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1 Misery Business Misery Business Cover Art

I love this song it's literally like half of my heart. I remember that this is the very first song that I heard by paramore. I was playing saints row 2 and it came on while I was driving. At first the song sounded boring but then it got to the guitar and the drums and I fell in love with it I loved the way the singing sounded, the way the drumming sounded I just loved it.

This and For A Pessimist are my favorite Paramore songs. Riot is the only album I've heard from them so far because I haven't gotten around to Brand New Eyes yet, I plan on it very soon. Interesting to hear the change from this to Ain't It Fun, a song that made me listen to Paramore several months after I would've initially because I hated it so much

This song is EPIC. Here are the reasons:

1. It's got a catchy and great chorus which fits perfectly after the verse.
2. It's got a part with a really epic build-up.
3. It's suitable for everyone.
4. Hayley's voice is fantastic.

Of course there are more reasons but these are just a few basic ones.

(I don't know how Decode is seconds. It should be at least number 10 if not further away).

Hey I'm akshat Sharma and I'm adding some acoustic verson of songs like misery business, pressure, turn it off, brick by boring brick... I'm biggest fan of paramore and I want you all to listen these acoustic songs of paramore...
Great song and just listen to hayley's voice its great...
Just I don't know why josh farro left paramore...

2 Ignorance Ignorance Cover Art

This song is amazing and very addicting too. Great rhythm, amazing tune, relatable lyrics that really helped me though tough times. All 5 members did amazingly on this song, I couldn't pinpoint a favourite Paramore song but this is definitely one of them.
Did you know the Playing God music video is the sequel to the Ignorance music video? Connection? Remember the end of the Ignorance music video where the guys tied Hayley up to a light bulb? No think to the beginning of Playing God music video, the guys are tied up under a lightbulb

Pretty much listen to this song ever day, haha. Really It's a great paramore song in general, not to mention that without it the band would've broken up, but Hayley's vocals are insane and the intro and palm muted guitar riffs are great too!. The song has a nice punk rock feel and is a really heavy song with a meaning. Plus Hayley looks amazing with the lightbulb in the video.

Play this at my funeral! Brilliant song with an equally awesome music video. The lyrics are so unique and meaningful and Hayley's voice is so powerful it just gives you chills. It's so easy to rock out to this awesome song and any normal person can relate to it in one way or another. Best Paramore song ever, full stop!

THis song is just sto relatable! You're having a horrible day, your best friend in the whole wide world turned into a complete absolute backstabber! So you go home, pull out your guitar and start slamming cords and screaming the lyrics to Ignorance until your lungs rupture! YAY PARAMORE!

3 Decode Decode Cover Art

This may be not just the best Paramore song ever, But it may be one of the BEST SONGS EVER! This song and Conspiracy are the very best. This song could probably wake the dead if everybody played it at the same time. Truly Divine! (Only Flyleaf's I'm Alive gives me as much chills or maybe Conspiracy and 1000 Broken Wings). I'm scared they might be better than Evanessence (oops did I just say that).

This song is A-MAZING. Not only is this Paramore's best song, it is also my favorite song of all time! (well, tied with Viva La Vida) The opening riff is so recognizable, it should be called the "Paramore riff." And when it gets to the break after the first chorus, just TRY to stop your head from bobbing.

The acoustic version in particular is extraordinary. There's one particular rendition that really gets to me. She must have been sick, but every time her voice cracked my heart ached. Such a beautifully depressing song. She actually reminded me a lot of Adele.

Decode is one of Paramore's best songs EVER! Hayley's vocals are more stunning than the usual and in this song, shows a lot of range. The lyrics are good and in total, the band did a very good job. Decode is personally one of my favorite songs from them!

4 Crushcrushcrush Crushcrushcrush Cover Art

This should be on the number one spot I mean sure misery business is great but this is awesome once you listen to it you can't stop it! You can't even get the beat out of your head! I've been listening to this song for a long time even my mom fell in love with this song! Come on people! What the hell is wrong with you this deserved to be on the number one spot!

Best song ever. Seriously the song that introduced me to Paramore. But its always ALWAYS the song I go back to & lister to over & over. Watching the video is amazing too. I know the visual has nothing to do with this contest but seriously Hayley is amazing to watch.

This is Paramore's best song, so far. Hayley nails this song, and the lyrics are fantastic too. "I got a lot to say to you, yeah I got a lot to say... ". Overall. It's AMAZING. I love it so much and can't stop listening to it. Also, it's the first song of Paramore I heard.

