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61 Smile

A good grunge example. Catchy riffs, good solo, 'I miss you alreddie-hee-hea' part makes you sing.

62 Light Years

Has anyone listened this song? One of the best.

Should be higher

Best song here

Should be much...much higher.

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63 Faithful
64 Crazy Mary

This song is obviously under the radar, even for some of the more serious Pearl Jam fans, but it really deserves a listen. Something about its strangeness soothes you, and I wish I could give it more than +.1%, because it really is, in my opinion, in the top five songs Pearl Jam has ever written.

This song is just so emotional..

Even though it wasn't written by them, their version of this song is so amazing and calming and powerful. I love it. At least need top 30. Not top ten by any means.

Love the irony of this song.

65 I Got Id

Some of the deepest lyrics out of any of their songs. You can feel the pain in Eddie's voice. Its "Id" NOT "ID". "Id" is the Freudian term that describes the part of the brain that controls our subconscious desires.

This song is definitely worthy of at least top 20. Its one of my favorites.

Best Pearl Jam song best lyrics best vocals by far best drum track

66 Nothing as It Seems

Dark and beautifully recorded... A hidden classic

Deep lyrics, some of the best guitar work. Reminds me of Pink Floyd. - JustTenMan

Definitely my favorite PJ song! This deservers to be on the top 3 at least!

This song is awesome. so much underrated!
Should be at top 10...

67 Soldier of Love

Love this song, "oh baby lay down your arms. "

68 Other Side

Black is my favorite but I feel like no one knows this gem. Eddie once again proves his beauty in this song and Ament once again proves his ability to write a song

69 The Fixer

great song! it should be at the top 5 minimum! my favorite pearl jam song! great lyrics and the guitar sounds just awesome!

This is by far the best Pearl Jam song ever. It has one of the best guitar solos of all time and really great lyrics. It should be in top ten

My favourite Pearl Jam song has so much energy and rhythm with all the features bringing this piece together!

Great guitars, amazing lyrics overall a terrific song. A top 10 for sure

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70 Amongst the Waves

Amazing song, my personal favorite.

I thought it would be in Top 10 O. O

Top 10 for sure..Getting high and riding waves. come on people. It doesn't get much better than that.

71 W.M.A.

The lyrics in this song are alone worthy of a top ten place, let alone the music I think this is when Pearl Jam were at there best the whole sound of the album is so unique - he won the lottery by being born - ed at his best and dave abruzzees also

Everything about this song is Musically Consistent, and it just blends together so perfectly in a Masterpiece of a song The drumming, the bass the guitar, the amazing vocals.. truly this song is an Under-appreciated gem.

So underrated - Dorito

72 Last Exit

Such an underrated song. So much energy was put into this complete masterpiece. It just shakes the earth with it's speed

73 Lukin

Lukin desearves be better than 120

74 Marker in the Sand

Beutiful song. It deserves a better position! - joxoko

75 Save You

This is a great song from the early 2000's

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76 Dead Man
77 Down
78 Spin the Black Circle

If you like Go, you'll lie spin the black circle. Very intense and explosive. It's on their greatest hits! Why is it so low?!

How can it be so down its so funny and good guitart riffs

79 Gone

Great song from pearl jam again.great vocal, great music7

80 Mind Your Manners

An absolutely awesome, fast pace punk song, such a good comeback for the band!

How come this is so low in the ranking.. :O

This Top 10 needs an actualization

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