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The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan is the best series ever behind Harry Potter in my opinion. What are the best Percy Jackson books?

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1 The Last Olympian

Gives one that oozing, cozy feeling that tingles your emotions and nerves, causing you to (but not limited to) cry, laugh, smile, frown, growl, and smile again all at the same time. Makes one want to curl up by a fireplace while it's below freezing outside, and read the whole book sideways while marveling at the expanse, development, and unimaginable fates of our beloved characters. Undoubtedly the best AND perfect ending for the PJO series. Perfectly collects and puts the pieces of the puzzle together, while maintaining an entertaining and positive mood for general audiences, twisted well together with plots and conflicts, suspenseful rising action and skillful foreboding, up to the climax that leaves one hanging at the edge of their seat, slouching down, followed by bloody, nerve-wracking fights, and topping it all off with a brilliant, heart-warming ending that reminded all of us the reason we journeyed with Percy and his friends, the reason we stayed and fought alongside his ...more

It totally ties in all of the mysteries from the other books. This is my favorite book, and I wish I own it. I am glad Rick Riordan is making another series about Demigods. I love this book!

This deserves #1 place. It talks about the prophecy, battles, and it developed Percabeth into what it is now. The Last Olympian talks a lot about Percy, Annabeth, and Luke's background. This is heartwarming story, narrated by a humorous character. It's so descriptive that you can feel what Percy's feeling; pain, love, determination, frustration, anger, confusion, everything. The book has an ending that makes you want to cry and smile at the same time. Cry because the beautiful series is over, but laugh in joy as you know the next series is out and Percabeth. The fight scenes seem like you're watching them as Percy journeys to defeat Kronos. One of my personal favorite parts is when Percy calls to Blackjack and lands safely on him, but his voice turns a higher of an octave and makes you want to laugh. This book ultimately makes you feel proud of the beloved characters and makes you want to cheer and breakdown laughing, crying, smiling, growling, spilling out all of the emotions The ...more - Jindomonium

It is the best book. Though if it had a little more twist, like when the spy was reviled, they need more twist.

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2 The Battle of the Labyrinth

This book is awesome should be number 1

I feel like this book was by far the best book in the percy jackson and Olympians series. The way the author wrote it made me not want to put it down till the last page.

This is a flawless book. The best thing about it is how dangerous it feels. Rick Riordan stretches the book and the time they spend in the battle, which only adds to the adventure and makes it seem more real and dangerous. The fight at the end is far better than the Last Olympian, with the excitement well and realistically done. The Last Olympian's one flaw is that the fight is dragged onto the whole book with nothing much else going on - Plus, for a FINAL battle, it doesn't have much excitement, either.


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3 The Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse has some good morals and values weaved between the story line. This book has a lot to say about loyalty, friendship, family, trust, courage, sacrifice, and more. Some of the characters grow, not only in their demigod training, but also by learning from their mistakes and learning to do the right things. The book is filled with rather clean humor that is both funny and witty. The book shows how strong friendships are hard to break and good friends are hard to replace. But it also says that should always keep in mind to never blindly trust someone as people change over time. When we face different situations we should not wholly prejudice something because things may not always be as they seem. Life is a surprise; we never know what may happen. But whatever it may be we always have a choice and to choose right is in our hand. The Titan’s curse has displayed gender equality. Most of the times we see that there are more male characters in a book rather than female but ...more

This book is boss. Humor, brilliant characters, and awesome plot. Plus, in my opinion, it includes the best battle in PJO and fiction in general. Thalia vs Luke. You could feel it, the pack it punches on both characters as they battle it out in a beautifully orchestrated way, showcasing the power and emotion from the former friends. Luke was snarling, Thalia was grieving, and though they showed it in different ways, they both felt as though they were betrayed, the feeling heavier when you consider the impact of Thalia's initial sacrifice. And the part where Thalia defeated him, and Luke used her hesitation to make a desperate grab for her spear, triggering her reflexes/instincts so that she kicked him off the cliff? Amazingly written. Well done, Rick

I'm saving up for this book. So far I've read Book 1 and Book 2. Book 2 is the best so far if you asked me. - Alpha101

Thalia! And where the dam joke was introduced. I also like how in this book Percy wasn't the top pick for going on quests. - Oreo_xo

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4 The House of Hades

Loved this! I can't wait for blood of Olympus

Why isn't this number one? It's the best - tanzifchowdhury

This book had me on the edge of my seat! I would stay up all night reading this book. It goes so well with the other books in the series. I finished this book in only 3 weeks. I just couldn't put the book down.


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5 The Mark of Athena


This should be in the top five! We got the romance, the humor, a darker book, action! And Mark of Athena's secret weapon... Leo. :3

Sure the other books had that, but this book was so deep! You got the whole epic ness revolved around!

This book, like many other peoples, is defeneitly the best book out of the Heroes of Olympus series. Not only do Percy and Annabeth get reunited, the ending is suspenseful and makes you want to read the next book as quick as possible, no matter how long you have to wait to read it. When I finished reading this book, I couldn't believe how well the author wrote the text, which made my jaw drop half the time I was reading it. I feel like this book was great, and it should be moved higher on the list.

