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1 Arthur Arthur Arthur is a Canadian/American animated educational television series for children, created by Cookie Jar Group and WGBH for PBS.

Arthur is a good show. The characters have tons of depth and are like able. The plots are well done and the humour is in the right place at the right time. But you know what my favorite thing about this show is? It is really mature. It has dealt with cancer, dyslexia and 9/11 and those were all interesting episodes with smart writing. It doesn't throw random crap at the screen. - Puga

Hey Arthur fans! Let's get Arthur back to number one! That's the way it was before, and that's the way it should be! We Arthur fans shouldn't get thumbs down for liking Arthur! Unlike Sesame Street, which just helps kids get ready for school, Arthur helps kids deal with more important things like cancer and dyslexia! Vote for Arthur! And Sesame Street fans, instead of shoving your opinions down our throats, just make a remix of the list!

Yep. Sesame Street was my childhood, but Arthur is now one of my favorite shows. It's the reason I get bullied in school for watching PBS Kids, along with Wild Kratts. Great job, PBS. - PizzaGuy

Arthur is best show ever its not for little kids really in my opinion go arthur love it


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2 Sesame Street Sesame Street Sesame Street is a long-running American children's television series, produced by Sesame Workshop and created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.

Really number 3? No no no no sesame street is number one I don't watch it anymore but its still should be number one who ever voted dragon tales at number one hasn't seen sesame street before cooke monster is a awesome character and so is elmo and if it didn't make first then people are just dumb really guys arthur before sesame street come on now lets use are brains for a second and think ss nation my brotha its kj and I will always love sesame street till the day I die any ways that's all I wanted to say.

Screw Arthur its not even for little kids. I still watch sesame street and Its funny and educational. Babies wont understand what Arthur and them are saying if they haven't learned to talk witch sesame street sort of teaches

Best way better than Arthur should be # 1 Arthur is not really for little kids it is more for 6,7, and 8 year olds

Me Abby and All my Teachers Love it and its Way Better than Barney

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3 Wild Kratts Wild Kratts Wild Kratts is an American-Canadian educational children's animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt.

Literally the only decent show on the entire channel. Everything else ranges from mediocre (like Arthur) to downright awful (like Barney) - KalloFox34

Very educational - ElSherlock

great show

Did you know the kratt brothers are REAL people? Yep. Why are superwhy, barney, oh I don't like arthur either BARNEY IS THE WORST! Come on people! This is actually educational! I mean, I still learn from this... ( I admit it ok? Its embarrassing! ) it teaches you about animals, plus really funny! An adult could watch it and learn, at least its in front of wordgirl UGH SHE GETS ON MY NERVES! YOU can't JUST BE A SUPERHERO AND KEEP IT SECRET, JUST FIGHTING WITH WORDS! AND YOUR TELLING THE EVIL PEOPLE THE SECRETS THAT EVERYBODY KNOWS! AND, AND, AND, UGH YOU FIGHT PEOPLE SO DUMB THAT I COULD BEAT WITH MY SKILLS INSTEAD OF SUPERPOWERS OR WEAPONS! Ugh sorry shes just horrible. Anyway! This should be higher up because you know, animals aren't as creepy as they seem and wild kratts seem to prove that!

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4 Curious George Curious George Curious George is an American animated television series based on the children's book series of the same name which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat.

I LOVED this show as a kid... It deserves first place

How the hell do the credits scare you? They don't scare me!

The movie was so good. The songs are so good. Upside down by jack Johnson. I get so much nostalgia from that song that I cry

What the he'll do you mean it's annoying?

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5 Cyberchase Cyberchase Cyberchase is an American–Canadian animated television series on PBS Kids. The series focuses around three Earth kids, Jackie, Matt, and Inez, who are brought into Cyberspace, a digital universe, to protect it from the evil Hacker. Cyberchase was created by Thirteen. It was first shown on WNET as more.

I understood math thanks to this show, and it still teaches me even today. It even shows you how to apply that math in nature and pretty much everyday life, and if you don't know how it will help you, you got those funny For Real segments to give you an example. Cyberchase is pretty much the only PBS Kids show that I still watch, and it still airs new episodes, even if they take a long time. Despite it's simple math, you will still learn because it sometimes shows subjects you either forgot or didn't learn to apply well. And not just the educational part is awesome, the adventure is so much fun, and expect to have a great time with the characters, where even the secondary ones manage to get major development once in a while.

