Ready Jet Go

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Ready Jet Go! is a CGI animated television series created by Craig Bartlett which premiered in the United States as part of the PBS Kids block on February 15, 2016 . The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films and Snee Oosh, Inc. in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The show is aimed more.


My Fair Jet, which premiered today, is now my new favorite episode! It has a great song, witty humor, and a real plot with real suspense. This is one of the only reasons why I watch PBS. A lot of modern PBS Kids shows are cheesy and feel like they're pandering to the lowest common denominator, but not this show. While this show is obviously not better than Arthur, Sesame Street, and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, it is better than modern Arthur, modern Sesame Street, and every preschool show of the 2010s. It deserves to be in the top ten for sure, it is educational, and keeps everyone entertained. - Cartoonfan202

The only thing I hate about this show is that there aren't that much episodes. Ready Jet Go has 29 episodes, each have two 11-minute stories. The last episode premiered in December, FOUR months ago. And they haven't been airing any new episodes since then. Meanwhile lucky Australia has been airing episodes of RJG that haven't aired in the US such as Total Eclipse of the Sunspot and To Pluto With Love. Also, one of the 29 episodes is a Halloween special. Its April, so they can't show reruns of the Halloween special until October. So that means that they only have 28 episodes to air reruns of. I mean I've seen the same episodes lots of times. I can't wait until August, where PBS will worldwide premiere the Ready Jet Go movie. - Cartoonfan202

Nevermind. This show is airing the last episodes of the first season in June. Can't wait! - Cartoonfan202

Ready Jet Go should be NUMBER ONE! It has a real plot, it's not repetitive and it's full of twists and lessons in life, it teaches you that looks don't matter and that revenge is not the solution to problems, it HAS to be number one. Sesame Street lost it's humor and plot in 2009 because of the new writers and the repetitive plot and dumb humor, it's not funny and it makes this show much better in comparison.

Ready Jet Go should be NUMBER ONE and please vote for this show as many times as possible when you go on this list.

I love this show so much! I have seen all the episodes! I don't know why a lot of people hate it, it is one of the greatest PBS Kids shows, along with Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, and Odd Squad. This show teaches you cool facts about science and space, and all of the characters are likable. Plus, the songs are just awesome. The animation is just a bit shoddy, it's not that bad. This teaches great messages and has positive, diverse role models. I highly recommend this show

Ready jet go is the best show ever! It has an amazing story line, relatable characters, and incredible plot twists and cliff hangers. The educational parts are awesome and you can see how much the characters have grown. It is amazing and the best show PBS Kids has had by far.

This has got to be one of the best shows on PBS kids. To start off, the beginning. When someone decides to start a show, they usually get sponsors and other companies to help fund the show. But Ready Jet Go has tons of sponsors and funders. The human models are great looking, but just most of the art in this show is just awesome. this show also has a lot of important parts. The characters have deep personalities and are likable. Another thing that's teaches kids a TON about astronomy. Even I have learned a few things about astronomy because of this show.

This show is the best show ever. I wouldn't say it is better than Wild Kratts but it is such a good show. WHY DID IT HAVE TO GO ON FOR ONLY A MONTH! It could have gone on for maybe a couple of years. PBS Kids, please put some reruns of this show. I just love that show!

Ready Jet Go was a very good show, and it made PBS Kids a bit better, after Sid the Science Kid reduced it's ratings by 30%, making Sprout the best kids channel ever, Ready Jet Go had almost every component that a kid and adult show deserved, and it didn't have any physically harmed characters or deaths, it was a real deal for PBS Kids, and much better than anything else in the realm of 2010s' kids shows.

This has got to go between Arthur & Sesame Street if Wild Kratts doesn't upgrade to 12% soon enough, this is because it is the cartoon show, due to a combination of the plot, action, style & genre & to prevent a sudden cancellation.

Ready Jet Go should be in the Top 10, it is an awesome show, it has a real plot, and the acting is even better compared to the acting on the other shows, If you loved Invader Zim or Hey Arnold, then you should watch this.

This is the the last/second to last show on PBS ever to be good, there's no rude humor or bad acting like the others, there's also a good plot with no plot holes, and there's good lessons as well. Get this to the Top Ten.

I think ready jet go is really cool because Jet is a space alien and Sean and Sydney and Mindy found out, but nobody else can find out. This show teaches people about space and sometimes they sing funny songs.

I was watching this with my little sister and the show is okay. It is very bland and the main character can be obnoxious (in my opinion). However, I do think that it does teach kids about space.

PBS Kids Had Shows Like The Magic School Bus Reading Rainbow And Sesame Street. But this is actually a original show. The animation is wacky but still a good show

Ready Jet Go is basically PBS' only improvement, since its downfall, it has great acting, it lacks a laugh track and a great story compared to other shows, does anyone really even care if anyone says it rips off Miles from Tomorrowland, no, it's a really great show and better than anything else we have on PBS as well as television.

Ready jet go is great especially season 1 it's starting to get really awesome plot lines and everything not that it already didn't have a great plot, but I think this should number 1

Absolutely amazing. When I saw it on the adverts I thought it wouldn't be that good. But boy was I wrong its one of the best after wild kratts of course. Jet and Sydney all the way.

This show is actually very good! It gives you so many cliffhangers which is awesome, then you get to see it the next day! It's very interesting. Don't take it off pbs

It's the best show in 2016 and 2017 that still remains running, and did you know that the voice actors trained when they were very young? Researching them will tell you.

Much better than the new Sesame Street and new Arthur, the old ones were better, and its 2017, those shows lost quality LONG BEFORE 2017. Get your facts straight.

I love ready jet go, it is the best show ever, I have watched all the episodes, and I was so sad when it was put on hiatus! I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS GETTING A MOVIE!

I love this show id give it 5 stars it has space and everything like aliens and spaceships I'm so sad season 1 is almost over but their will be a season 2.

I will never stop watching this show, it makes all of the other shows look ill since all of the other shows have a poor plot and laugh track.

None of the other shows on PBS in this era are good, but Ready Jet Go, Wild Kratts and Odd Squad are good, they are the 3 comebacks of PBS Kids.

Yay! I made the 100th comment! Anyway, why is this below Barney and Friends again? Barney sucks! Ready Jet Go is so much better! Get it to #1