Best PBS Kids Shows

PBS Kids is a programming block aired by the Public Broadcasting Service. Since its launch in 1994 it has aired educational television series aimed at children.
The Top Ten
1 Arthur Arthur is a Canadian/American animated educational television series for children, created by Cookie Jar Group and WGBH for PBS.

This show shouldn't be 2. It's HORRIBLE! The plot in every episode is something over a little issue that gets big over what characters have. And here are 3 reasons why it's bad. 1. The characters. Dear glob, D.W, is as annoying as calliou! Someone has to make a list that says " TopTen characters that should beat up D.W." Buster is so disgusting! He eats octopus tentacles and believes in things that are real. He's mentally challenged! 2. The plot. The plots in every episode is always degrading. The characters have awfully scary nightmares that are supposed to teach children lessons. More like it's giving the. Children nightmares. And 3 the episodes. Every episode is boring and stupid. One time Arthur got attached to this baby show called "love ducks" ( which was a spin-off to Teletubbies) and every one liked it! This show is still airing and it's time to end this! Ugh! Get this off the list!

Arthur was one of the highest ranked PBS kids shows I grew up with. I was only a baby when this show first aired, and I found out that Arthur and I have a lot in common. We both wear glasses, we both love to read books, and we are both great friends to everyone around us. Arthur helped me recognize unpleasant realities and illnesses, such as cancer, asthma, dyslexia, and even autism. When I was in second and third grade, my class would watch Arthur VHS tapes on Fridays, and it was the best thing I have ever experienced during my youth. Also, whenever we went down to the computer lab, I would go on Living Books, a CD rom game that helps kids read, and it contained Arthur books on it. I also read the Arthur books too. Watching the Arthur T.V. show, and reading the Arthur books made reading and learning about real world problems fun and interesting.

This show is unlike most other PBS Kids shows because of the fact that it doesn't specifically aim towards little kids. In fact, I think people of all ages could learn something from this show. While Sesame Street gets kids ready for school, Arthur gets kids ready for life. This show tackles subjects such as cancer, dyslexia, 9/11, and Aspergers. This is also one of the few PBS Kids shows that doesn't shove some sort of lesson into your face (math, science, reading,) instead, it shows you how to be a good person and how to be a good friend. In my opinion, this show is much better than Sesame Street and deserves the number 1 spot.

Hey Arthur fans! Let's get Arthur back to number one! That's the way it was before, and that's the way it should be! We Arthur fans shouldn't get thumbs down for liking Arthur! Unlike Sesame Street, which just helps kids get ready for school, Arthur helps kids deal with more important things like cancer and dyslexia! Vote for Arthur! And Sesame Street fans, instead of shoving your opinions down our throats, just make a remix of the list!

2 Sesame Street Sesame Street is a long-running American children's television series, produced by Sesame Workshop and created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.

I simply adore and embrace Sesame Street! This show has been around since November 10th, 1969, and it is still on T.V.! I have been watching this show ever since I was a baby, and my favorite characters are Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Ernie & Bert! I really like 90s and 00s Sesame Street the best, because I had VHS tapes of my own that were released during that time. I loved all the songs they sang, taught me to be nice to friends, and the characters were cute, colorful and charismatic! I even read a book that talks about the history of Sesame Street when I was thirteen, and I learned way more than I did about Sesame Street! This show is the crown jewel of PBS, this shows longevity are one of the things that make Sesame Street special.

Before voting on this item, consider voting Arthur. Sure, Sesame Street helps kids get ready for school, but Arthur helps kids deal with cancer, dyslexia, and even 9/11. Did Sesame Street deal with that? No. And don't just say "Arthur teaches kids that it's okay to argue! " No it doesn't. Just because Arthur and D.W. fight a lot doesn't mean they're teaching kids that arguing is okay. I respect your opinion, but you guys just pay attention to what you hate about the show and don't pay attention to any of the good things about the show.