Cyberchase is the best show ever made! I didn't hear about it until season 8 was premiering, because I was living in Florida when the series first premiered, and I don't get the show in Florida. But now that I love in New York, where they do air it, I can use it anytime I need to study for math. Oh, and it was never cancelled after season 8. Season 9 premiered with 3 new episodes from November 4th to 6th in 2013, followed by the Cyberchase movie in April of 2014. It also recently aired season 10 from November 9th to 13th in 2015. So there's that, it's still running new episodes, and I rely on it when I need to study for math.

This show is better than peg plus cat

This is supposed to be number 1, not Sesame Street, Sesame Street has no god visuals or plot, just talking, shaking and yapping, but the good part is that there's lessons and things to teach, Cyberchase had everything a kid could love. - nelsonerico6

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6 Dragon Tales Dragon Tales Dragon Tales is a Canadian-American animated pre-school fantasy adventure children's television series created by Jim Coane and Ron Rodecker and developed by Coane, Wesley Eure, Jeffrey Scott, Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser.

The theme song make me and my sister do the orange justice

3 of the people often appeared in different cartoons

Jeffrey Scott - Captain N The Game Master

Cliff Ruby and Elena Lesser - Punky Brewster

The creative duo of Dragon Tales, Cliff Ruby and Elena Lesser, also did the Barbie movie series - PinkMarcia99

This was the Shyt back then

I used to love Dragon Tales! If only they could revive it! Shows today are rarely this decent. - NightAnimalLover

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7 Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Here's something that a lot of you people don't know. Fred didn't only act in this show. He also wrote the scripts, he wrote the music, and did the Neighborhood of Make Believe Puppuets. And something that I find interesting is that he can appeal not just to little kids and babies. But to people of all ages. Heck, I had barely even heard of this show when I was little, but when I was in 5th grade, I watched it on Saturday mornings because the PBS station in the city that I live in broadcasted it on Saturdays, and I enjoyed it. How he appealed to so many kids, I'll never guess, but he was the '80's version of Barney in my eyes (in the respect that all the little kids loved him, not the stupidity level). Thumbs up if you have ever been enchanted by Fred Rogers - greatesttop10s

There will never be a show for children as influential and important as Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His friendly presence made him a great person for kids to watch. He also made it easy for children to understand scary concepts, such as the Assassination of John Lennon, and communism.

As kids, my brother and I never wanted to miss an episode of Mister Rogers', even if it was one we'd seen before. We were throughly entertained, but learned so much. In a world full of educational toys ready to teach even one years their ABCs, it was important that someone taught us about our emotions/feelings and how to handle them. We all had a friend in Mister Rogers.

Deserves to be number one - money_face

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8 Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford the Big Red Dog is an American-British educational animated children's television series, based upon Norman Bridwell's children's book series of the same name. Produced by Scholastic Productions, it originally aired on PBS Kids from September 4, 2000 to February 25, 2003.

Big red dog - ElSherlock

Did Clifford accidentally step on anyone - iliekpiez

I used to watch this show a lot till I turned 7 or 8. I think there is nothing wrong with this show. My favorite character is Mac. The spinoff Clifford's puppy days was good but not as good as Clifford the big red dog. It's sad that this show was cancelled in 2003. It was cancelled because the person who played Clifford was going to die during that time. They still show this show usually when pbs kids ends for each day during the week.

Sorry but paw patrol is better than clifford

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9 Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, sometimes shortened as Fetch!, is an American animated television series that was on PBS Kids.

This show deserves to be #1


This show should be #1 on this list.

It should be in the top 10 because it not only teaches kids science but also how a points system works which is god if they are nascar fans because as they compile points throughout the season they work towards the honor of grand champion. IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CANCELLED! - greatesttop10s

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10 Thomas and Friends Thomas and Friends Thomas & Friends is a British children's television series. In the United Kingdom, it had its first broadcast on the ITV network in Great Britain in 1984.

Do you think that Thomas is way better then paw patrol because paw patrol is for babies is Thomas and friends way better

I remember this - ElSherlock

My childhood show, still watch it to this day. - myusernameisthis


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11 Reading Rainbow Reading Rainbow Reading Rainbow is an American half-hour children's television series that aired on PBS Kids from June 6, 1983, to November 10, 2006, with a total of 155 half-hour episodes spanning over 21 seasons.

