Top 10 Best Percussion Instruments

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1 Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

This is considered a percussion instrument, so it deserves to be on this list. Inside, you have a bunch of mallets striking the strings inside the piano. (it is also considered a strings instrument) - EchoX0

Meh loves it yasss

its a fantastic instrument it shows passion and anger so vote NOW

Not exactly percussion is it? But I do love it, it's awesome

2 Drum Set

I don't play it but it is good

I play it

The best by far

Definitely cool to watch people play with tall stick hights but I wouldn’t say top 5

3 Tabla

The best...

Listen to a master play it and you will find out just how expressive a tabla can be.

Tabla is the best instrument I got to listen... I have heard piano too but not better than tabla...

The greatest percussion instrument ever - straight from the heart to ear!

4 Steel Drums

That's it! RAV drum is my favorite

Steel drums are sooo cool people! Other than timpani steel drums are the best of the pitched drums.

5 Gong

Sounds so amazing and dramatic! It doesn't get enough use.

piff ting

6 Triangle

Look it up on YouTube and watch a master to really appreciate this instrument. It's not just a ding ding, play it properly and it's awesome!

It's so simple but the sound is cool. - booklover1

First day of school I asked my teacher if I could play the triangle. She handed me an octagon, I was like "what is this?! "

I like the triangle because its shaped like a triangle and its cool

7 Thundersheet
8 Glass Harmonica

Makes a really cool ethereal-type sound, like outer space.

So call tripple poo

Is cool and simple to play from gugu immaculate S. Godongwana1

9 Cowbell

I got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell. - VADERtheIMPALER

It needs more cowbell. even the reaper can't hear it.

10 Tambourine

Great instrument.. When u know how to use it!

You are the best peope thet play the trombone and mathew streton hats musik

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11 Xylophone

I love this instrument!

I have played xylophone. My introduction to percussion. Combination of a piano and drum.

Has a nice, moving sound. The starting mallet instruments.

They are so cool and have a nice peaceful sound

12 Marimba

They make a great sound, and I prefer their warmer tones to a piano

Has a great sound. Makes music sound fun and uplifting.

Marimbas are awesome. Make a great noise!

You said they're awesome. AWESOME!

13 Bass Drum

Has a good sound


love it

It has a good sound ( Miyuli or Meow or Miyu)

14 Glass Harp
15 Mridangam

The best instrument you can use for Carnatic Music. After you hear to it in a perfect tone you'll get to know the real meaning of elixir. You can hear it's peculiar rhythm only from the hands which is dedicated to it and love to do it! And the sounds from it are really hard to get with a professional touch...

Indian classical drum. Mirthangam is known as "The king of Percussions".

The best percussion instrument on this planet. Listen to an expert and you will know why.

Such a lovely sound

16 Cajon Drums

Great sound and fun to play

It's so nice to use in jamming with acoustic guitar specially the mienl brand of cajon...

17 Timpani

Different sounds make a unique instrument!

The most powerful, booming percussion instrument.

Going to learn soon, can't wait!

18 Crash Cymbal

Just love playing it, and when I play it I know that everyone else can hear me - makes me feel Good!

A great addition to concert band pieces.

19 Conga

The more the merry. They come in 3 basic sizes Tumba Conga and Quinto. Get all 3 on stage and discover the world of rhythm.

The basis of many Latin songs. These drums make dance music.

Bongos sound better

20 Cannon
21 Snare Drum

One of the first instruments you learn on. Many percussionist learn rhythms on the snare.

Ha Ha, know 'bout 15 percussion instruments, but not this one!

I love the snare because to me it's the heart of the band

22 Glockenspiel

No surprises by Radiohead shows how beautiful a glockenspiel can be.

Prefer the xylophone, although I can play this and not the xylophone, weird, Right?

23 Djembe


A go to instrument if you want to have fun but is also capable producing dynamic sounds in the studio or on stage

24 Temple Blocks

A variety of woodblocks. They have a great sound.

It has an amazing sound!

25 Maraca
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