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21 Feed Them to the Pigs - Horizons

Title itself deserves top 10 spot

22 Pandora - Killing With a Smile

Very good lyrics about an atomic bomb.
The part after 2:55 is just amazing, and energizing

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23 It's So Hard to Speak Without a Tongue - Killing with a Smile

This shouldn't be so low! It's an incredible song, and the chorus is haunting. All of the instruments complement eachother, resulting in a really fantastic song! Not my absolute favourite, but a very viable contender for second or third place.

Wow! One of my favorites. Not sure how it's ranked so low. Definitely in my top 5. And yes, the chorus is amazing!

Hard hitting song, late chorus is epic

This should be in the top 3!

24 A Deathless Song - Ire

This Isn't Best Song By PWD
But It's Totally Underrated...Geez! That Guitar Melody Drives Me Crazy
I Can Listen To This For Rest Of My Life
In My Opinion This Is The Best Song In ((Ire))
Masterpiece Guitar Melody, Awesome Drums Playing, Killer Vocal
This Is An Epic Song
At Least Should Be In Top 5

This song is EPIC! The screams, riffs and drums are on point. Makes me headbang every darn time.

25 Sleight of Hand - Atlas
26 Dead Man's Chest - Horizons
27 Atlas - Atlas

Can't believe this song is below Dark Days. Sure, that is a good song too, but Atlas is one of the best songs ever made (at least only opinion). And that is regarding all genres... !

This song is the best off the album. Just a really bangin tune. If you haven't heard the album yet, listen to this song first

28 Vicious - Ire
29 Pressures - Deep Blue

Definitely the best off deep blue

30 Five Months - Horizons

This should be top 3, this and horizons are my favorite but there are so many good songs from parkway all albums are good.

This song is executed to perfection. It is easily one of the top 3 songs on Horizons. Gets you so pumped! - eyah

Such a Brilliant Masterpiece on the Last position?!
Clearly it should be at the top. This song is overall so good,. I mean the guitar solos and riffs are just so good.

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31 Destroyer - Ire
32 Blue and the Grey - Atlas

The lyrics to this song are so powerful and the outro leaves you thinking. Honestly there are too many amazing parkway drive songs to make a list laugh out loud

This song should be top 10. Just amazing from start to finish. Atlas is their best album in my opinion and this and the river should be top 10.

Should be way higher on the list, hands down the best song of the album. It may not have as catchy of an intro as wild eyes, but it kills it for awesomeness.

One of their best. This and A Deathless Song sure deserve a spot in the Top 10 list.

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33 Dedicated - Ire

Seriously don't get how this song is so low, it's #1 for me. One badass riff after another, and doesn't get repetitive! Powerful vocals and lyrics that send a great message.

This song is amazing, the breakdown is one of their most brutal to date!

This song has probably the most incredible mix of screams of PwD!

34 Dying to Believe - Ire


Great song

35 The Sound of Violence - Ire
36 Bottom Feeder - Ire

Easily the best track on Ire

"I've see enough to know,

Who talks the talk,

Who walks the walk,

And who's for show!

37 A Cold Day In Hell - Killing With a Smile

For me, it's a tie between this and "Romance Is Dead". This song is one of the best endings to an album I've ever heard. - ThatStrangeKid42

Underrated song! Deserves to be ranked higher!

38 Wreckage - Deep Blue

That is so sad that this song ranks so low on this list. Who the hell compiled this list anyway? Best Parkway song yet.

In my opinion definitely top 5 insane pwd song deserves to be higher

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39 Writings On the Wall - Ire

My favorite by my favorite band.

Love the almost uneasy vibe this song gives off

40 Killing With a Smile - Gimme Ad

This is ironically their best and most pure sound yet not that popular apparently! - SummonSkeletons

How on earth is this rated so lowly? This is an insane song, so heavy

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