By far my favorite song! I can't stop listening to it. Its very addicting. Not only is the song addicting but watching Hayley Williams is too!

5 Brick by Boring Brick Brick by Boring Brick Cover Art

Best song in the world. I love the part where it says... She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure, the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
Now she's ripping wings off butterflies
Paramore is a great band they always have amazing songs. Favorite song for lots of people. You should listen to it

It just works, perfectly. The progression is close to perfect, the story is a beautiful one, the production is amazing, the vocals are perfect for each part of the song. I just love it cause there is nothing quite like it in any of the punk related scenes, Be it emo, emo pop, pop punk, hardcore, post hardcore, screamo or anything.

Sorry, but this song is absolutely better that Crushcrushcrush. Not only does it have a lot more meaning, but the actual music is just a lot more fun to listen to. Brick By Boring Brick has a meaning, and people who can't see it tend to not like it as much.

I love paramore and I love this song! I can totally relate to it all the way:) I was obsessed with paramore for a long time, but lately I've been listening to My Chemical Romance more... Call me crazy... I guess I needed a little more punk rock and loudness in my life:) well anyways, vote for this song! It's my absolute favorite paramore song!

6 The Only Exception The Only Exception Cover Art

The peak of all their songs. Hayley Williams nailed it at this & although it's a slow song, it's great & a perfect ballad from them. Her voice is unique, the tunes are catchy & it has a deep, meaningful & powerful lyrics, showing one's fear of the worst moments, like the death of the most loved ones. How is this not #1? It ranks along with Drowned World/Substitute for Love by Madonna & Ordinary World by Duran Duran in quality & emotion. It scored a peak in so many sources & gained so many positive reviews & was sold the most. It's been played more than any of her others songs. A 1 of a kind song.

This is my favorite paramore song because I relate to it on a personal level and it was the first paramore song I learned on guitar. I got into paramore cause of my wife (lol her name is hailey williams its spelled differently) amd so this is the best paramore song in my opinion

Paramore is an amaazing band, but I am embarassed to say I do not know too much about it. Sure, I've listened to Misery Business and all those popular songs, but not too much by them. Except for one song- The Only Exception. Words cannot describe. It is purely beautiful. In fact, it is so amazing, I command you, the reader, to listen to it RIGHT NOW.

BEST SONG! This was the first paramore song I heard and I just completely fell for it. It was so good. My friends and I sang it before for our school teachers. It was THAT good. And it's also really different from the type of music they normally have.

7 That's What You Get That's What You Get Cover Art

That's what you get is first favorite paramore song, it has a good lyrics, beautiful melody and great vocal. This song make me want to hear it again, again and again...
and everyone that hear this song should be like me.. PARAMORE NO 1...

Decode is on 3 while this piece of.. MASTERPIECE is in number 8? This is the first song that I knew paramore would be a hit.. Not that crappy shining vampire song.. Vote this up! This should be number one!

No way! This song deserve to be in the number one spot! This is a really really good song, especially in live performances and this is the reason why I love paramore! Hayley Rocks!

This is still on of my favorite songs ever! Paramore is one of my favorite bands! This song should be all the way at the top! I love Paramore! Haley has a amazing voice!

8 Still Into You Still Into You Cover Art

Can't believe this is only number 27! This song is like totally awesome! Hayley Williams is an amazing singer! I love Paramore forever! I thought some of their newer stuff was a bit too pop like but this song changed my mind for good! It's my new favourite song! My mom however hates it! Lolz!

This song may be Poppy and different for the band but its definitely the catchiest paramore song ever and it has relatable lyrics and great electronic flourishes. Hayleys vocals are flawless and taylor made the cathiest guitar riff ever! This track screams summer and has been a HUGE para-HIT!

40? Are you serious guys? This is Still Into You! The best Paramore song ever so far! New Paramore withpop music sounds. It's a adorable & fun song. I'm feeling like tasting a sweet candy when I'm listen to this song. It should be at least Top 5! I'm still into you, Paramore!

-Flawless Vocals
-Great instrumentality, specialy the guitar.
-Fantastic lyrics. It speaks of love in ways not nearly enough songs do.

Basically, an original alternative pop song about romance, on par with other alt pop bands such as the Eurythmics.