Whoever said that Sesame Street deserves a season 46 was right. Good news: HBO has produced seasons 46 AND 47 & will be the main channel for future seasons. PBS produced past seasons, BUT there's even better news.
PBS (thankfully) still airs Sesame Street, even the season 46/47/eventually 48 episodes first aired on HBO.

Now that's what I'M thankful about.

Sesame Street is a truly globally historic piece of artwork for television, it helps kids learn about everything around the world and helps kids know about it, it makes kids smarter and it has comedy at the same time, there's no replacement for Sesame Street because it changed the way we watch television forever.

3 Curious George Curious George is an American animated television series based on the children's book series of the same name which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat.

I really like this show, especially the episodes taking place at the country house. The show is great for the whole family, and takes me back to a simpler time. I've learned a few things from watching George with my kids, that I was really surprised to learn.

This is the best show ever I am under 18, and this is one of the best shows ever so cute and heartwarming. Some of the episodes are educational for teens which is what I really like.

This series is based of a Movie that was shown in theaters in Feburary 2006. I really enjoy this show. The characters are very nice and the animation is well drawn.

It used to be good but now it isn't. It lacks educational value and just shows George solve problems. And I hate Steve, Betsy, Bill, and especially Aliie. Please bring back the classics

4 Wild Kratts Wild Kratts is an American-Canadian educational children's animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt.

This show is amazing! I can watch it with my kids anywhere at anytime by either watching it on television or on computer. We can learn about any animals from different countries and it's also really funny because of adventure comedy. The characters are very friendly and very helpful. Creature powers are awesome and epic for having super powers of any animals and very useful to fight against villains in the show. This show is really worth both the education and entertainment for anyone!

This show is amazing. My daughter has seen every episode eight times, and the Kratt brothers have taught her so much about animals that she spouts information all the time. She even pointed out to her teacher that the "alligator" picture in a textbook was actually a crocodile, because Wild Kratts taught her the differences. I didn't even really know the difference! This show is our household #1.

My favorite Wild Kratts episode is Whale of a squid! Giant Battles, Awesome! Way better then the Praying Mantis episode because on the Praying Mantis episode Martin couldn't fight just because Martin is not a girl and that wasn't fair! I Like Martin. And I like when the Kratt brothers get to save the day not Aviva with her girl power nonsense. But I still like Wild Kratts, I just don't like girl power!

I love all animals and I am the kratt brothers biggest fan! The wild kratts is my favorite T.V. show out of all the shows on T.V.. I have known the kratt brothers since I was five but back then I watched their old show zobooafoo. But now their new show wild kratts I have learned more then ever I even learned about animals that I never heard of before like caracals, basilisk lizards, draco lizards, elf owls, spotted skunk, frogfish hawksbill sea turtles, aardwolfs, bat eared foxes, tarsier, yeti carbs, cow birds, loggerhead shrikes, gars, ospreys, black footed ferrets and not to mention tasmanian tigers they are the coolest creature I have learned of and heard about yet. And I love other part of the show to like when the kratts brothers play pranks on each other or when they play games or have challenges. that's why the wild kratts are my favorite show. Mike C. THANKS!

5 Cyberchase Cyberchase is an American–Canadian animated television series on PBS Kids. The series focuses around three Earth kids, Jackie, Matt, and Inez, who are brought into Cyberspace, a digital universe, to protect it from the evil Hacker. Cyberchase was created by Thirteen. It was first shown on WNET as more.

I understood math thanks to this show, and it still teaches me even today. It even shows you how to apply that math in nature and pretty much everyday life, and if you don't know how it will help you, you got those funny For Real segments to give you an example. Cyberchase is pretty much the only PBS Kids show that I still watch, and it still airs new episodes, even if they take a long time. Despite it's simple math, you will still learn because it sometimes shows subjects you either forgot or didn't learn to apply well. And not just the educational part is awesome, the adventure is so much fun, and expect to have a great time with the characters, where even the secondary ones manage to get major development once in a while.

