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1 Misery Business

Really good song, love the lyrics, and the music, it's my 2nd favorite paramore song! :D I love paramore(: the song gets me so ENERGETIC! Can't stop listening to it

I'm speechless when I'm hear this song, I can say anything except AMAZING SONG!
Good job paramore

Amazing paramore song <3 I can listen to this for days and day :') Hayley Williams has the best voice EVER!

I love this song it's literally like half of my heart. I remember that this is the very first song that I heard by paramore. I was playing saints row 2 and it came on while I was driving. At first the song sounded boring but then it got to the guitar and the drums and I fell in love with it I loved the way the singing sounded, the way the drumming sounded I just loved it.

2 Ignorance

So true, pain wracked, angst...
Brilliant, helped me get through some really hard times. I don't think I'd be here without it.
Best song ever.

one of the most intense songs they have. you can hear how hardcore every instrument is individually, including how strong ger voice is in it! AWSOME!

BEST SONG! The song is so energetic but still emotional and relatable. Great lyrics great beat all around great song!

Pretty much listen to this song ever day, haha. Really It's a great paramore song in general, not to mention that without it the band would've broken up, but Hayley's vocals are insane and the intro and palm muted guitar riffs are great too!. The song has a nice punk rock feel and is a really heavy song with a meaning. Plus Hayley looks amazing with the lightbulb in the video.

3 Decode

The music is pretty amazing lyrics are very good. For me the bands greatest song ever!

Hayley's voice is like a Goddess here. This song is very very VERY AWESOME! YEAH! THE SONG IS SO GREAT I CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT LISTENING TO THIS!

Amazing vocals throughout with catchy and meaningful lyrics a truly moving song

Best song from paramore! The piano is really good and so moving. Hayley's voice is so strong... you can't not love it. The best song from them ever! Also something that will be stuck in you head forever... Its on constant replay for me! SHOULD BE FIRST NOT SECOND!

4 Crushcrushcrush

By far my favorite song! I can't stop listening to it. Its very addicting. Not only is the song addicting but watching Hayley Williams is too!

This is the first song I heard of them and its still awesome
i lOVE Hayley Williams

This Song Is No Doubt Better than Brick By Boring Brick and I love It when She Whispers " Crush Crush Crush " It just Sets Me In the "Mood" >

This should be on the number one spot I mean sure misery business is great but this is awesome once you listen to it you can't stop it! You can't even get the beat out of your head! I've been listening to this song for a long time even my mom fell in love with this song! Come on people! What the hell is wrong with you this deserved to be on the number one spot!

5 Brick by Boring Brick

I love this song because its sorta like a story

this song is the best, and the film clip even better I love you paramore! and hayley williams is so pretty!

What a great song, great music play
. I always love reff part of this song. Paramore rocks! Hayley voice is so dominant here.

Best song in the world. I love the part where it says... She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure, the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
Now she's ripping wings off butterflies
Paramore is a great band they always have amazing songs. Favorite song for lots of people. You should listen to it

6 The Only Exception

the most emotional and beautiful song of this amazing band, definitely! should be higher up on the list, this song came into my heart deeply, love it!

Such a sweet ballad. It is so different from their usual type, and yet, it is just proof that they can carry off soft music quite as well.

Amazing song Can't get it out of my head! Definitely should be voted to the top three!

Beautiful lyrics... Touching lyrics.. Just can't get enough of it... Definitely one of Paramore's best song... HAYLEY rocks

7 That's What You Get

That's what you get is first favorite paramore song, it has a good lyrics, beautiful melody and great vocal. This song make me want to hear it again, again and again...
and everyone that hear this song should be like me.. PARAMORE NO 1...

I first heard this song on rock band 2 and I loved it its one of my favs!

This is still on of my favorite songs ever! Paramore is one of my favorite bands! This song should be all the way at the top! I love Paramore! Haley has a amazing voice!

No way! This song deserve to be in the number one spot! This is a really really good song, especially in live performances and this is the reason why I love paramore! Hayley Rocks!

8 Still Into You

This song may be Poppy and different for the band but its definitely the catchiest paramore song ever and it has relatable lyrics and great electronic flourishes. Hayleys vocals are flawless and taylor made the cathiest guitar riff ever! This track screams summer and has been a HUGE para-HIT!

40? Are you serious guys? This is Still Into You! The best Paramore song ever so far! New Paramore withpop music sounds. It's a adorable & fun song. I'm feeling like tasting a sweet candy when I'm listen to this song. It should be at least Top 5! I'm still into you, Paramore!

