Best PC Strategy Games of 2003


The Top Ten

1 Rise of Nations

I love Rise of nation

2 Command & Conquer: Generals
3 WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Expansion pack to Warcraft I: Reign of Chaos - MatrixGuy

4 Age of Mythology: The Titans

Very fun I think they could make more and add extra thing such as other gods and titans to use in editor and there is other ways to make a nice long campian and perhaps a first person option from the options on a person where you can enhance the way things turn out like a stronger enemy vurses a weaker person where you can give more excitement to the game by being able to really control your men also you could add more units upgrades and perhaps give certian units more minor special moves like kicking someone in the face or having moves that a unit can get from doing a certian amount of battle like the hydra gaining new heads and maybe add baby nidhoggs you can by from temple and maybe even more buildings like barns and beast taming places the barn produces food faster than hunting or farming but cost more wood than a farm and beast taming places produce beast and generates favor also more effect when someone is hit like a titan punching another titan the titan falls catches itself ...more

The game is very exclent with mind

5 Homeworld 2
6 Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
7 Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion
8 Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
9 Ghost Master
10 Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

The Contenders

11 Arena Wars

This is one of thoese awesome games.

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