That Show Has So Many Books Like Between the Lions

Sorry but its Jackanory

I always watched this when I was in 1st grade. - Connor360

SO SO sad PBS doesn't still run this show

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12 Berenstain Bears

This was also another great show that aired on PBS kids

This was the best show EVER till they took it down :(

I love this show so much, and hope Apple can have it in the US iTunes store! - wariolady

I preferred the books but its still a good show - SheepBuggy

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13 Odd squad Odd squad Odd Squad is a Canadian/American children's live action television series that premiered on TVOKids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States on November 26, 2014, both on the same day.

Odd Squad Is The Best PBS Kids Show

I remember the Doctor always said " WHAT'S NEXT! " - 23windomt

I watch it every day 24/7

Best show ever

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14 The Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus is a Canadian/American Saturday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It is notable for its use of celebrity talent and combining entertainment with an educational series. Broadcasting & Cable said more.

This show is great - ElSherlock

This is the best show ever no contest. my 5th grade teacher put this on (probably to get a break from this kids) and everybody started groaning and going on about how dumb this show is. yeah I know 11 is kind of old to be watching this but I was the only one paying attention. also I did not know this show used to be on pbs

This and Winx Club were probably the best Saturday morning cartoons of the decade - PinkMarcia99

Great show and the dinosaur episode is my favorite

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15 Between the Lions Between the Lions Between the Lions is an American children's television series designed to promote reading. The show was a co-production between WGBH in Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., in New York City, in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, in Mississippi.

I remember this show. #memories - 23windomt

My 20 Year old sister Loved the show when she was 5 or 6 years old. I Was Always in there with her watch PBS Every Weekday Morning. I thought the lions faces were a bit creepy but I was 15 back then so I didn't care

Do I really need to explain how great this show was? This one will always one of the greatest kids shows of all time.

Great show an awesome cross of sesame street and reading rainbow my son learned his voles before he went to preschool from there cute song

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16 Martha Speaks Martha Speaks Martha Speaks is an American-Canadian children's animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, about a talking dog named Martha (voiced by Tabitha St.

This was my childhood

Why would they cancel this. It was awesome and the theme song was just amazing. The animation was peaceful. - 23windomt

I think this and Arthur are one of the greatest PBS Kids shows of all time. Except I think it's kind of animal-racist that Martha keeps saying she hates cats. And I think Helen is more of a robot than an actual human being at times. AND I wish the voices were the same still, (although TD and Milo's voice changes were understandable because their voices were getting deeper) but other than that the show is great and teaches kids words.

The cat thing is normal, since Martha's a dog. Didn't you realize that? - TheRedstoneWiz

I don't really hate this show, it was actually pretty good. But martha is the real reason the show got cancelled. Other than her fat and super ugly mouth, the show isn't bad.

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17 WordGirl WordGirl WordGirl is an American children’s animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids.

I remember this show. The theme song was amazing. " Word Up its Word Girl" - 23windomt

Copied superman

Greatest show of all time, I would die for word girl.

Better than martha, not gonna lie

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18 Zoboomafoo Zoboomafoo Zoboomafoo is an American/Canadian zoological children's television series that originally aired from January 25, 1998 to November 21, 2001. It is still currently shown in syndication and was regularly shown on Sprout until 2011. A total of 65 episodes were aired.

I didn't know Wild Kratts had their own T.V. show before Wild Kratts in 2012. - 23windomt

This should this #1 and Wild Krats at about #6.

I used to watch it, I liked it. Now, It still isn't too bad, but Its not worth watching full episodes all the time anymore. Its now one of the few shows I actually enjoy looking back at, unlike Caillou and Barney.

I remember my mom saying this was the only show we watched on PBS when we were kids that she actually enjoyed.

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19 Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye the Science Guy William Sanford "Bill" Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer.

Released and created by Buena Vista in Burbank, California - PinkMarcia99


BILL BILL BILL BILL (( I’m sorry , I had to add that. )) - IceFoxPlayz


20 Liberty's Kids Liberty's Kids

So good, so underrated.

