Top 10 Best Penguins of Madagascar Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Alienated

Skipper's fear of space squids come true when Lemmy returns with a rather unplesent alien vistior with him. The animails must work togther to save the zoo.

2 Jiggles

Jiggles is such a satisfying creature with the most satisfying sound, how can't this episode be rated 1?

Kowalski's new invention goes on a ravenous rampage.
It's actually quite funny...

3 The Helmet

Whery fun

4 Herring Impaired

A funy, clever episode even if the endings a little cheap

5 Operation: Big Blue Marble
6 Operation: Break-Speare
7 The Hidden

Kinda like a horror episode with the cas getting picked off one by one by chamelons.

8 I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane
9 Untouchable

A annoying frog arrives and terrioses the animails with its posien finger.

10 Tagged

Forced to stay in their enclousere by a nosey scientist, the lemers must work together to save the zoo.

The Contenders

11 The Trouble With Jiggles

Love that they brought back Jiggles!

12 Danger Wears a Cape
13 Hot Ice

Two crooks throw a dimond necklace into julien's enclousere. Will the incredibly vain king return the necklace or will he just keep it? What do you think?

14 Snakehead

Julien with soda

Jaws with penguins. A rather good episode.

I love snakehead its funny

15 Thumb Drive
16 I Was a Penguin Zombie

This should be number four

Skipper's fear of needles leads to a seriously effect topical pain medication.

One of the best episodes ever!

17 Right Hand Man

A new lemur arrive, determined to become julien's right hand man. Time for maruice to kick some ass!

18 The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole
19 Over Phil

Not a great episode but at least a normaly over looked character is used more in this episode

20 Happy King Julien Day
21 Paternal Egg - Stinct
22 Popcorn Panic
23 Needle Point
24 Friend-in-a-box

Mort becomes friends with a computer game. Well, obivously!
Nah, it is actully a rather good episode.

25 2 Feet High and Rising
26 Driven to the Brink
27 Fit To Print

It should be #1. It's very funny. Also, I really like Driven To The Brink and The Terror Of Madagascar

28 The Terror Of Madagascar


29 Little Zoo Coupe

Why no one added this before? It's FUNNY when Julien uses Maurice and a wheel as a car. HA HA HA

30 The Lost Treasure Of The Golden Squirrel

A great episode.

31 Concrete Jungle Survival


32 Field Tripped

HA HA HA. Isn't the best, but it's really good.

33 Night And Dazed

Kinda enjoyable

34 Wishful Thinking

A good episode, has some funny jokes, and it really works. I like it.

35 April Fools

Julien, you totally deserved the prank you got at the end. But, you made some funny pranks, and you make the episode funnier.

36 Gone In A Flash
37 Launchtime
38 Operation Plush & Cover
39 Penguiner Takes All
40 Tangled in the Web
41 Crown Fools
42 Kingdom Come

A good one.

43 Go Fish
44 Miracle On Ice
45 Eclipsed


46 Mort Unbound
47 Roomies
48 Haunted Habitat
49 Zoo Tube


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