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21 Bioshock

Gathered a lot of critical acclaim and fan base, ranks up there with Half-life 1 and 2

Art direction is the best ever!
The feeling is awesome!
It can compete with now days games!
If you did not pay with it, it is a must!

A beautifully crafted and excellent game and definitely one
To play again. - Limespred

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22 Counter-Strike 1.6

Are you kidding me, this game should be ranked 1 there are thousands of players playing this game online every moment. The gaming tournaments are not complete without CS 1.6!

Only master can play this game not for every one. This is a legendary game itself.

This game has become a legend of games that people like the most.. There are many peoples who like cs 1.6 so much that they playing it every hour every day month year... What I want to say that this game should be rank 1 believe it!

This game has to be world,s number 1 game.I love this game

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23 Unreal Tournament 2004
24 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Um... What? How come this is the 73rd? How come all those who play this haven't voted for this? It's like having the best graphics EVER, only Skyrim is better. It's amazing cause you can do whatever you want. Not only one thing. And it's so lovely cause it's from the middle ages etc. It's really unbelievable. Amazing.. Keep voting.

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25 Overwatch
26 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Most of the voters here are clearly mentally retarded. They just went for the popular ones and blindly ignored the best ones. This game is a masterpiece and is far more than just a successor to Starcraft 1. If you buy the game I promise you with my life that you'll feel this game is worth every penny of your hard earned money 10 times over.

27 Mass Effect 2

It's one of the best game ever for PC it's at the 3rd position for me

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28 Age of Empires III

AOE 3 is one of the best PC games anyone could play the graphics are great, there's a fantastic multiplayer as well as a thrilling and historically fascinating campaign.

You are the god of your civilization every one work according to you

Destroyed my bro's highly defended Town Hall and let some of his villagers alive, then killed them after he have some wood, almost enough to buld a town hall, and let his explorer alive. Then I trapped the explorer in the corner of the map with artilleries. I won. Good times. - FnKk

I love this game and the whole series, I have every age of empire game ever made. - HistoryLover

29 Undertale

Please give this game a chance, AWESOME story

Get this off the list.

Why isn't this in the top ten? SUCH A GOOD GAME.

Best game ever pleas eplay again for rate ending

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30 Fallout

The idea of the game put this on the number two space spot in where you have to survive out in a badlands wasteland - Red26473

Apart from being a great play with terrific graphics and visuals
It also has the greatest looking virtual women and is the 1st game
I ever played where I was chatted up by one. - Limespred

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31 The Sims

The idea of playing God had never occurred to anyone before, there's always been dolls, but this was a revolutionary game with people with minds of their own. - I<3Queen

It was really something new on the PC Games - MatrixGuy

While I do have and enjoy all of The Sims 2 ^^ Sims 3 expansion packs, TS1 will always have a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my childhood and that is something that no amount of "improved graphics" or "redesigned gameplay" that come with the newer Sims games can ever replace.

The Sims 2 is great and all... but I still have a special place in my Heart fot the Original... this game should have more votes ^-^ - dweeb_girlie

32 Heroes of Might and Magic

This game is the better because it has a lot of addiction and its a great game can buy a lot of pets solider and 3d play its like real I love it but it still need online play I think!...

I could never get enough of this game, and the map builder program is awesome!

Necromancers all the way! - Raptork

If that's heroes V I think it has more fum than the sims 2 wow that's game is best the homm 4 as a lot lot lot lot lot its great but still need something its:ONLINE PLAY!

33 The Orange Box

Quality developing from Valve here. There are 3 high quality games in here that could have been sold separately for triple the price, but they decided to bundle it. 10 respect for them.

I know it's kind of cheep to have Orange Box in the list when you already have HL2, but still it's got five games for the price of 1! And they're legit games!

Half-life 2: One of the greatest single-player FPS games out there.
Team fortress 2: One of the greatest multi-player FPS games out there.
Portal: One of the greatest and most clever puzzle FPS games out there.
Put them all in one package. You now have the Orange Box.

34 Age of Empires 2

I love this game, I have had it for 7 years and it never gets old. - dragon13304

Should be number 1. Quite simple. I don't play it anymore, but this is, and will always be the best game ever made.

Best series of all time

Not only is this on #33, but also lower than AoE 3. Now I don't hate AoE3, BUT AoE2 IS the better game...FACT!

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35 Dota 2

The classic MOBA that was so popular that it inspired more games to grow from this genre.

Incredibly great graphics, complicated but has a variety of over 100 completely different heroes to play;
Big competetive pro gaming community;
My favourite game to play with friends

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36 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
37 The Sims 3



I love the sims 3 so much I can't believe it is so low on the list!

Cannt belive its not on the list!

I have the PS3 version of The Sims 3 but my PS3 superslim game system doesn't have enough space to install/play Sims 3. - playstationfan66

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38 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

I think Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the greatest games ever made. I'm sure that San Andreas is the beste Grand Theft Auto Game.

This is 1st no doubt

Old but it is very cool to play if you know cheats - evil4u

Nice game ya... very joyfull...

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39 Alan Wake

This is not the best game in the world. This is just a tribute. Oh, wait no. It is the best song in the world!

40 Happy Wheels
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