10 Best Percussion Instruments


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21 Temple Blocks

A variety of woodblocks. They have a great sound.

It has an amazing sound!

22 Maraca
23 Glockenspiel

Prefer the xylophone, although I can play this and not the xylophone, weird, Right?

24 Vibraphone

If only I could get my hands on one of these...

25 Snare Drum

One of the first instruments you learn on. Many percussionist learn rhythms on the snare.

Ha Ha, know 'bout 15 percussion instruments, but not this one!

I love the snare because to me it's the heart of the band

26 Bongos

Sounds pretty cool, but when it gets played it has to really be hit. Perfect for jungle dances!

27 Djembe

A go to instrument if you want to have fun but is also capable producing dynamic sounds in the studio or on stage

28 Cabasa
29 Woodblock
30 Tubular Bells
31 Hi-Hat
32 Wind Chimes
33 Bell
34 Taiko Drum

Makes the Bass Drum look like a small child's toy.

35 Suspended Cymbal

The suspended cymbal can be used in classical or jazz music. The hi-hat keeps the drum set moving.

This sounds pretty cool but only in the right spots, I love playing this!

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