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1 No This Is Patrick!

Is this the Krusty Krab? NO THIS IS PATRICK! Hillarious

Yes so funny

2 Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle

Best story of all time

Once apona time there was an ugly barnicle.
He was so ugly everyone died.
The end

That didn't help at all!

3 Firmly Grasp It!

Firmly grasp it in your hand. (it falls) Firmly grasp it. (it falls) (impatiently) FIRMLY GRASP IT! (goes into Squidward's hand)

That's what she said - SammySpore

MHMHMH! - Squidward - Datguyisweird666

4 I Love You!
5 May I Take Your Hat Sir?
6 Finland
7 Don't Touch Me I'm Sterile
8 Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?

I'm gonna check that Patrick, but only because you're my favorite character in the show

I am a massive fan of SpongeBob but I don't really find this part funny. - lizard302

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9 Leddle-Ledde-Leddle-Lee
10 Wheres the Leak Ma'am?

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11 Who You Callin' Pinhead
12 The Inner Machinations of My Mind Are An Enigma
13 Oh boy, 3 am!
14 It's a Giraffe
15 Wumbo

You know, wumbo, wumbology the study of wumbo...

16 I Can't See My Forehead
17 Don't you have too be stupid somewhere else? Not until 4:00
18 I am not a Krusty Krab.

(Is this the Krusty Krab? ) No this is Patrick. - Gaymer

19 Sponge-Boob

Funniest moment in the whole episode

20 Put your hand on the lid... No Patrick, the lid. The lid. The lid. The lid. The lid. The lid.
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1. Is Mayonnaise An Instrument?
2. I Love You!
3. Leddle-Ledde-Leddle-Lee
1. I Love You!
2. Firmly Grasp It!
3. May I Take Your Hat Sir?
1. No This Is Patrick!
2. Firmly Grasp It!
3. I Love You!

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