Best PBA Players of 2013


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1 James Yap

The best in shooting plays for san mig coffee mixers - je_braces

The best player of all time

He is a shooter and a good one handed shot..

The best one-hander, three pointer THAT I SEE IN MY LIFE!
#Ricardo C. viloria III,10 years old.
FB account Terdy Viloria

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2 Greg Slaughter

He's the Player for me.. - jayben

3 L.A. Tenorio

He is a shooter everywhere, inside and outside and he is always careful for turnovers and he is also good in stealing and assisting and he is a fast player. He can get the ball against the taller opponents.

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4 Jason Castro

Even small the fastest to play in the court and steals the ball plays on talk n text trooping texters - je_braces

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5 Junmar Fajardo

Tall picked last year and the best height 6 10 - je_braces

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6 Chris Tiu

Hits big clutch shooting plays with Rain or Shine plays athletic and tight defense use only adidas - je_braces

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7 Calvin Abueva

I think not the best all around player in the pba, but the only all around player. He is the smallest power forward in pba. but he win the most rebound in his rookie year. And he never win an award. I think he is the "Leonardo of pba" because Leonardo never win an oscar although he is the best like The Beast in pba.

He is the best all around player in the pba right now! No doubt!

The BEAST even though castro is number 1 he is better especially in ncaa his like a son of belga mr dirty - je_braces

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8 Jimmy Alapag
9 Jeffrei Chan

Good in 3 pts shot just like allan caidic and help his team to win in a game and the 2012 governors cup finals mvp and so handsome.

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10 Gabe Norwood

DUNKER Rain or shine player tall smart gillas - je_braces

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11 Mike Cortez
12 Mark Caguioa
13 Totoy Bato
14 Marc Pingris

One of the best

15 Paul Lee

Paul lee is greatest player ever and not just that paul lee rookie of year 2012

16 Norberto Castillo
17 Peter June Simon
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1. James Yap
2. L.A. Tenorio
3. Jason Castro
1. James Yap
2. Junmar Fajardo
3. L.A. Tenorio
1. Jason Castro
2. James Yap
3. Chris Tiu


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