Cyberchase is the best show ever made! I didn't hear about it until season 8 was premiering, because I was living in Florida when the series first premiered, and I don't get the show in Florida. But now that I love in New York, where they do air it, I can use it anytime I need to study for math. Oh, and it was never cancelled after season 8. Season 9 premiered with 3 new episodes from November 4th to 6th in 2013, followed by the Cyberchase movie in April of 2014. It also recently aired season 10 from November 9th to 13th in 2015. So there's that, it's still running new episodes, and I rely on it when I need to study for math.

Oh, how I loooooove this show! It's my favorite other than Wild Kratts and Odd Squad, and my favorite character is Inez. Keep Cyberchase as long as Arthur stuck around! 18 years and counting!

Lots of PBS Kids shows are only set in One World, Earth, But unlike those shows, Cyberchase is set in many different worlds, places, spaces, etc, which kicks the other shows' @$$ out of the T.V., and rather than just having math, you have lots of things going on that you just want, Put this up.

6 Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Here's something that a lot of you people don't know. Fred didn't only act in this show. He also wrote the scripts, he wrote the music, and did the Neighborhood of Make Believe Puppuets. And something that I find interesting is that he can appeal not just to little kids and babies. But to people of all ages. Heck, I had barely even heard of this show when I was little, but when I was in 5th grade, I watched it on Saturday mornings because the PBS station in the city that I live in broadcasted it on Saturdays, and I enjoyed it. How he appealed to so many kids, I'll never guess, but he was the '80's version of Barney in my eyes (in the respect that all the little kids loved him, not the stupidity level). Thumbs up if you have ever been enchanted by Fred Rogers

As kids, my brother and I never wanted to miss an episode of Mister Rogers', even if it was one we'd seen before. We were throughly entertained, but learned so much. In a world full of educational toys ready to teach even one years their ABCs, it was important that someone taught us about our emotions/feelings and how to handle them. We all had a friend in Mister Rogers.

There will never be a show for children as influential and important as Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. His friendly presence made him a great person for kids to watch. He also made it easy for children to understand scary concepts, such as the Assassination of John Lennon, and communism.

Back then, parents let their kids watch educational stuff (that was all there was! )
Now? SpongeBob.
I watched Mr. Roger's and I thought: "Wow. What a nice guy. I wish I had met him."
I don't think he did this show because he would get a lot of money.
I think he did it because he liked it.
I love this show.

7 Dragon Tales Dragon Tales is a Canadian-American animated pre-school fantasy adventure children's television series created by Jim Coane and Ron Rodecker and developed by Coane, Wesley Eure, Jeffrey Scott, Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser.

I used to watch this show when I was little and it is good for kids. The only character that is bad sometimes is max because he talks a lot. It's sad that this show doesn't make episodes anymore and I don't see dragon tales repeated episodes that much.

Who put this under best PBS Kids shows. THIS SHOW SHOULD BE THROWN IN A VOLCANO AND DIE FOREVER. It is such a bad example for kids. Max always runs around and gets mad for no apparent reason, and he never listens. Emmy always cries over the smallest things such as losing a game. Ord is always eating all the time and that's how he is so fat. Zak and Wheezie are extremely mean and are always arguing over little situations. Parents, never let your kids watch Dragon Tales. It will make YOUR children get mad for no reason, not listen, cry and argue over small things, make them fat, and behave mean around everyone. OH and my 8 year old friend and her 4 year old cousin still love watching this dumbass show.

This was a great show! The characters have great personalities! The animation is beautiful! And the music is really well done! I use to watch this show a lot.

I love, love, love Dragon Tales! I REALLY remember this show from when I was a little kid! Dragon Tales REALLY belongs in the top ten!

8 Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford the Big Red Dog is an American-British educational animated children's television series, based upon Norman Bridwell's children's book series of the same name. Produced by Scholastic Productions, it originally aired on PBS Kids from September 4, 2000 to February 25, 2003.

