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81 Interlude: Holiday
82 Suspense
83 Tell Me How
84 Forgiveness
85 No Friend
86 Decoy

How can this be so low? Its an amazing song, though maybe because its not officially listed on any album, a lot of people haven't heard it. But listen to it, its awesome

This song takes me to the place I'd want to be, is awesome, in my opinion BEST SONG EVER! Hayley sings meaningful lyrics with that godess voice she has, guitar solos makes me speechless, the drummer is so energetic and talented, you can barely notice the bass if you can't recognize it, but Jeremy is a BOSS at it. What else can I say? I want this song to play in my funeral and in my last days of life

Come on! This song is just awesome! And I'm not even a paramore fan (not that I don't like them or anything, I just haven't heard them that much). the guitar in the background during the chorus is just amazing!

Its one of their best songs please#

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87 Never Let This Go

This song makes me cry...

Great lyrics and good vocals, but the amazing thing about this song is the great guitar riff near the end. I listen to this just to hear that. Top 10 easily.

Just listen to the guitar riff near the end of the song, I listen to this song just to hear that. Paramore's best guitar riff. Top 5 song in my opinion.

I have to agree along with fall out boy's save rock n roll this song also makes me want to cry

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88 Hate to See Your Heart Break

This is without a doubt my favourite Paramore song. I can't believe I had to scroll so far down the page to find it. Yes it's softer but if you listen to it a few times you'll be hooked. Hayley's vocals are stunning on this track.

Really beautiful. It might be my favorite paramore song. Very underrated. If more people heard this song I think it would be higher on the list.

Strings are incredibly beautiful. Backup vocals (by Taylor? ) are great, and help support Hayley's sweet, smooth lead. I think the song is about Hayley comforting Taylor after a girl broke up with him.

Glad I let this one grow on me

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89 In the Mourning

It's new so I guess it makes sense that it doesn't have that much votes yet. It's a grief-stricken song about loss that tugs at my heartstrings. Absolutely beautiful lyrics, and so touching. It's a little country for Paramore which is amazing 'cause they're venturing out to other genres too. Plus Hayley's voice is so beautiful I even cried at the live version.

This song is so beautiful and relatable and definitely deserves to be in the top ten. Definitely one of Paramore's most definitive and overall best works. Can't stop listening to it over and over again. Makes me emotional every time.

Nothing gets me or has an effect on me like this sad, beautiful, but hopeful song. It really is Paramore at their finest. A highly underrated song.

Why is this not higher?! The connection I have with In The Mourning just makes me--ugh. - twentyfirstpilot

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90 Teenagers

Does this count as a paramore song? I thought Hayley did this as a solo artist for the Jennifer's Body soundtrack. Good song though!

This song is by hayley, not paramore

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91 Conspiracy

I am seriously angry that Conspiracy is in the bottom five. I have been obsessed with this song like crazy lately. It has an amazing beat once it gets to the chorus, the lyrics are deep, and the instrumental at the beginning makes it a perfect example of a paramore song.

My favourite song by them EVER how could it not be on this list?

This is the best Paramore song I ever heard besides Decode, There is no way it should be this far away. The song is from start to finish Amazing. True classic. Emotions are all over it, Makes my skin crawl almost all the time.

It's a good song. Should be on the top 15 at least. - taufiq13

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92 Temporary

I totally love this song it is very good in both instrumental and with the voices. This song should be at least on the top twenty. Has great lyrics and is very VERY catchy, this is a heck of a song. One of my favorites! SO totally listen to it. Yay!

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