A decent pop song. But Paramore shouldn't be making decent pop, they should still be making great pop-punk like they used to! :(

Can't believe this is only number 27! This song is like totally awesome! Hayley Williams is an amazing singer! I love Paramore forever! I thought some of their newer stuff was a bit too pop like but this song changed my mind for good! It's my new favourite song! My mom however hates it! Lolz!

Loving this song at the moment! My first real experience of Paramore and it's got me wanting to hear their best other songs. Great to hear a really rocking song on the charts again!

9 Monster

This song just show everyone that even without the ex members they still can be an amazing band. hayley looks so amazing in this video

This song is amazing! Still amazing with the new lineup. Hayley has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

Dude I can't get this song out of my head! I love it its still reeally good even without the other members.

Monster was actually the first Paramore song I heard and what got me into the band, it's not only my favorite paramore song, but one of my favorite songs in general. It's definitely more rock and punk than some of they're other songs, but I love that. It honestly was a good song to listen to for me when I was stressed out or upset. I highly recommend this song, it's so amazing and I can't believe it's only in 8th place

10 Ain't It Fun

To be honest, I had almost given up on Paramore and their new music. And this is coming from someone who practically worshiped them. But when I heard this song, they revived my faith. This song shows just how much more mature they've become in their lyric quality and music dynamics. The perfect song to just dance around to and smile like an idiot. They never seize to amaze me.

Love Paramore A lot and this song is Very Unique To say the Least it better get higher on the List!

Ain't it Fun Living in the Real World! - Curti2594

This is my all time favorite song this song is so good that I can't even express it in words this should be the number 1 song of all time oh and I am so obsessed with paramore and ever one of there albums as of right now my favorite album of all time is paramore self tilted album its an amazing album I idolize Paramore and hayley willisams paramore and hayley williams are my idol and I'm an 18 year old boy

At fist, I really dislike it when I heard it for the first time and so on but as the time goes by, this became my favorite in the new album! This upbeat song is just: Unique. And it is so awesome when Paramore sings it live!

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11 Careful

This list says "Best" not "Most Popular. " Therefore, Careful should be higher than Misery Business. Careful is an amazing song, and deserves a higher spot on the list. It's a shame that most of the songs listed, with the highest ranks, are very popular singles. Usually the best songs are not the most popular ones.

great song from their new album - alltimelownerdd28

Beautiful Vocals, perfect instrumentation- Everything you've come to expect from Paramore.

In my opinion, Careful should be in Still Into You's place because this song is one of the many songs that define Paramore's genre: Punk-Rock,. Still Into You is more of pop-rock/pop than alternative rock/punk rock. They're known as an "American rock band" not pop.

12 Playing God

its one of the most underrated songs here! just give it a go and listen to it, its way better than the others imo.

This song is totally underrated.. I bet that this song can make the top three if you guys feel the lyrics and enjoy the beat.. The song is quite something..

One of the most inspiring songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. One for those who truly believe in themselves and their power. Absolutely powerful lyrics that will change the way you think.

Underrated song! I love the "I'll point you to the mirror" segment from the guys in the 3rd verse, it's genius!
Misery Business is one of the most overrated songs ever! This is far better!

13 Emergency

For Me This Song Is The Best. Hayley Williams Is Cute In This Video :3 This Song Should Be In One Of The Top 3 Songs... People Should Vote This Song To The 1st... Anyone Agree?

Amazing lyrics, my favourite Paramore song without doubt. The song is just too powerful

This song is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. I just can't get enough of it. It's one of those songs that I can listen to whatever the life situation is. Beautiful and emotional.

My favourite song of Paramore and my second favorite song of all time! I love it! Strength, good melody, good lyrics and voice... Just great! All I need in a song to really like it

14 Hard Times

Someone in my school talent show sang this. I can’t get it out of my head.

I've heard so many bad pop songs in recent years that this feels refreshing to me!

Ugh cannot stop listening to this song!

Amazing song. I voted because it doesn't have much recognition.

15 Pressure

I think this song is definitely the best for all of the pressured teenagers in the world... and we all know there are MANY!

I'm super surprised their hit single from the debut album isn't even in the top ten! I love this song to pieces. Not to mention the "pressure flip" in concert that Josh and Jeremy would do!

I can't believe this song is so low... I like all songs of paramore as it is my favourite band but still this song deserve higher rank... I agree with the ranking only this song deserve little high ranking... Just listen to it once... Songs of there first Album all we know is falling are not voted very much... But I love this album just listen to this album.. This album is with best lyric...
I don't know why josh farro and his brother left paramore... They both were my favourites =(

First paramore song I ever heard, I fell in love straight away and this was like 8 years ago

16 Let the Flames Begin

One of those songs that you play obsessively on repeat... - Sammy

Absolutely in love with the final riot! version, it's AMAZING.