I used to watch this show a lot till I turned 7 or 8. I think there is nothing wrong with this show. My favorite character is Mac. The spinoff Clifford's puppy days was good but not as good as Clifford the big red dog. It's sad that this show was cancelled in 2003. It was cancelled because the person who played Clifford was going to die during that time. They still show this show usually when pbs kids ends for each day during the week.

My favorite is Cleo, my sister's favorite is Mac, we both love Clifford the big red dog!

Good show but I was
sad it was canceled. Clifford's voice died and did not have a budget to get someone else.

Who wouldn't like Clifford the big red dog! Clifford is so loveable!

9 Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, sometimes shortened as Fetch!, is an American animated television series that was on PBS Kids.

I love this show and I hate children's shows. This, Ben and Holly, and Lazy Town are baby shows that I like. But sadly in 2014 a dumb reboot online about internet safety was cringe. And the new one is dumb. Now Ruff cares about himself more than the kids. And on the 24/7 block it comes on at 5 AM who stays up till 5 just to watch a great baby show- Carolina Panthers/Nirvana fan.

I'm 15 and science is a little boring and complicated to me but with fetch with gives it life and makes it interesting. Humor and education really go well together and yet pbs took away

Why did they cancel it? I have no clue. But this teaches kids so many interesting things and was funny. Now, find another list with this show. GOOO... FETCH!

Best Pbs show ever! It's like a game show mixed in with cool stuff to learn about. And that dog is HILARIOUS!

10 Thomas and Friends Thomas & Friends is a British children's television series. In the United Kingdom, it had its first broadcast on the ITV network in Great Britain in 1984.

While Thomas the Train wasn't my personal favorite PBS Kids show, my younger brother watched it when he was little. He owned a lot of Thomas DVDs, and all other merchandise. I think I remember seeing Thomas and the Magic Railroad on T.V. when I was four. I am not saying I don't like it all, it's just that I thought it was more of a boys show. However, I was more interested in watching episodes where the animation is in CG, and the characters have their own voices, I think the new animation makes it more lively and puts more development in the characters. I always wondered what their actual voices wod sound like, and my wish came true.

This show is my favorite, it means a lot to me since it was the first show I ever watched and the creators really made sure not to dumb it down for kids so that we can still enjoy it 15 years later. While the BWBA era is terrible, the rest is really good.

For 20 years this show has always been my number 1 favorite, from the Railway Series books to the TVs. People say I'm too old for this, but what do I say? no one, and I mean NO ONE is too old for a classic children show that had been airing for many years, and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is one of them. This show may not be shown to be in number 1 in this list right now, but it definitely has a spot in my number 1 of being my most favorite.

I used to watch this show when I was little and I had Thomas and friends toys. My favorite character is James the red engine. My favorite movie was Thomas and the magical railroad. My favorite part in that movie was when diesel 10 fell of the bridge he deserves it for hating Thomas and his friends. This show also has very good ratings so this show shouldn't get cancelled.

The Contenders
11 The Magic School Bus The Magic School Bus is a Canadian/American Saturday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. It is notable for its use of celebrity talent and combining entertainment with an educational series. Broadcasting & Cable said more.

This is my favorite show to watch on Netflix. It's technically not on PBS Kids anymore, but I'll still watch it on Netflix and YouTube until the end of time.

My sister is crazy about this show but she worries about huge insects. I like the show too cause it teaches children about science and I love science.

This is the best show ever no contest. my 5th grade teacher put this on (probably to get a break from this kids) and everybody started groaning and going on about how dumb this show is. yeah I know 11 is kind of old to be watching this but I was the only one paying attention. also I did not know this show used to be on pbs

When I was in 2 grade, the teacher would sometimes play this. I loved it, and I loved the books too.

12 Odd squad Odd Squad is a Canadian/American children's live action television series that premiered on TVOKids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States on November 26, 2014, both on the same day.

This is one of the only PBS shows worth watching. Let's go Luna, Nature Cat, and Splash and Bubbles suck. Nice that the creators forced it to be live-action, it it was animated then this would be garbage. Push this to the top tens!

