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21 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
22 Austin Powers in Goldmember
23 Scary Movie 4

Love this movie. I suggest you watch this is I for teens and adults but a good comedy flick. I love it and hope you guys can watch it

24 Top Secret

Does anyone who make these lists ever watch movie older than the year 2000? Spoof movies before then were far more creative with dialogue and sight gags.

25 Meet the Spartans

It was so funny.. It created and sustained it's level of fun but related to the earlier movie, great improvisations, so much fun, humor, original jokes.. Definitely up there

Funniest movie I have ever seen, recommend seeing 300 first!

Such a great movie not to mention hilarious definitely deserves to be in top 10

Gay, and a total crap movie.

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26 Epic Movie

Booty Booty Booty Booty rocking Everywhere!

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27 Hot Fuzz

Here comes the Fuzz

28 Vampires Suck

Must see for twilight haters. Mega movie some of the worst acting

Just watched this. Oh je it's actually hilarious! Seriously you NEED actually HAVE to watch this! I hardly laugh at anything but this is just amazing. Love it ;D

The name says it all Vampires really do suck. - egnomac

29 MacGruber

Very funny, cool and entertaining Action/Comedy/Spoof movie. I love it, deserves being in the top 10 - Alexandr

One of the best movies I ve ever seen.. For those who loved the serie magavier.. It should be one of the fist 10..

30 Thumb Wars
31 Disaster Movie

Laughed through the whole thing. The facial expressions alone especially on the chipmunks are hysterical!

32 The Starving Games

Starving games is this further down? Come on people!

This movie is so hilarious my friend told me about it and it was great

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33 Date Movie

Very sexy movie and I loved this boobs when she is shaking in the first moments

34 Team America: World Police
35 Wrongfully Accused
36 Stan Helsing
37 Another Gay Movie
38 Tropic Thunder
39 True Lies
40 Kung Fu Hustle

I would say it isn't parody but more like normal movie with comedy parts. Anyway it is really awesome and should be top1 movie!

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