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1 Robin Hood - Men in Tights

It s number one because you have to be a real man to wear tights...

And because my full name is will scarlette o hara

This is the kind of parody that I enjoy watching the most. It's simply brilliant! If you don't like this movie, it means you don't have a sense of humor.

Brooks far most underrated work. "Unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent"

best film

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2 Airplane!

One of the first but the funniest parody I have ever seen. It's got a really witty cracking script!

So funny 10/10 leslie nielson movies are always funny. Got off to a rough start but the awesome way it was played blew my shoes off

I started watching with a smile and at the end I was on floor dying laughing.. Extremely funny... Can't stop laughing even for a single minute.

Laugh put loud funny from start to finish

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3 The Princess Bride

Honestly this movie is funny but I never much thought of it as a parody, It honestly seemed to take itself seriously. That being said its one of my all time favorite movies so I'm happy it made it pretty high up on the list.

What's this even a parody of? And it wasn't even that good. It made me fall asleep after 30 minutes into it. Though the fighting scenes were kind of cool.

It's inconceivable that this isn't higher on the list! It's one of the few movies that exists that makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

Pretty much the best movie period.

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4 Scary Movie 3

Nobody feel bored watching this movie. Superhero Movie also good. I don't see Naked GUN. Surprising...

This movie is awesome its outrageously funny

Amazing its never bores me at all hope gonna be a new scary movie 5


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5 Young Frankenstein

You just have to admit that this is by far one of the wittiest movies of all. The double-sided meanings make this more suitable for people who want a good laugh and not just dumb jokes like most other movies.

This is one of the best parody movies I have ever seen. Real humour, not nasty or vulgar. I laugh my ass off every time I see it, if you have not seen it, watch it right now!

Amazing movie, never get tired of it. Sorry for those who don't enjoy it (few words of German go long way)

It's pronounced "Fronkensteen"

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6 Shaun of the Dead

I just love this movie. I think I have watched it 20 times or so. I'm a horror fan and also a comedy fan. Zombies mixed with humor is my cocktail of choice They should make a lot more movies like this one. In my opinion it should be nr.1 on the list. Cheers.

This is like one of the funniest movies ever, let alone the funniest spoof. - fireinside96

I love this movie, it is best movie, I want it to be number one on this list. Please

Great Movie, love it, VOTE FOR IT OR ELSE!

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7 Spaceballs

After watching this movie I came to understand that you have to be very careful with science-fiction

Classic, and it makes me laugh my spaceballs off

WHY the HELL would you not like this movie? I love it, it was hilarious. This better rise to the top at ludicrous speed.


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8 Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery

It's sequels were so-so but this one really grasped what it was trying to do. Mike Myers at his best. - BKAllmighty

Best movie ever! Truly at the top most comedy level...
I can watch this over and over and still not get bored!

All I want are sharks with ' laser beams atached to their heads

9 Galaxy Quest

it s so funny. not really a parody of star trek but kind of star trek behind the curtain. sigourney is.. well watch it

What? This movie wasn't even in top 10 while it deserves being in top 3!

What a great movie. I was going to decide Thumb Wars until I saw this one. It's in the top 10 now. - ethany

"But the animal is inside out! "

"And it exploded."

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10 Superhero Movie

.. This is totally amazing.. Just laugh out loud.. Best Spoof ever.. And Scary movies are also good.. But Superhero Movie is the best..
Spiderman vs Dragonfly.. Laugh out loud.. He was bitten by a Dragonfly, you should watch this.. And the best Cast ever... SUPERB ACTING...! Nice Work
Start to End ==== laugh out loud

My favorite part is when they are eating and rick says he found a guy and when he tries to fly and jumps of the building and crashes with a statue.

Breaking news, Tom Cruise is dead. (Background couldn't fly laugh out loud) Great movie there is nothing bad about it also great acting for a parody just fantastic. Villain is The Hourglass haha

Awesome Comedy movie

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11 Not Another Teen Movie

One of the best made. Nice parodies of classics like " Cruel intentions " ( Mia Kirshner as hot as Sarah Michelle Gellar ), " Bring it on ", " Grease ", " Can't hardly wait " ( Jennifer Love Hewitt 's character Amanda Beckett replaced by look-alike Lacey Chabert as Amanda Becker ), " Sixteen candles ", " The Breakfast club " ( look in the beginning of the movie, it even says " John Hughes Highschool " ), " Porky's " and many other minor parodies of movies like " Clueless ", " Ferris Bueller's day off ", " The faculty "... This is a movie that you can watch over and over because you are always discovering minor details you have missed. This should be in the top 5 if you ask me.