I was watching T.V. with my little cousin, and Odd squad came on. I watched some of it with him, and I was REALLY impressed by how good this show was. The show ingenuously teaches math concepts that I didn't think kids could comprehend, but also mixes it in with comedy and smart writing that even adults will get a chuckle out of. Show it to your kids, it's good stuff.

THE new episodes are are TERRIBLE! In stead of being funny it's smart which is bad. After watching the new characters come on the 1st episode I never watched the new episodes again,I didn't even watch the movie even though it has the old main characters.In stead of agent Oscar it was a smart girl.What was pbs kids thinking.I recommend the original episodes.

This show is garbage. Take it off the list and make it number one on the worst show. It is annoying. The characters suck and the jokes are not funny.

13 Reading Rainbow Reading Rainbow is an American half-hour children's television series that aired on PBS Kids from June 6, 1983, to November 10, 2006, with a total of 155 half-hour episodes spanning over 21 seasons.

My Favorite PBS program of all time! I tapes a whooping 10 volumes of this show! Every now and then I return to it now as an adult and cherish it.

I heard that the guy who did this show once read the very first Martha Speaks. That book was published 16 years before the show.

Is Reading Rainbow going to make a Comeback to PBS? I hope so! I loved this show growing up! Levar Burton Rocks!

We used to watch a lot of Reading Rainbow episodes during 2nd grade. They were so fun!

14 Martha Speaks Martha Speaks is an American-Canadian children's animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, about a talking dog named Martha (voiced by Tabitha St.

I think this and Arthur are one of the greatest PBS Kids shows of all time. Except I think it's kind of animal-racist that Martha keeps saying she hates cats. And I think Helen is more of a robot than an actual human being at times. AND I wish the voices were the same still, (although TD and Milo's voice changes were understandable because their voices were getting deeper) but other than that the show is great and teaches kids words.

NO! This show isn't good! It has cheap jokes, horrible characters, and a stupid dog! She is always saying that her species is the best, even better than humans. In one episode she said that dogs are smarter than people! To make things worse, this show replaced Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman in my state. And by the way Martha... SHUT UP!

I used to like this show until I realized something, the graphics suck, the characters look stupid, their T.V. is old school, accept when she's defining something, Martha is a idiot. This show is so stupid. All you who like this show, take time to realize those things.

I don't really hate this show, it was actually pretty good. But martha is the real reason the show got cancelled. Other than her fat and super ugly mouth, the show isn't bad.

15 Between the Lions Between the Lions is an American children's television series designed to promote reading. The show was a co-production between WGBH in Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., in New York City, in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, in Mississippi.

How is this not in the top 10? It's a CLASSIC! Sure, the lions kind of scared me in my first viewing but ever since then, I have learned to love this show. I watch it with my little cousins every time they come over and we can't get enough of the show! But somebody please explain, why did they cancel this show? And not cancel some real bullcrap like Super Why? Overall, BTL was and will always be one of the best children shows of all time!

This show is PURE GOLD!
The characters are witty, and lovable. Their language format is RICH and SOLID throughout the entire program, and it's just plain FUN. I was torn up when the show went off air, I have two "late-in-life" children that could have gained so much from this program, and its hard to find DVDs of the show!

My 20 Year old sister Loved the show when she was 5 or 6 years old. I Was Always in there with her watch PBS Every Weekday Morning. I thought the lions faces were a bit creepy but I was 15 back then so I didn't care

Do I really need to explain how great this show was? This one will always one of the greatest kids shows of all time.

16 The Berenstain Bears

Did you know you can still watch it on Youtube/ youtube kids?

17 WordGirl WordGirl is an American children’s animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids.

This show has always been so useful for me! I discovered so many new vocabulary words from when I was 8 (at the time the show started airing) up until I was 12 or 13! And I STILL find a few new vocabulary words that I may have heard of, but seldom use because I don't know the complete definitions of them. I don't understand why this show had to end, it was so well though out and put together!

Why is this so low on the list? I'm 17 and I think this show is adorable and hilarious! The only annoying thing is I've only seen seasons one and two! I want mooore! I hope this show is still on for my kids to watch.

