Best Peppa Pig Characters

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1 George Pig George Pig

What?! Why do you like his Dangerous Crying?! If you Hear it, You Will Cry For a Month! You. Are. DYING!

The only good character in the show peppa is just dumb

The most annoying character in the entire show. - DumbFriesNub

Look at his eyes..
They seem to slowly drift off. - Qryzx

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2 Daddy Pig

To bad everybody bullies him and gets away with it

The only good character in the show. I feel so bad for him because Peppa Pig makes fun of him.

Everybody is always mean to him I think he should have more respect - Aidanisawesome

He is so fat and peppa thinks he is going to have a baby!

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3 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig

I remember one episode where Peppa and her friends had a soccer game of some sort. When she lost on her team, she said "this is a terrible game", but apparently the opposing team scored their own goal meaning Peppa and her team won, then she said "Nevermind, this is a great game! ". Bruh, what is sportsmanship, liking/disliking a game because you won/lost at it? - Qryzx

When You Get Older You Realise What A Horrible Little Girl Peppa Is - ciaraniguess

She is stupid. Example:Peppa putted football with muddy puddles. Peppa is a very stupid piggy. Now, it is a negative show. She is horrible

She abuses George!

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4 Danny Dog

The first episode he was in he said brilliant a million times. So annoying. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Best specially his WOH WOH


5 Pedro Pony

He's a doofus. I remember lots of kids just like him.

I love the way that he always does his own thing and gives zero cares!

Ripoff of Arthur - Lunala

He is so stupid. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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6 Richard Rabbit
7 Grandpa Pig

He loves nature

8 Mummy Pig

Mum Goals!

Look lj

9 Ms Rabbit

She is literally everything in this bloody series

She has gotten fired thousands of times.

Shes awesome

Nanny Plum!

10 Edmond Elephant

The Only Person On The Show That Isn't Dumb.

Get this character to NUMBER 1! He is a clever cloggs.

The only character in this show who does not have the IQ of a rock.

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? Boots
? Goldie the Fish

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11 Madame Gazelle
12 Emily Elephant
13 Rebecca Rabbit

So sweet...

She is definitely the best.

1. She is a rabbit

2. She lives in a burrow

3. She has the best British accent

4. She has the prettiest dress

5. She’s just awesome I’m sorry but she is - Untildawn8

14 Suzy Sheep

She is so naughty by poking her tongue

15 Zoe Zebra
16 Candy Cat

Most underrated

17 Mr. Potato

Because he's a potato dun

It's a potato with a face he should make grounded videos out of peppa - Lunala

Duh I meant

18 Freddy Fox

Whoever made this whole list is an idiot.

I completely agree.

Why lol

19 Grampy Rabbit

He cracks me up. "Is anyone else thinking about cheese? " ha ha

20 Mr. Dinosaur
21 Grandma Pig
22 Zuzu Zebra
23 Delphine Donkey

She so pretty


Go delphine!

24 Mr. Bull
25 Zaza Zebra
26 Mike the Knight Mike the Knight Mike the Knight is a Canadian/British/American animated television series created by Alexander Bar and written by Marc Seal.

Who actually put this here? - DumbFriesNub

Lol who put this here?

27 Grandpa Dog
28 Daddy Dog
29 Mummy Rabbit
30 Mummy Dog
31 Mr. Zebra the Postman
32 Chloe Pig
33 Wendy Wolf
34 Mr. Rabbit
35 Mummy Sheep
36 Mummy Elephant
37 Mummy Cat
38 Kylie Kangaroo
39 Baby Alexander
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