9 Monster Monster Cover Art

Monster was actually the first Paramore song I heard and what got me into the band, it's not only my favorite paramore song, but one of my favorite songs in general. It's definitely more rock and punk than some of they're other songs, but I love that. It honestly was a good song to listen to for me when I was stressed out or upset. I highly recommend this song, it's so amazing and I can't believe it's only in 8th place

I only heard this song after hearing all the songs from their albums and as soon as I heard it, it became my favourite Paramore song and one of my favourite songs ever. There's something about this song that gets me hyped up and not only that but this is the first song Paramore made since the Farros left and I think this song shows the strength Paramore have.

The critics who said Paramore wouldn't be as good with their new lineup have been silenced! This is the band's top song in my mind, no question. Hayley hits the higher notes beautifully. It's a shame that this song was only released on the Transformers 3 soundtrack. I'd love to see it make an appearance on their next studio album!

I heard this in a warriors cats video, and the video is called Longtail PMV. I love the song and the Warriors Cats video. Amazing song. I love it. Good job Paramore. Another song to add to my list.

10 Ain't It Fun Ain't It Fun Cover Art

To be honest, I had almost given up on Paramore and their new music. And this is coming from someone who practically worshiped them. But when I heard this song, they revived my faith. This song shows just how much more mature they've become in their lyric quality and music dynamics. The perfect song to just dance around to and smile like an idiot. They never seize to amaze me.

Been a huge fan of Paramore since Riot! although All We Know is Falling might be my favorite album. Not crazy about this album but Ain't it Fun is a great effing song. The vocals of the chorus and the bass throughout the song are what make it such a great song. Great message too. Shocked there isn't a lot of songs from All We Know is Falling and Riot! near the top. Best two albums by far...

At fist, I really dislike it when I heard it for the first time and so on but as the time goes by, this became my favorite in the new album! This upbeat song is just: Unique. And it is so awesome when Paramore sings it live!

This song has such an amazing groove that reminds me of older music, and the fact that they brought in a real Gospel Choir makes it epic.
Plus, it's impossible to not smile while watching the music video!

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11 Playing God Playing God Cover Art

I love this song like it's my life! I had a break up with my boyfriend recently. (We dated for 4 and 1/2 years) everyone told me he was a jerk, I refused to believe. This song helped me get through but honestly it's just become a great song to listen to in general.

One of the most inspiring songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. One for those who truly believe in themselves and their power. Absolutely powerful lyrics that will change the way you think.

This has got to be my SECOND favorite song from Paramore, this is a great song! There are not even words to to describe this amazing song. My favorite is Ignorance, but this is such an underrated song, it is SO good!

Underrated song! I love the "I'll point you to the mirror" segment from the guys in the 3rd verse, it's genius!
Misery Business is one of the most overrated songs ever! This is far better!

12 Careful Careful Cover Art

This list says "Best" not "Most Popular. " Therefore, Careful should be higher than Misery Business. Careful is an amazing song, and deserves a higher spot on the list. It's a shame that most of the songs listed, with the highest ranks, are very popular singles. Usually the best songs are not the most popular ones.

In my opinion, Careful should be in Still Into You's place because this song is one of the many songs that define Paramore's genre: Punk-Rock,. Still Into You is more of pop-rock/pop than alternative rock/punk rock. They're known as an "American rock band" not pop.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite Paramore song out of them all. The instrumentals are amazing, the vocals are hard-hitting, everything that could go right with this song did. This song is pretty underrated and should definitely be higher on the list.

Awesome song, this should also be at the top list. Paramore's songs are not full of sugar coated lyrics but created with truth, memories and their life experience. Other song are just full of catchy nonsense unlike paramore's.

13 Hard Times Hard Times Cover Art

By far their best song. Incredibly catchy, while also showing off their range with a completely different sound that most people aren't used to from them.

Absolutely love this song.

"This is too poppy! "
"I wish they'd just go back to their old style! "

Shut up. This is amazing and you know it. It sounds like Blondie or Bananarama or one of those bands from the 80's. It has cool lyrics and makes you want to dance. What's not to like? They need to evolve as artists - they can't make teenage emo music forever.

I didn't like it the first I listened to it but eventually it has grown to me. Now, I'm addicted to it & I play this song nonstop all day! Try listening to this song in loop and you'll see <3. (Also, I found out that the lyrics are sad but they make it a happy tune and that's kind of amazing...)

I've heard so many bad pop songs in recent years that this feels refreshing to me!