Moved to Starz

Hadn't watched it yet - PinkMarcia99

Oh god don't bring this nightmare back - money_face

Best show of all time

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21 Ready Jet Go Ready Jet Go Ready Jet Go! is a CGI animated television series created by Craig Bartlett which premiered in the United States as part of the PBS Kids block on February 15, 2016 . The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films and Snee Oosh, Inc. in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The show is aimed more.

Awesome - ElSherlock

This show deserves to be in the Top Ten, it's good to know and realize that PBS Kids has finally made something good for once after all those years, when there were no good shows. First of all, There's a good plot. Also there's no laugh track. The quality is also very good and watchable, unlike the quality of the other shows, which seem bad in comparison, also the characters are nice in both looks, words and actions, yet this show also has good morals, and it also has an improvement method in the acting that doesn't happen in the other shows in this era. And this is the first time in years that PBS Kids has finally made a show that drew millions of viewers that are actually fans, which makes this show the most successful Nick show in a long time, and it became such a big hit that they're making a one hour special of it soon, and it better be a good one.

This show is so underrated, you guys who watch this show should know that, for a long time, since PBS Kids has been making really bad shows in the modern years, for the cartoon brand, Nickelodeon has unleashed a new generation in the good side of the live-action brand, and that generation began in February 15, 2016 with Ready Jet Go, and later in the year, PBS Kids has refreshened it's cartoon and live action content with Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, and Nature Cat, the best shows on PBS Kids since 2009, and since Arthur and Sesame Street got messed up years ago, The only four good shows on PBS Kids nowadays are Ready Jet Go and Wild Kratts and Nature Cat and Odd Squad, it's also no doubt that those shows are the last good shows on PBS

The show is a rare gem in the realm of modern day children's cartoons. It is very in-depth, educational, and informative about space, astronomy, science, technology, and teaches great morals in every episode about friendship and teamwork. It has unique and detailed animation, top-notch songs, zany humor, likable, relatable, and deep characters, and just about the best of literally anything in a cartoon targeted at the under-fives. It has plot and lore, real drama, suspense, and who knows what else, but they keep it appropriate for children. It's also getting a film where Sean and Sydney go to Bortron 7 with the Propulsion family! It's also getting a second season, and will roll out tons of merchandise. Space Explorers (ready jet go fans), get ready to ready jet GO!

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22 Block House

That show doesn't exist. - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

Block house is really funny! There must be jokes on every page of the episode scripts - Cool7

Block house is great! In my version of this list Block house is in fourth place! - Cool7

Block house is on season 7 right now and Block house is still funny! - Cool7

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23 Zoom

Great show for older kids when there were really no other shows for tweens.

I used to love watching this show back in the 70's.

Zoom is better than Arthur - EpicJake

Classic for my dad.

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24 Nature Cat Nature Cat Nature Cat is an educational American-Canadian children's animated comedy adventure television series.

I don't know why this is on the list. Here's the problems I have with it: 1. At the beginning of the theme song, Fred, (A.K.A. Nature Cat) says when his family leaves for the day, he doesn't just sit inside and watch the world go by, he goes outside. Ain't that the point of being a cat?! Just sitting inside and watching the world go by is the great thing about being a cat! What's wrong about being lazy and watching T.V.? 2. Daisy the Rabbit. OH. MY. GOD. Daisy is ALWAYS on her tablet. For a nature show for kids, this is a bad role model for children. I mean, I'm on my computer a lot, but I'm not on it ALL DAY. There is actually two episodes where Daisy is TOO focused on her tablet. PBS, replace the tablet with an encyclopedia or a Great Big Book of Everything OR, lets not give her anything but a big brain. 3. In one episode, Squeaks is chased by two owls that are trying to eat her. When Nature Cat and his crew meet the owls, he grabs Squeaks to save her. The owls try to grab Squeaks ...more

Fun fact: The person who played Hal also played Panda from the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears.

Can be a bit annoying at times, but I like it

I don't really like this show. The animation is meh, and the voice acting is ear grating. It's also way to hyperactive. - money_face

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25 Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

The best show made by Sesame Workshop besides Sesame Street.

Nice show with lovable characters!, should be much higher on the list

One of my favorite shows. My favorite characters from the show are Sagwa (the most), Fufu, Sheegwa, Dongwa, Jet Jet, and Shei Hu. They need to bring the show back on T.V.. - SuperMalechi

They really need to bring this show back.

