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1 Thuringer

I am not sure about this guy, but I would like to say that he is charming, insightful, and dead sexy. Okay he may not be dead sexy, but he has a certain quality about him that makes me think that he should try and be an actor or radio guy or some thing.

Looks like Porky pig and pays girls to private with him. Old and fat.

2 Stimp

He is my son; of course I vote for him. His mother and I wish he'd finish medical school and stop this chat-room foolishness.

Stimp is amazing to talk to, so funny, but also can be a racist dick. So if you are white you are in the clear

3 Tex 4
4 Tucker

Cool ass dude. He talks a lot always has good conversation with people and epic hats.

5 Mmbacon
6 Rullo

Rullo is a god among men

7 Riiight

She's a cool girl who likes penises and doesn't afraid of anything.

8 Franky Franky

So. Good looking'. Definitely could be a full-time model. His chiseled face from the gods make him all the better to look at when he jumps on cam. The beautiful wall color and border color bring out the color in his eyes. He also can cure AIDs.

Love him! What more can I say?

Looks better with hair... Way bette

So nice everyone likes him. Or I'm just ready to take him.

But in all honesty. Sexy

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9 Achan
10 punkpizzaboy

If only the chemical exposure and altitude did not cause his brain cells to pop, he'd be our resident Hemingway.

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11 Coaster
12 Dell

He advertises by creating drama. Also he sends pvt messages to women to have a private session with him

13 Penisface
14 chels4luv

The most beautiful lovely hearted girl :) x SuperS


Such a doll

Keeps it 100

15 Soriano

Nicest guy I know. He doens't speak English very well but I like his bread.

16 biggsbison
17 BigBootyBitch

Has a delightful musky odor, like that of spiced rum and motor oil

18 Bambi
19 Missi
20 WildFunTimeBri
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