This show is by far the most AWESOME! Personally, it give kids a relatable kid hero to look up too. Plus, it adds humor for the whole family. It is an AMAZING show!

The main character is alright, but the villains are way better. It's one of those shows that you want the villain to win instead of the hero. It's still cool show to watch.

18 Bill Nye the Science Guy William Sanford "Bill" Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer.

No explanation needed, just a higher ranking.

That's my favorite kind of TV show at
olcitv & in Pbs kids too, Teletubbies.

It airs on the Decades channel every Saturday morning that's awesome

19 Zoboomafoo Zoboomafoo is an American/Canadian zoological children's television series that originally aired from January 25, 1998 to November 21, 2001. It is still currently shown in syndication and was regularly shown on Sprout until 2011. A total of 65 episodes were aired.

I used to watch it, I liked it. Now, It still isn't too bad, but Its not worth watching full episodes all the time anymore. Its now one of the few shows I actually enjoy looking back at, unlike Caillou and Barney.

I think this was the first show I have seen on pbs kids. zoboo, I thought, was a monkey but he is a type of lemur called a sifaka (SI -FA -KA). this show is kinda like diego but a bit much better. I think all lemurs have very sharp teeth. They should bite of barney and dora's head of. and marthin and chris krat will shoot ther heads off.

This show is so sweet and funny. I love Zoboomafoo! Sometimes I feel like crying watching this show,only because of nostalgia though. The show itself is not sad, rather entertaining.

I remember my mom saying this was the only show we watched on PBS when we were kids that she actually enjoyed.

20 Ready Jet Go Ready Jet Go! is a CGI animated television series created by Craig Bartlett which premiered in the United States as part of the PBS Kids block on February 15, 2016 . The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films and Snee Oosh, Inc. in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The show is aimed more.

I am very sorry to tell you this. I really am. But I hate this show. I really do. I have my top 5 reasons.
1. It's weird.
2. I hate Sunspot, he is my least favorite. (Sorry)
3. I don't like some of the songs.
4. One of the planets with a heart talked.
5. Some of the adventures I hate.

So, yeah, those are the top 5 reasons I hate this show. I will respect your opinion, so please respect mine.

This show deserves to be in the Top Ten, it's good to know and realize that PBS Kids has finally made something good for once after all those years, when there were no good shows. First of all, There's a good plot. Also there's no laugh track. The quality is also very good and watchable, unlike the quality of the other shows, which seem bad in comparison, also the characters are nice in both looks, words and actions, yet this show also has good morals, and it also has an improvement method in the acting that doesn't happen in the other shows in this era. And this is the first time in years that PBS Kids has finally made a show that drew millions of viewers that are actually fans, which makes this show the most successful Nick show in a long time, and it became such a big hit that they're making a one hour special of it soon, and it better be a good one.

The show is a rare gem in the realm of modern day children's cartoons. It is very in-depth, educational, and informative about space, astronomy, science, technology, and teaches great morals in every episode about friendship and teamwork. It has unique and detailed animation, top-notch songs, zany humor, likable, relatable, and deep characters, and just about the best of literally anything in a cartoon targeted at the under-fives. It has plot and lore, real drama, suspense, and who knows what else, but they keep it appropriate for children. It's also getting a film where Sean and Sydney go to Bortron 7 with the Propulsion family! It's also getting a second season, and will roll out tons of merchandise. Space Explorers (ready jet go fans), get ready to ready jet GO!

The only thing I hate about this show is that there aren't that much episodes. Ready Jet Go has 29 episodes, each have two 11-minute stories. The last episode premiered in December, FOUR months ago. And they haven't been airing any new episodes since then. Meanwhile lucky Australia has been airing episodes of RJG that haven't aired in the US such as Total Eclipse of the Sunspot and To Pluto With Love. Also, one of the 29 episodes is a Halloween special. Its April, so they can't show reruns of the Halloween special until October. So that means that they only have 28 episodes to air reruns of. I mean I've seen the same episodes lots of times. I can't wait until August, where PBS will worldwide premiere the Ready Jet Go movie.