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26 Let’s Go Luna!

This Show Deserves To Be On This! The Animation and Character Designs are Really Appealing! And Judy Greer is Great as Luna!

Sing along with us

Created by Joe Murray, who also created Rocko's Modern Life, which is one of Nick's best shows. - KalloFox34

Come and play
Luna’s here
What do you say?
Bright as day
Show us the world
Lead the way

27 Design Squad

Not on PBS.

It was on Pubs Kids but its retro and took it away a long time ago but the website is still open - princepretty

28 Theodore Tugboat

It is a really good show

I agree. this show is awesome :D

THIS show should at least be in the top ten. This show was literally my favorite show to watch on PBS Kids when I was younger. Enjoyed this a lot more than Barney, dragon tales, between the lions, etc.

This show has a real life boat made after the show model (which is located in Halifax. It's a shame that shows like jay jay and sagwa are remembered while this show almost never gets mentioned. Anyone remember the Harbour Master? "Thanks for visiting us here in the Big Harbour and we'll see you all again next time. So long!

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29 Clifford's Puppy Days Clifford's Puppy Days Clifford's Puppy Days is an American animated children's television series that originally aired on both PBS and PBS Kids from September 15, 2003 to February 23, 2006. A prequel to the original Clifford the Big Red Dog, it features the adventures of Clifford during his puppy days before he became a more.

The original is better - ElSherlock

No! Rapid growth to Clifford the big red dog. On pbs kids!

I prefer the original - SheepBuggy

PBS Kids' version of Rugrats

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30 Buck the Wild West Potato

LOL, doesn't seem to exist though. However I do remember a baby show called Small Potatoes it's about dumb potatoes singing for 5 minutes. Yep not kidding. :/ - Lunala

Is this really a show about a potato? - SheepBuggy

What? This show doesn't exist! - RalphBob


31 The Big Comfy Couch

I loved this show, I used to do the clock rug stretch all the time. And stuff my toys under the cushions of my own couch whenever I saw the Ten-Second-Tidy! But I suggest for those who are scared of "And the clown jumped over the moon! " and the Radical Sheep Productions and Owl Communications logos, don't watch it at night! You'll get bad dreams about it, like I did when I was young. Or even better, turn it off or changed the channel once the credits start!

That's that I have never heard of this show, it was on PBS: Kids a channel that is non existent in the country I live in.

Never heard of it but it sounded retarded. What else The Big Table? Or The Tiny Pillow?!


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32 The Zula Patrol

Not on pbs, it in qubo. My, oh my!

This show shows no intelligent design whatsoever.

Also on qubo and smile with a child

33 Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

Never heard of it but it looks creepy - 23windomt

Never heard of this - ElSherlock

Never heard of it but the name of the pig and the first word in the title of this show sounds like a retard named the show and it sounds retarded

Piggley taught children morals and consequences of life. It was not heavy but well balance in its offering of advice and information. Love the sheep, they just appeared in cameo splender. Thanks for the memories WES a Grandpa

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34 Bob the Builder Bob the Builder Bob the Builder is a British children's animated television show created by Keith Chapman. In the original series, Bob appears in a stop motion animated programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along with his colleague Wendy, various neighbours and friends, and their gang of anthropomorphised more.

I hate the reboot but the original one was the boom. I miss waking up on Saturday Mornings and watching Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, and Sesame Street. - 23windomt

Not the 2015 reboot - ElSherlock

You forgot to put Bob the builder on this list. so I'm adding Bob the builder.

Memories. Until they introduced new models.

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35 Pinkalicious & Peterrific

I remember the book series - 23windomt

No one likes this show anymore, it should be last.

I just wanted up, and I saw on T.V., he talks about them, I must fogged your name. Pinkalicious knows how to cut hair. And next on Monday, oh, right there are schedules.

This show is out now. And it is surprisingly very good. - Eraser

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36 Luna Around the World

This show is now called Let's Go Luna! - ethan2226

Is fine. The scenes offense

HMM that in cartoon at oct 4, 2018 that place here at Cartoon Network.

This is a nice show.