I honestly can't believe how low this song is ranked. 14 is just ridiculous. This song is EASILY without a doubt the best non-single Paramore has made, and personally I think it should be top 3 overall. It has great rhythm and build up to the chorus. The guitars and drums are just fantastic. Hayley shows off her great vocal range. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. What more can you want from a song?

How the hell is this number 10? I would've gone for 1 or 2. I am absolutely in love with the final riot! version, it's AMAZING. But, all of these are good songs

17 For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

I can't describe what I feel while I hear this, but it has helped me a lot, best band ever... and my fav from riot!

20th place? Seriously. Anyway they're the best!

This is my favorite song no doubt it will always be my favorite paramore song I can't believe it is #18, this should be at least, #11

This song is amazing! The lyrics, bass, rhythm, name! Its amazing and Paramore has really helped me through a lot

18 All I Wanted

How come no one is commenting on this song? I LOVE IT! It starts off so slow and then gets really intense when the guitar solo comes into the middle. Plus, Hayley shows off terrific vocal range.

SO INTENSE! I think this is the most powerful song that Paramore have ever created by far! The reason this song isn't far more known or popular is because Hayley can't perform this one due to the extremely high pitches and if she did, it would risk damaging her voice. The PURE solo in the middle 'ALL I WANTED WAS YOU' shows that Hayley is a TRUE singer that doesn't need editing, overly used beats or anything to change her voice.
My favourite band to the end.

This song should be number one, great music, great voice, great song! Paramore shows in this song all their abilities! They are just great! Love this song!

This is by far one of if not the best Paramore song... The notes Haley hits at the end are insane!

19 When It Rains

Somehow, I don't see how this is number 19. Such a beautiful song with powerful lyrics!

When it rains is my favourite song by paramore. Most people don't realise or understand the meaning behind the lyrics, but it really is amazing.

Why is this song number 19? It is so gorgeous and moves me every time I hear it. It made me cry the first time I heard it. Amazingly beautiful

This song is about Hayley's friend who committed suicide... it's a pretty sad song if you listen to the lyrics, but it's very beautiful. When It Rains is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite song by Paramore.

20 Fences

Great amazing song! With Great vocals and awesome beat! Has great Ry-theme and chemistry! This song is off the charts! definitely should be number 1! - jobanjo13

This song connects with you directly and drags you along the song. It leaves the sensation that you need more and more, and next thing you now is you're addicted to this song. Absolutely my favorite!

This is the song that got me into Paramore. Amazing guitar and chorus. I don't know how anyone could dislike this song. I'm typing at this point to max out the comment quality bar.

It took me forever to figure out what this song was about. When I did, I started to love it even more. The beat is extremely catchy as well!

21 Turn It Off

One of the best songs from Brand New Eyes. Very underrated. - Shadsilvson11

It's so sad how people don't notice this song. I've been looking for this, scrolling down to vote and what do I see? 26th place! What?! What has happened to the world?
Bottom line is this is my FAVORITE damn song from Paramore and words cannot express my anger for its degrading.
People who don't know this song are sad.
It's the type of song you can live off.
I don't feel like typing anymore because this just got me pissed off.

This song is so underrated. It should be way at the top. Its by far my favourite song (and album, Brand New Eyes is the best), not just by Paramore, but in general. Its such a perfect song and I play it on repeat everyday. Their music is so passionate and Hayley's voice just makes me feel like everything is okay in the world. Not a single trouble, anywhere. This song is musically amazing. Helped me and so many others through tough times.

Amazing song for when you're down
Has an awesome build up and the emotion is actually amazing.
One of my favourite songs of all time.

22 Rose Colored Boy

such a bop

Why is this #53? IT IS AMAZING

23 Misguided Ghosts

Love this song its not top ten but should be higher up! It reminds me a lot of Only Exception. Lovely ballad...

This is actually my favorite Paramore song. Since most of Paramore's songs are more upbeat I see why it's 22 but this song made me listen closer to slow songs that I used to skip because they are the ones with the most meaning, usually.

I feel like this song should at least be in the top ten. It has the best lyrics (in my opinion) and it shows the emotional side of Paramore. It kind of reminds me of Extreme's More Than Words. The impact of it, I mean.

This song is a slight change from the others on the album, as its slower and more ballady compared to their usual high energy songs. But I think its an amazing song that compliments the album so well. Its really emotional and I can't stop listening to it! Paramore is my favorite band and I think they are all amazing and I love Hayley!

