Top 10 Best Penguins of Madagascar Episodes

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Skipper's fear of space squids come true when Lemmy returns with a rather unplesent alien vistior with him. The animails must work togther to save the zoo.


Jiggles is such a satisfying creature with the most satisfying sound, how can't this episode be rated 1?

Kowalski's new invention goes on a ravenous rampage.
It's actually quite funny...

The Helmet

Whery fun

Herring Impaired

A funy, clever episode even if the endings a little cheap

Operation: Big Blue Marble
Operation: Break-Speare
The Hidden

Kinda like a horror episode with the cas getting picked off one by one by chamelons.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane

A annoying frog arrives and terrioses the animails with its posien finger.


Forced to stay in their enclousere by a nosey scientist, the lemers must work together to save the zoo.

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The Trouble With Jiggles

Love that they brought back Jiggles!

Danger Wears a Cape
Hot Ice

Two crooks throw a dimond necklace into julien's enclousere. Will the incredibly vain king return the necklace or will he just keep it? What do you think?


Julien with soda

Jaws with penguins. A rather good episode.

I love snakehead its funny

Thumb Drive
I Was a Penguin Zombie

This should be number four

Skipper's fear of needles leads to a seriously effect topical pain medication.

One of the best episodes ever!

Right Hand Man

A new lemur arrive, determined to become julien's right hand man. Time for maruice to kick some ass!

The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole
Over Phil

Not a great episode but at least a normaly over looked character is used more in this episode

Happy King Julien Day
Paternal Egg - Stinct
Popcorn Panic
Needle Point

Mort becomes friends with a computer game. Well, obivously!
Nah, it is actully a rather good episode.

2 Feet High and Rising
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