Best Patrick Swayze Movies


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1 Ghost

This is by far one of his best, I love this movie so much, still makes me cry at the end - BettyBoopFan58

It's hard to choose between Ghost and Road House. Totally different characters. Sam Wheat is a sensitive, romantic soul while Doulton in Road house is the opposite. I watched this a few nights ago (yes, I cried at the end). This is the more emotive and memorable film of the two. I love it. But another time, another mood, I'll go back to Road House.
Dirty Dancing is also a classic. Not particularly keen on the soundtrack to it though. Still, a good film nonetheless. - Britgirl

2 The Outsiders

Awesome movie!

3 Point Break
4 Steel Dawn
5 Youngblood
6 Dirty Dancing
7 Tall Tale
8 Three Wishes

Why so underrated? - Ananya

9 Road House
10 Next of Kin

So underrated! I loved this movie!

The Contenders

11 Red Dawn
12 Letters from a Killer
13 To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar
14 Black Dog
15 City of Joy
16 Donnie Darko

One of my favorite movies. He wasn't on screen very long bot when he was he added a whole new, disturbing layer to the movie.

17 Uncommon Valor
18 Keeping Mum
19 King Solomon's Mines
20 11:14
21 Tiger Warsaw
22 Grandview, U.S.A.
23 Father Hood
24 Waking Up in Reno
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