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1 Ten

Ten dominated the radio at its time. Without this album Pearl Jam would be not nearly as popular. Even if other albums sound better, this one was the most influential.

I hate going with "the popular opinion" but this really is their best album. Not that they haven't put out great albums since, they definitely have, all of them are great. But this is still their best. - evoxpisces

Has to be, really, despite the predictability of the choice. They have produced so much great music since, but nothing quite as consistently powerful and beautiful as this. One of the most moving albums I've ever heard. Magnificent.

You can't get enough of this album. When it's over you just crave more. All of the songs are just breathtaking and amazing

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2 Vs.

Leash is the Best song in the history of Mankind! This album is genius and the best album to date. Leash, Glorified G, go, Animal, Daughter, Dissident, Blood, Rearviewmirror, Rats, Elderly Woman Behind a Counter In a Small Town. I mean every one of those songs kicks ass.

Rats always makes me laugh funny title

Their best album so far.

Love this it's a close call with ten but this just gets the nod rearviewmirror,glorified g daughter awesome it just sounds so vibrant amazing album

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3 Vitalogy

Among their 10 original studio albums, Vitalogy is PJ's 2nd best.

Corduroy. need I say more?

Better Man

4 Yield

The peak of their music as far as I'm concerned. Fantastic album and the only post-Vs album that matches the greatness of the first two albums.

An album that can be listened to from beginning to end, and will never leave you disappointed.

This was their last good album. Late pearl jam is boring. They play fast and it doesn't sound right. - Sabbath

Number 2 for sure, so much variety, so many head bangers

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5 No Code

Perhaps their most inventive, more all-round album. Totally underrated.

Completely underrated

Among their 10 original studio albums, No Code is PJ's 4th best.

So underrated it’s sad. It’s a masterpiece. Every song is amazing and hits you hard. Overall better album then yield and vitology. If you are hesitant to listen I urge you to. Easy top 3. Maybe higher.

6 Pearl Jam

My favorite Pearl Jam album! Start to finish. Never get tired of any songs after repetitive listening. - Vitalogy

Awesome! Very energetic! If you're sick of pearl jam ballads, listen to this album!

Totally underrated by most

My favourites album

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7 Binaural

This album is criminally underrated. Not my absolute favorite but close to it. I think Ten and Vs are better but Binaural is pretty damn close. It's a shame it didn't do better. - evoxpisces

This should be at 4! I can't believe it's actually below the Avocado album I hate that album it's so political Binaural lets get it to No.5 maybe even No.4 - OasisFeelsLove

Honestly this is the best pearl jam album EXTREMELY underrated and needs more credit one the more melodic of the albums

Among their 10 original studio albums, Binaural is PJ's 8th best.

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8 Backspacer

So many powerful songs and a bunch of slower songs. A great combination, and every song is so good. - Songsta41

Best album after Ten.

Every bit as good as Vitalogy, but not as mainstream when released. This is the beginning of their new, happier direction. Great album, should be 4

Among their 10 original studio albums, Backspacer is PJ's 3rd best.

9 Lost Dogs

This album have some of the best songs ever.. So under rated

So underrated... It deserves to be in top 5.

10 Lightning Bolt

Amazingly underrated album I'd rank it as their second greatest only behind Ten. The singles are great but like many fantastic albums the gems can be found in the so called "fillers". The whole album is great and the best tracks are getaway, my fathers son, and infallible (which may just be Eddie's best work lyrically). I think that this album is so far being overlooked because it was released 22 years after Ten which means that the masses will really just think of it as an addition to the bands catalogue and not an addition to their greatest work. Lightning Bolt is easily up their with the bands big 3 in Ten, Vs, and Vitology.

Sirens is killer.

Yield was consistently terrible, switch it with Lightning Bolt on the list and youve got an amazing top ten

Among their 10 original studio albums, Vs. is PJ's 9th best.

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11 Riot Act

This album is amazing thumbing my way and save you are are great also the avocado album is under rated to.

This album is the closest thing to a masterpiece Pearl Jam has ever released.

Cause to the whole universe I don't mean a thing

Among their 10 original studio albums, Riot Act is PJ's 6th best.

12 Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003

Compilation Albums don't count, come on. - Songsta41

13 Merkinball

A two-track unrelated single shouldn't be considered an album on the best albums list. - Songsta41

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