24 My Heart

my absolute favorite song (not just of Paramore, but as a song in general) for almost 6 years now.

I'm so not a fan of rock music much, but the first time I heard this song, it's got me converted! It's so... Passionate. There's no better word to describe it. Passionate. She sings, they play, and even he screams with passion. It actually makes you feel the essence of the song. One of their best song ever, in my opinion!

The last 10 of this song is the best piece of music I've heard. I like it so much that it hurts! The music, the vocals, everything is just so emotionally sculptured.

My favorite song EVER. Even though it wasn't a top 40 hit like Misery Business and Ignorance, My Heart definitely surpasses every other song not only because of it's structure, but the raw emotion at the breakdown that Josh Farro meant to put into the song when he wrote it for Hayley.

25 Hello Cold World

This is a different style for paramore, give them a chance it's a new direction and the lyrics are awesome, if you listen to it every day you'll see you will like it.

Lyrics very meaningful and the tune was very beautiful

She brings out her real self in this song like she always does but you seem to hear more of it

This song just pulls you in, you know? Definitely deserves a spot in the top 5. - twentyfirstpilot

26 Part II

I love this song, I could listen to it all day! The instrumental section near the end of the song just makes it even better. I love Paramore!

I love Paramore! I have loved them for quite some time now, which is difficult considering how fickle I am when it comes to music, I will ultimately ALWAYS eventually bore of a song. Part II is just the most fantastic composition. Lyrically it's not genius but it works for me. I love this song so much I've lost count of the times I've lost count of the times I've listened to it. I NEVER bore of this.

Part II of Let The Flames Begin, which already deserves to be in the top 3. This song deserves number 1 spot for sure! Best song they've ever written!

From Paramore's new album. Part II for the song 'Let The Flames Begin' on their 'Riot! ' album. It is abosluety amazing. I'm not saying it should be number 1 but it deserves to be up higher on the list. At least 30, I think. - shelivesinafairytale

27 Hallelujah

I can't believe that this isn't on the list! Easily one of their best songs.

This song is so underrated! From the powerful guitar rift to Hayley's amazing vocals, Hallelujah is one of the best Paramore songs, not the 28th best.

If you don't think this is one of the best songs, you are not a Paramore fan. Anyone with any knowledge of Paramore and their other songs would know that this song is GREAT.

How this is not in the top ten, I don't know. This has to be one of the best songs I have heard to this day.

28 Renegade

This song is new but its better than monster in my opinion, best post Farro brothers song


This song is kinda underrated. I think it should have been higher considering the wonderful lyrics and awesome melody

You saved my life laugh out loud I had monster on reply now it's this! But monster is better!

29 Future

50th place... Wow...
Eh, I suppose that makes sense, given that most of Paramore's fanbase are more open to Pop music rather than the lesser known genres.
I'd go almost as far as to call this song Post Rock, it has that sort of really vague Sigur Ros influence on it...
Anyway, that's really the only reason I like it as much as I do, it stands out in a good away amongst most of Paramore's songs.
It's also really long.
So that's cool, too.

32? This should be #1! It's such an amazing, heartfelt song, and was an amazing closer to self-titled! It's their longest song ever, and the lyrics are so deep. The song really hits you hard. This is, in my opinion, the greatest Paramore song of all time. - UltimateCraig

Are you kidding me? This song deserves way more higher rank dude. Awesome lyrics are so full of emotion. And don't get me started on the music. It is just do powerful and takes you along with it. I mean all their songs are great and up beat but this one is just of another level. It is like sooo unique.

This is one of my favorite Paramore songs ever! Especially because there are so many emotions. And it's not even the lyrics that are so emotional but the music! It's so powerful

30 Now

I love their new song. A little bit different than their other songs, but still PERFECT! - mrg3r4rd

It one of Paramore's song for their new album, it really inspiring and different

I love now! One of my favourite songs of there's

This song is just so great! Shows how they're moving on brilliantly, great debut single from the new self titled album!

31 Fake Happy

This song needs to be way higher! It's almost hauntingly beautiful. A great message that most people can relate to on top of a great beat. It's not only one of Paramore's best songs ever, but one of the overall best songs ever.

This is a beautiful song that need to be much higher up on this list!

32 Anklebiters

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WHY IS ANKLEBITERS NOT IN THE TOP...1! It's like the best song ever, and really has a strong connection to the band, themselves, and it's just so TRUE. This makes you feel good about yourself when you've just been put down, and it has the best guitars, drumming, and vocals out of all of their songs, definitely. So, again THIS SONG DESERVES TO BE NO. 1!

