothing, I made Paramore fan in the process) will hear

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