14 Emergency Emergency Cover Art

Lyrics can take a good song and make it fantastic. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. I've never been a huge fan of the sound in this album, it just sounds like it panders to the angsty teens who love Hot Topic. However, It's Paramore. They can make any song flawless if they tried, like they did with 'Pressure' and 'Fake Happy' which were uphill battles and turned into instant classics. Emergency is flawless lyrics wise. The song is about Hayley's Parents getting a divorce, and how it ruined her life and made her sad. Tons of uncreative people would just write stuff about "Oh, I'm so sad. I'm gonna miss seeing my dad a lot. Life is different now." Or they were ruined by the divorce, which you wouldn't get a lick of sense from in the lyrics because of how generic they are. With Emergency, you feel her. If you want me to feel your angst, you need to explain everything. Tons of these are fantastic examples of how Hayley's life practically got shat on because of the ...more

While I don't think it's their best, it's my absolute favourite and one of the most powerful and real.
"I've seen love die, way too many times, when it deserved to be alive. And I've seen you cry, way too many times when you deserved to be alive."
"No one seems to take about it, so can we talk about it? "

This song is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. I just can't get enough of it. It's one of those songs that I can listen to whatever the life situation is. Beautiful and emotional.

Fences by Paramore is the best and emergency isn't so great but I love Paramore. Please think about this and actually listen the song. It's is awesome!

15 Let the Flames Begin Let the Flames Begin Cover Art

I honestly can't believe how low this song is ranked. 14 is just ridiculous. This song is EASILY without a doubt the best non-single Paramore has made, and personally I think it should be top 3 overall. It has great rhythm and build up to the chorus. The guitars and drums are just fantastic. Hayley shows off her great vocal range. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. What more can you want from a song?

Simple. The riff, the bridge, the outro; AMAZING. This song has epic dripping from it's every note. It's an absolutely kick-ass song. Their best. They'll never write a song better than it because that is impossible. For anyone. Listen to it in the car at night for the full effect!

The live version of this with the outro is Paramore's most energetic, epic, and angelic song. It is one of my favorites from any band, and I listen to Skillet, RED, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, and many other breathtaking bands.

I'm in love with all of Paramore's songs, and that also includes the underrated ones, but the song I find myself playing on repeat the most is this song, along with Emergency and Careful. Wait, what am I saying? I have all their songs on repeat constantly!

16 All I Wanted All I Wanted Cover Art

SO INTENSE! I think this is the most powerful song that Paramore have ever created by far! The reason this song isn't far more known or popular is because Hayley can't perform this one due to the extremely high pitches and if she did, it would risk damaging her voice. The PURE solo in the middle 'ALL I WANTED WAS YOU' shows that Hayley is a TRUE singer that doesn't need editing, overly used beats or anything to change her voice.
My favourite band to the end.

The notes Hayley hits in this song is incredible, and the instrumental buildup is awesome. The verses, the chorus, everything is just incredible. Should be up higher. If you're not impressed by it, try singing the chorus.

How come no one is commenting on this song? I LOVE IT! It starts off so slow and then gets really intense when the guitar solo comes into the middle. Plus, Hayley shows off terrific vocal range.

Such a beautiful song- Hayley's vocal performance is what does it for me. I love the buildup and the intensity it reaches before dying back down again. A true masterpiece; it's a shame they don't perform it live.

17 Pressure Pressure Cover Art

I can't believe this song is so low... I like all songs of paramore as it is my favourite band but still this song deserve higher rank... I agree with the ranking only this song deserve little high ranking... Just listen to it once... Songs of there first Album all we know is falling are not voted very much... But I love this album just listen to this album.. This album is with best lyric...
I don't know why josh farro and his brother left paramore... They both were my favourites =(

I'm super surprised their hit single from the debut album isn't even in the top ten! I love this song to pieces. Not to mention the "pressure flip" in concert that Josh and Jeremy would do!

I can't belive this song didn't made out being top ten on this list, this song basicaly one of the best, it even sims 2 used this song for their radio, oh good old times..

I think this song is definitely the best for all of the pressured teenagers in the world... and we all know there are MANY!

18 For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Cover Art

I can't describe what I feel while I hear this, but it has helped me a lot, best band ever... and my favorite from riot!

This song is amazing! The lyrics, bass, rhythm, name! Its amazing and Paramore has really helped me through a lot

20th place? Seriously. Anyway they're the best!

This song is so energetic and Hayley really goes all out with her voice, great song and should be higher

19 Fences Fences Cover Art

Why wasn't this song even listed? I'm both offended and confused considering that this is one of the only Paramore songs I can tolerate. I love the lyrics and energy this song brings (and not to mention the killer bassline). Definitely a strong recommendation to anyone who's never heard this band before--you'll probably enjoy this song.

