Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movies


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1 There Will Be Blood

I know a lot of people who think some major aspects of this film go too far, and I understand that; but this is my favorite motion picture I've ever seen.

My favorite film of all time! Daniel Day Lewis gives the best performance of all time. Easily Paul's best and Cinema's best.

2 Boogie Nights
3 Punch-Drunk Love

Truly the best film I have ever seen. One of the most original stories to filmed in years, an amazing and deep performance from the usually goofy Sandler, amazing direction, peculiar but an oddly fitting soundtrack, jaw-dropping cinematography, and amazing dialogue. But besides all of this, the reason I love this movie is how intimate and personnel it is and how within 95 minutes you care so much for Sandler's Barry Egan and you are cheering him on. A very good performance from Emily Watson and a memorably one half menacing and one half over the top performance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Also excellent foreshadowing at the beginning of the film

4 Magnolia
5 Hard Eight
6 The Master

Underrated Masterpiece

7 Inherent Vice
8 Phantom Thread
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