21 Nature Cat Nature Cat is an educational American-Canadian children's animated comedy adventure television series.

Not the worst show, but not my favorite either. I'll tell you why.
1-Daisy is on her phone like 97% of all episodes.
2-It is educational, but it forces 5-8 Year old to learn thing in 5th grade. In the episode when Hal lost is Frisbee, Daisy was saying the things that I can't even remember. I'm 6th grade but can't remember it still! I'm not very good at science, but still make it easier please.
-3, Last Hal cries a lot like 60 times. With Daisy only about 3. Some young kids could cry. This part teaches kids to cry.😥 I'm sorry,
this is educational and funny,not inappropriate, but I have to put this 9th or 10th on my worst pbs kids shows. If you like it, I respect your opinion.

Tally Sagitarius! I call what we are now in the Sagitarius season.There is only one reason why it's called that, it's because all new PBS kids shows are now being made from November 23 to December 21. Those are the dates of the 9th astrological sign Sagitaruis and I hate it how all new pbs kids show are made during that time. It's like Virgo season (1996-2012) where all the new shows(sometimes not all) are being made from August 23 to September 22 (The dates of Virgo,the 6th sign.)Seriously, this season's gotta end after Splash and Bubbles(You know, the show coming out the day before Thanksgiving) comes out.It's gotta end now!

This show is actually funny! It has a likable voice cast, fast pasted humor, and a God plot. Nature cat is the funniest and best show for young kids!

I don't know why this is on the list. Here's the problems I have with it: 1. At the beginning of the theme song, Fred, (A.K.A. Nature Cat) says when his family leaves for the day, he doesn't just sit inside and watch the world go by, he goes outside. Ain't that the point of being a cat?! Just sitting inside and watching the world go by is the great thing about being a cat! What's wrong about being lazy and watching T.V.? 2. Daisy the Rabbit. OH. MY. GOD. Daisy is ALWAYS on her tablet. For a nature show for kids, this is a bad role model for children. I mean, I'm on my computer a lot, but I'm not on it ALL DAY. There is actually two episodes where Daisy is TOO focused on her tablet. PBS, replace the tablet with an encyclopedia or a Great Big Book of Everything OR, lets not give her anything but a big brain. 3. In one episode, Squeaks is chased by two owls that are trying to eat her. When Nature Cat and his crew meet the owls, he grabs Squeaks to save her. The owls try to grab Squeaks ...more

22 Theodore Tugboat

This show has a real life boat made after the show model (which is located in Halifax. It's a shame that shows like jay jay and sagwa are remembered while this show almost never gets mentioned. Anyone remember the Harbour Master? "Thanks for visiting us here in the Big Harbour and we'll see you all again next time. So long!

THIS show should at least be in the top ten. This show was literally my favorite show to watch on PBS Kids when I was younger. Enjoyed this a lot more than Barney, dragon tales, between the lions, etc.

It is a really good show

23 Liberty's Kids

This show needs more attention. Its one show I will keep on watching the Remakes til I'm bored.

One of the only shows I enjoyed in school.

This show is seriously underrated.

So good, so underrated.

24 Super Why Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is an American-Canadian children's CGI animated show developed by Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. more.

I love this show! It should be in 2nd place! They have all 26 letters in the alphabet! My favorite letters are all 26 of them! Why should be Y? the 25th letter in the alphabet!

I don't hate this show but Super Why is kinda weird! I mean it takes 11 minutes before they can go in the book! And the drawings in the books look weird!

I love how Super Why teaches kids about reading. Something every kid should want to do.

I loved this when I was younger, then I hated it, now I like it again.

25 Block House

Block house is great! In my version of this list Block house is in fourth place!

Block house is on season 7 right now and Block house is still funny!

Since 2010 Block House has been one of the most funniest shows ever!

Block house is really funny! There must be jokes on every page of the episode scripts

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