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37 The Electric Company

Whis is tis not in the top 10?! It was awesome till marcus, my BUTT came along. My favorite electric GOOD person was ALWAYS Lisa, and it still is. Why why is tis cancelled

My five year old son watches it. His five year old sister does not. He now reads at a higher level and helps her with the "bigger" words!

I honestly love this show and it's so much fun. Arthur sucks! It's so STUPID! Why does everyone like it? Why does it have fans? This and Arthur should switch places.

The original 1971 version was pretty good. The 2009 remake sucked.

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38 Kratts' Creatures

Haven't heard of this show before, but it's probably a good show - IceFoxPlayz

A great, funny, educational show. Love the Kratts!

I never saw Kratts' creatures, but I am sure it's a great show!

Kratts' Creatures and Wild Kratts are the best.

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39 Sid the Science Kid Sid the Science Kid Sid the Science Kid is an American half-hour CGI animated series that aired on PBS Kids from September 1, 2008 to March 25, 2013, with a total of 68 half-hour episodes produced over two seasons. The computer generated show is produced by The Jim Henson Company and then-PBS member KCET in Los Angeles, more.

This was awesome - 23windomt

The hell... This show is awful Its about the same plot should be called Sid the Idiotic Kid or Crappy Kid or Stupid kid

The Celtic Show collected a spectacular trifecta this week He defended thw World Greatest T.V. show Champion against Animalia at Night of Shows and the scored victories in tag team action on pbs and pbs kids plus now that the song is legal once more who would dare step in sid the science kid way as he continues to now don the

I love this show! It teaches the cute little kids about science. Anyone who hates this should get a new brain.

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40 Boohbah Boohbah Boohbah is a British children's television programme created by Anne Wood. It premiered on 14 April 2003 on ITV in the United Kingdom, followed by its Nick Jr.


This show sucks. - KalloFox34

If there's any entertainment value to be found here, it's ironic entertainment. - Solarian

This shows creepy when I saw it I thought "what" and turned it of because it is DISTURBING. These giant fat farting blobs are nightmare fuel. - Lunala

Yes, a simplistic version of watching Teletubbies but 10 times worse. - htoutlaws2012

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41 Super Why Super Why Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is an American-Canadian children's CGI animated show developed by Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. more.

I remember the ABCs Song the pig sang - 23windomt

This show is god-awful. - KalloFox34

This show is stupid & crappy That it always makes wanna puke!

I love this show it is my favourite oh my childhood the characters are cute and especially wonder red I love this show it makes everyone rage and toss you straight you in the window gosh I love super why as a show

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42 Seven Little Monsters

Come home to dinner

Classic PBS Kids Cartoon

43 WordWorld WordWorld WordWorld is an American CGI animated television series that debuted on PBS Kids. It was created by Don Moody, Jacqueline Moody, Peter Schneider and Gary Friedman. WordWorld was produced by The Learning Box and WTTW-TV. The series premiered on September 3, 2007 and ended on January 17, 2011 with 45 more.

I remember this show. I had mixed opinions about this too - 23windomt

This show was extremely underrated. - myusernameisthis

This show was horrible! - KalloFox34

This show is just pointless really.

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44 Shining Time Station

This was the golden age for the Thomas Franchise. Hands down. Severely underrated.

The best show to feature Thomas the tank engine and severely underestimated to be ranked this far down.

Good theme song and beautiful art for the closing

Best PBS show for kids. Need reruns back on!

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45 Team Lizard

Super cool team of SUPERHERO LIZARDS!

Not on PBS.

46 George Shrinks George Shrinks

This show was awesome! I loved all of George's adventures. I have very fond memories of watching this when I was younger than 3

I decided to put this on here.


47 Turbo Dogs

Idiot this is on qubo but I do agree with the good show part.

This is a KidsCo show - SheepBuggy

A qubo show not pbs kids

That's on Qubo

48 Bear in the Big Blue House Bear in the Big Blue House

Really cute show - SheepBuggy

This how is good but not on pbs - Mrsantaclaw33033

Ahem. this show was on playhouse disney

It is good

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49 Corduroy

No! That is on bookworm bursh.

50 SciGirls

Most likely to become a SciGirls fan - PinkMarcia99

This show is actually really good. It has some good live action shots. Kids are going to like it.

Worst show *yawns* I would rather watch a teacher talk about science or any boring subject for 10 hours than that show!

I like this show

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