To be's better than Misery Business. *runs away*

One of the best songs ever by paramore! Their new album is amazing despite some criticism, and it full of amazing music. This song shows just to do what you love and live YOUR life. It's so inspirational. I LOVE PARAMORE

Amazing how people underate such FANTASTIC songs. People like songs like still into you, which in my opinion is ace, but just because its more POP. Come on people, pop is a HUGELY overrated.

33 Daydreaming

I always find myself humming the song absentmindedly. It's actually a pretty good, catchy song.

This song is so underrated, I love this song because its different from other with its pop like genre should've be top 20.

It causes me great pain that Still Into You is the top song off of the self-titled album, and that this or Ain't It Fun isn't. This song is greatly underrated

34 Where the Lines Overlap

great song with great tune and just makes you feel good

I just love this song so much! It's got great lyrics that I love and the music is really good too. I think this is one of the songs that Hayley Williams really tried hard in, because it really brings out what a great and talented musician she is. Also, the rest of the band comes together, literally, around the end all singing, "I've got a feeling, " and those are the parts of songs that I love a lot. I don't know why, but those types of songs make me feel good.

22nd?! Should be in the top ten!

35 (One of Those) Crazy Girls

Really unique Paramore song, it should be ranked higher

Love this song, needs to be ranked in the top 20's. I love the lyrics, they get to my heart.

Yeah! I know! This must be ranked higher. just like let the flames begin, you want to play it on repeat.

I have to admit, once the self titled first came out I hated this song... I sincerely regret my previous opinion now and would gladly listen to it all day! It is sooo different from all of their other material.

36 Swim In Silence

I like this song whenever I'm tneed, makes me fall asleep

37 Feeling Sorry

I can't believe this song on 46th position. This song is perfectly great

41 really? I'd put this around number 10 for me. Considering it's from Brand New Eyes which had 11 songs (5 of which were singles) and this wasn't one of the singles, I can see how some people might overlook it. But if you actually listen to it, it is one of their catchiest songs without being poppy or cheesy.

What is this song doing so low on the list? This song is probably one of the best tracks on the album, I LOVE THIS SONG.. Amazing lyrics and catchy tune. At least top 15

I keep scrolling down this list and am nearly in tears! Come on deserves a much higher place.

38 Throwing Punches

A seriously underrated song, like much of the "The B Sides," unheard by most fans. Some powerful lyrics
"You're so hateful sometimes, throwing punches lies, far from somewhere above, just to say you're in love"

39 Grudges
40 Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)

This song is so good... How is it at no. 38? It probably isn't that well-known! I recommend this song to anyone who wants to listen to more Paramore songs!

An emo-punk song... Great lyrics... This is n0t their best song but this should be on top 10 - Racetech

I love the ending to this song! Should be higher up

This is my favorite love song

41 Breathe

This song makes me sigh, and wanna cry

Probably the saddest paramore song. - RandomPerson1234

42 Idle Worship
43 I Caught Myself

What!? How is this not in the top 10!? This is like as good as Decode and Decode is easily number one! How is Misery Business at number 1!? I bet most of you so called Paramore fans have never listened to this song, pathetic.

This is by far their best song lyrically, how on earth this isn't at least top 20 I have no idea

Really 29 needs to be at least 15

Why is this song isn't in the top 10? This song must be top 6 with only exception

44 We are Broken

How on earth can this masterpiece be 34?! Are you guys deaf? This song is perfection, art, masterpiece... I'm speechless. No way this can be ranked so low. It should be at LEAST in the top 10... even though I'd dare to say top 5.

Why does nobody like this song? It's better on record mind you but it's so political and meaningful.

I love the way this song sounds. How is it not in the top tens?

My favorite Paramore. Never get sick of it!

45 Told You So


This needs to be higher!


This is catchy


46 Whoa

I love singing this song. It's one of their energetic songs too.

When I first heard this song I found myself singing along, great memories

This is one of their catchiest songs, why does no one talk about it? - UltimateCraig


47 26

Such a sad beautiful tragic song. I can't stop listening to it

The lyrics gets me so emotional, I can feel her sadness.

Rank fifty? FIFTY?!



...this song needs a raise. No wait a shootin' raise.

48 Caught in the Middle
49 Circle

Some of the best paramore songs are the unreleased ones. I really wish this was on an album, I love it!

An amazing, underrated song. Give it a listen.

Pretty cool and catchy! 1

50 Franklin

This song reminds me good times, and well, it's a good one to listen when you're down, perfect.

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