I had heard many of the other popular songs by this band but never truly loved them until I heard fences. It opened my eyes so-to-speak to how good this band is. Haley williams is an amazingly talented singer and although I normally dislike female singers she still got to be one of my favorites.

This is an amazing song! It should be, at least, in the upper echelons of the top ten. It's a cheerful song, has a great guitar beat to it and the lyrics are pleasant on the ears as well.
A definite song for any new Paramore fans to listen to.

This song connects with you directly and drags you along the song. It leaves the sensation that you need more and more, and next thing you now is you're addicted to this song. Absolutely my favorite!

20 When It Rains When It Rains Cover Art

This is my favorite song by Paramore.
The guitar work is beautiful and soothing. Hayley's voice is angelic with so much grace and power. The message of the song is deep and powerful in itself. One of the best songs and one of the most overrated. A lot of people haven't heard this song unless they're big Riot! fans. It's a shame cause it's Paramores softer side at it's finest and I miss them
making songs like this. Should be top 10 at least

This song is about Hayley's friend who committed suicide... it's a pretty sad song if you listen to the lyrics, but it's very beautiful. When It Rains is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite song by Paramore.

When it rains is my favourite song by paramore. Most people don't realise or understand the meaning behind the lyrics, but it really is amazing.

The meaning of this song is really beautiful. It has really touching lyrics and you just want to cry when you hear it. Why is this 31?

21 Rose Colored Boy Rose Colored Boy Cover Art

Very emotional song

22 Turn It Off Turn It Off Cover Art

This song is so underrated. It should be way at the top. Its by far my favourite song (and album, Brand New Eyes is the best), not just by Paramore, but in general. Its such a perfect song and I play it on repeat everyday. Their music is so passionate and Hayley's voice just makes me feel like everything is okay in the world. Not a single trouble, anywhere. This song is musically amazing. Helped me and so many others through tough times.

It's so sad how people don't notice this song. I've been looking for this, scrolling down to vote and what do I see? 26th place! What?! What has happened to the world?
Bottom line is this is my FAVORITE damn song from Paramore and words cannot express my anger for its degrading.
People who don't know this song are sad.
It's the type of song you can live off.
I don't feel like typing anymore because this just got me pissed off.

23 Place?! This is disappointing. Coming from a person who saw them preform live, Turn It Off had me shouting the whole entire song (It's not like the others didn't either, don't get me wrong, but this song is definitely the best of them all). It's sad how such an amazing song is at 23rd place when it clearly deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5!

Brand New Eyes is my favourite Paramore album and this is my favourite Paramore song ever! I love her voice and when I feel sad, I just close my eyes and listen to this. It always makes me feel better. It has helped me through a lot of tough times and I never get sick of the chorus.

23 Misguided Ghosts Misguided Ghosts Cover Art

This song is a slight change from the others on the album, as its slower and more ballady compared to their usual high energy songs. But I think its an amazing song that compliments the album so well. Its really emotional and I can't stop listening to it! Paramore is my favorite band and I think they are all amazing and I love Hayley!

This is actually my favorite Paramore song. Since most of Paramore's songs are more upbeat I see why it's 22 but this song made me listen closer to slow songs that I used to skip because they are the ones with the most meaning, usually.

I feel like this song should at least be in the top ten. It has the best lyrics (in my opinion) and it shows the emotional side of Paramore. It kind of reminds me of Extreme's More Than Words. The impact of it, I mean.

17th place!? No way. This is one of my favorite songs by Paramore. It needs to be at least in the top ten. The lyrics are beautiful and profound, and Hayley's voice sounds so honest. Flawless.

24 Renegade

So Underrated! This should be at least at top 10. Hayley, s voice is more magical in this song. Can't believe how could be this at no 28. Just give it a try I bet you will love this amazing song.

This song is kinda underrated. I think it should have been higher considering the wonderful lyrics and awesome melody

Oh my gods, this needs to bump up to the top, like, now. Renegade has so much meaning and Hayley's vocals and emotion--Gah, vote.

You saved my life laugh out loud I had monster on reply now it's this! But monster is better!

25 Hello Cold World Hello Cold World Cover Art

This is a different style for paramore, give them a chance it's a new direction and the lyrics are awesome, if you listen to it every day you'll see you will like it.

This song just pulls you in, you know? Definitely deserves a spot in the top 5.

Go paramore! Best band in the whole world!

She brings out her real self in this song like she always does but you seem to hear more of it

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