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101 Sometimes

Sometimes has a good, weird quality to it that I like.

102 Wash

Wow, this is a great song that should make the top 100 at least. - Songsta41

What a song. This 'Alone' 'Fatal' Strangest Tide' should be a lot higher... Lost Dogs is a phenomenal album

103 Hold Me
104 No Way
105 Pendulum

Oh come on! Not even in top 100? Listen to the chords and lyrics. "Easy come and easy go...easy left me a long time ago..." - Ejpearljam

Unique song and probably the best from their new album

That's great song! Listen to it!

Best open song for a concert

106 Thumbing My Way
107 It's Ok
108 Thin Air
109 Swallowed Whole
110 Let the Records Play
111 Sleight of Hand

Such an underrated song! I had to put this on because it's so underrated that no one else would - Songsta41

112 Lukin

Lukin desearves be better than 120

113 Help Help

Haunting tune - mtndewlord

114 Breakerfall
115 Love, Reign O'Er Me

This one is from the who...

116 Spin the Black Circle

If you like Go, you'll lie spin the black circle. Very intense and explosive. It's on their greatest hits! Why is it so low?!

How can it be so down its so funny and good guitart riffs

117 The End

Are you kidding me! I have been listening to this song for days and I love it. Having listened to all the top 10 I must say it deserves top 3 spot...

This is the first song of pearl jam's that I came across! It was so amazing I'm in love with the band now!

It's like -AWESOME! What the heck's it doing down at 34?

One of their best songs except the first 3 albums

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118 Bugs
119 Come Back

It is definitely underrated. I imagine this song as black after 10 years - it has evolved with the band. They are not so "agressive" as they used to be when younger. True wisdom comes with years, and this song is just that.

Ranking with "Release" in terms of cathartic beauty of emotion, this song evokes some spiritual force. How can this masterpiece not be in the top ten? Knowing that it's rated so lowly makes me tear up almost as much as the song itself.

I don't want to judge where this song should put into the chart list, what I can say according to melody and music, it's just touched my soul, just a tribute for addicted lovers.

The only song I have ever cried to... So its gotta be pretty amazing

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120 Dirty Frank
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