When I typed in top ten parody movies on Google this is what made me type it is best parody movie ever

It is funny but all parody are funny don't be just in one side and insult the others
I suppose that we support them all

Chutiya movie

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12 Blazing Saddles

Best movie ever made! The cast is Hilarious and just make this movie work. Then you add in Mel Brooks who is a Comedic Genius and you get a Masterpiece.

Why is this below Superhero Movie? That is a awful parody, this is literally one of the best comedies of all time.

Should be top 3! One of the funniest movies ever

It's so wrong its right

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13 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Leslie Nielson movies are always funny. And this one is the funniest.

One of the funniest movies I've ever seen

How is this not in the top 10? Leslie Nielson's funniest role right here.

Guaranteed LOFLs

14 This Is Spinal Tap

How much more black could this album cover get. And the answer... is none. - InsertNameHere

It goes to 11!

15 Hot Shots!

This movie was really hilarious especially with that iconic bow and arrows (chicken) scene. Also, I laughed with the credit rolls of some ingredients.

Hot Shots is #12?!?! What has the world come to?!?! - PositronWildhawk

By far the best parody movie out there. Only topped by part deux.


16 History of the World Part I

ABSOLUTELY THE FUNNEST MOVE I HAVE EVER SCENE. However, you must be somewhat knowledgeable about history to understand the humor!

A highly unrated musical treasure.

17 Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

This movie is just absolutely hilarious in a really really shake your head kind of way. Overall very enjoyable to watch and its always a go-to film for a silly night with friends.

18 Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th

WAY funnier than the original Scary Movie. I wish this movie was more well known to the public. It's great

19 Scary Movie 4

Love this movie. I suggest you watch this is I for teens and adults but a good comedy flick. I love it and hope you guys can watch it

20 Scary Movie

Ono of the bests comedy films ever made

Scary Movie is notable as one of the worst movies of all time because of the sequels it spawned, but the first in the series is the one where the jokes are actually funny.

It was the final parody film that was actually funny, but it was also unfortunately responsible for inspiring a whole new (bad) standard for parody.

I liked it very much...enjoyed it..

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21 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Best movie EVER!

22 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
23 Austin Powers in Goldmember
24 MacGruber

Very funny, cool and entertaining Action/Comedy/Spoof movie. I love it, deserves being in the top 10 - Alexandr

One of the best movies I ve ever seen.. For those who loved the serie magavier.. It should be one of the fist 10..

25 Hot Fuzz

Number one most best cop drama buddy comedy if only there was a dog

Here comes the Fuzz

26 Epic Movie

Booty Booty Booty Booty rocking Everywhere!

One of my favorites 10/10

It's the wonderful move

27 The Starving Games

Starving games is this further down? Come on people!

This movie is so hilarious my friend told me about it and it was great

So funny, loved it...

How? I think this is the best comedy movie I've ever watched! recommend to young and old!

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28 Scary Movie 2

Best spoof film ever they don't make them like that any more

29 Top Secret

Does anyone who make these lists ever watch movie older than the year 2000? Spoof movies before then were far more creative with dialogue and sight gags.

30 Thumb Wars
31 Disaster Movie

Laughed through the whole thing. The facial expressions alone especially on the chipmunks are hysterical!

This is a very stupid movie

This is LITERALLY considered Friedberg and Seltzer's worst movie. What the ****!?

32 Team America: World Police

Have you ever wonder that movie was made by the creators of South Park?

33 Tropic Thunder

This Should BE on EPIC movies list.

tru dat

34 Date Movie

Very sexy movie and I loved this boobs when she is shaking in the first moments

35 Wrongfully Accused
36 Stan Helsing
37 Another Gay Movie
38 Kung Fu Hustle

I would say it isn't parody but more like normal movie with comedy parts. Anyway it is really awesome and should be top1 movie!


39 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
40 True Lies
41 Johnny English

This is seriously a extremely funny movie. Rowan Atkinson is good actor and the jokes in there were pretty funny. I actually expected this in the top 20s but unfortunately it's not. - Ahleaxt

Where is the lego batman movie?

42 UHF
43 Black Dynamite

If more people saw this movie, it would be way higher... One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Anaconda malt liquor... mm...

Look for the T.V. show too!

44 Meet the Spartans

It was so funny.. It created and sustained it's level of fun but related to the earlier movie, great improvisations, so much fun, humor, original jokes.. Definitely up there

Funniest movie I have ever seen, recommend seeing 300 first!

Such a great movie not to mention hilarious definitely deserves to be in top 10

The ending looks bad but the one with "Transformer Cube" scene is totally priceless.
This movie totally roast Homer's work like Illiad and Odysseus.

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45 National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1
46 Last Action Hero
47 Red
48 The Room
49 The Naked Gun Trilogy
50 A Haunted House

Hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. Can't wait to watch the sequel.

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