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1 George Pig George Pig is a character in Peppa Pig. George is a small, one to three year old pig and the little brother of Peppa.

It's one am in the morning an I'm sitting here searching up this random stuff and listening to Hugh Laurie and Halsey and The Beatles and whatever else Spotify gives me. What am I doing with my life.

He is the only character who has an excuse to act stupid.

The only good character in the show peppa is just dumb

Daddy and George Pig are the only 2 good characters

2 Daddy Pig

All the years of abuse from peppa like George but still somehow likes Peppa and is happy like George the only 2 characters I like

Daddy Pig in my opinion is one of the only likeable and sympathetic characters on the show!

The only good character in the show. I feel so bad for him because Peppa Pig makes fun of him.

I hate this show but I like this character daddy pig is the best peppa pig character

3 Peppa Pig

I remember one episode where Peppa and her friends had a soccer game of some sort. When she lost on her team, she said "this is a terrible game", but apparently the opposing team scored their own goal meaning Peppa and her team won, then she said "Nevermind, this is a great game! ". Bruh, what is sportsmanship, liking/disliking a game because you won/lost at it?

She is stupid. Example:Peppa putted football with muddy puddles. Peppa is a very stupid piggy. Now, it is a negative show. She is horrible

She's not really that good of a person, but her music's pretty sweet.

Peppa is the best character in this kids show, she is number one

4 Danny Dog

The first episode he was in he said brilliant a million times. So annoying.

I LOVE Danny dog. I was watching a 30 minute video about him.

He's good but I ship him with rebecca instead of peppa

I like him on most episodes.

5 Richard Rabbit

He's the best

6 Pedro Pony

Close one eye what do u see. I see everything.
Good close both eyes. What do u see. I see nothing.Then you need glasses. Like what u doofus Pedro

I love the way that he always does his own thing and gives zero cares!

He's a doofus. I remember lots of kids just like him.

He should be higher than peppa

7 Mummy Pig
8 Grandpa Pig

Grandpa is Mummy pigs dad! and a wonderful grandpa to peppa, george, cousin chloe and baby alexander
he also loves gardening and his chickens!

He loves nature

9 Ms Rabbit

She is literally everything in this bloody series

She has gotten fired thousands of times.

Why is this a list!? everybody that's not peppa & her fammily is bland

Shes awesome

10 Madame Gazelle

She's like one of the only characters in the show with a somewhat interesting character (for Peppa Pig of course) as she's a vampire.

She is my dream teacher

When she said "children Mommy Pig put a lot of effort into this book so we must listen politely even if it's not very good" I mean what a sassy queen

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11 Edmond Elephant

"He is a clever clogs, the only character with common sense on the show"

The only character in this show who does not have the IQ of a rock.

Get this character to NUMBER 1! He is a clever cloggs.

Better than george

12 Suzy Sheep

She is so naughty by poking her tongue

She is just such a cool dude you know

She has a pink dress she is cute

She can whistle

13 Emily Elephant

Very smexxyyy

14 Mr. Potato

It's a potato with a face he should make grounded videos out of peppa

Because he's a potato dun

He’s a potato must I say any more

It's mr potato! oh it's just peppa :(

15 Zoe Zebra

I just like the piggy alpha ver

16 Freddy Fox

He deserves to be on top 10 instead of 20 because he's mah favorite!

Whoever made this whole list is an idiot.

I don't know he the top one of my favorites

I completely agree.

17 Mr. Dinosaur
18 Rebecca Rabbit

She is definitely the best.

1. She is a rabbit

2. She lives in a burrow

3. She has the best British accent

4. She has the prettiest dress

5. She’s just awesome I’m sorry but she is

she's just the best

19 Grampy Rabbit

Some of the stuff he says is hilarious. The boat comment about fixing boats for years and years to name one.

He cracks me up. "Is anyone else thinking about cheese? " ha ha

This is the best character though how is he only 16?!?!

I woke up this morning!... the sea and the sky!

20 Candy Cat

She’s my favorite character. She seems to not like it when others fight.

She’s my favorite character! She deserves better.

Most underrated

21 Mike the Knight Mike the Knight is a Canadian/British/American animated television series created by Alexander Bar and written by Marc Seal.

I hate that show. And LOL who put that there?

Who actually put this here?

Lol who put this here?

I LOVE THIS GUY! (And I’ve never seen the show)

22 Chloe Pig

shes ok but she is really bossy and thinks she can do whatever she wants. #diva.

23 Mr. Bull

I don't know I just laugh every time I hear him speak

he is definitely a taurus

24 Mr. Fox

He is a spammer

the scammer

25 Delphine Donkey

belle delphine donkey

She so pretty

Go delphine!

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