The Prophecy Seven (sounds like a cool name for a band) is BOSS in this book. Percy's dolphins trick is so hilarious I cried in laughter! And there is so much romance, and so much fun adventures! I would personally love to shoot fruit at Hercules!


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6 The Lightning Thief

The book is a great start to the series! Everything is so well well put together! The best part in my opinion was when they stumble into Medusa's Lair, I had the feels! This book was the one that made me want to read more and more! WAY better than the movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good book!

I've never been into the demigods and gods until I read the series and now I love them! Anyone looking for a good read, I'd check out this series! I would place this 2nd in my list behind The Last Olympian! Great book.

I love this book. It's the book that started it all! So brilliant and amazingly written by Rick Riordan. Anyone who doesn't like this book (or the series in general) should work as a slave for Hades and suffer!

I recommend the PJ series to anyone who doesn't like reading. The book makes reading fun and educational. My second favorite book is The Lost Hero

This is the book that made me really like to read. That was back in 5th grade when I was 11. Now I'm a sophomore in high school and I just finished reading the Son of Neptune (which is really really good also). These books never get old and will stay with me forever.

Awesome book! It's the only book I have read out of this series.I am eager to read the rest of the books.

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7 The Son of Neptune

This is my personal favorite of the Heroes of Olympus series. The way that Percy got together with Frank and Hazel was so well done and very satisfying to read. These three just clicked. I'd also say that Frank is one of the more compelling new characters from this series. I loved this book in every way.

This was my favorite book out of the heroes Of Olympus Series. Why? Because Percy was back. To me, this book was a relief. to be honest I didn't enjoy the Lost hero as much as I had hoped to. This book made me excited. Excitement I had long since experienced. Percy just brings back the old nostalgia feeling. This will forever hold a special -lace in my heart. Percy Jackson: The Sequel.

This is the best in the series according to my opinion. It is a lot better than the lightning thief and the sea of monsters.

This book is amazing the author tells the story so well and I love the fights

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8 The Blood of Olympus

I love the ending. To me it's the best one. But I wish it showed it from Percy's point of view in a few chapters.

Is anyone else hoping for Leo and Calypso to appear in the Magnus Chase books? - AnnaOfArendelle332

Completely awesome. The last and the best book of the whole series!

I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! The end...Leo coming back to life and saving Calypso. Plus the beginning of Solangelo... YES!

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9 The Lost Hero

Leo, Thalia, Rachel, and Hedge were the only things that made this book enjoyable. - PineconeFace

This book introduced us to our Bad Boy Supreme. This is #1 by far.

I'm sorry, but this should be above Blood of Olympus AT LEAST

Number 10 because it is really boring

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10 The Sea of Monsters

I loved it action packed all the way

Ghost stories and lots of humour nice like lightning thief

The sea of monsters is a great book we're introduced to Tyson who is awesome we're following Percy Annabeth and Tyson on the mission to find the fleece we see Luke again who is trying to revive Kronos Thalia being ressurected The Dodgeball game with the monsters Percy Tyson and the other kids finding out that Kronos is Chiron's dad and so much more

This is by far my favorite PJ book. I mean, I’ve only read the original 5, but out of those, this is my favorite.

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? The Burning Maze

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11 The Sword of Summer

Brings a humor I didn't see as much with Percy and Carter. Not necessarily the best but it deserves to be higher up in my opinion.

Unlike Carter or Percy, Magnus is kind of wimpy

It has the humor and action of all the Percy Jackson books

it's crap

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12 Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

If anyone needs to learn Greek mythology Percy's point of view makes it much more interesting

I loved this book! Percy is a FANTASTIC character and is pretty hilarious when talking about the Greek gods. Should be higher on this list.

Personally this book is the best but Greek heroes is quite a contender

My favorite lines from this book:
“This baby is my son, I’m sure he’s capable of stealing anything”, Zeus

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13 The Hidden Oracle

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the haiku's as I am starting a poetry class. Plus it has humor and brought back Leo, which I loved. Another great job Riorden.

Sick this book was totally tubular

Actually, now it IS out!

Worst of the 11 Percy Jackson Books...

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14 The Trials of Apollo

This book was great! But it is hard to keep up with because the prospective is from a god.

15 Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

A funny and humorous way to retell myths of Greek legends.

Plenty of humor and storytelling to make this 100% Riordan.

Nice starting

Awesome book! loved it

I liked the myths about greek gods well some of it was real but I liked it explaning greek mytholigy.

16 The Demigod Diaries
17 Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

This is great!

18 The Hammer of Thor

This book is great, plus the cover is AWESOME. Amazing artwork, I recommend this to just about everyone.

Just came out and I'm hooked

Alex is so BOSS!

19 Demigods and Magicians

This book mixed Greek demigods and egyptian magicians together. How great!

When I read this, I was like, Percy has been through all of Rick Riordan's series!

I love this book

20 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 the Hammer of Thor

I think this book is good don't get me wrong but its just not like percy jackson

21 The Dark Prophecy

I think it's the best in the TA Series. It makes meg a lovable charecter and Leo and jos chemistry is really good! It said commodes is the weakest of the three but even then it focused more on new characters and actually solving the problem! When meg was singing about her father at the climax, it was heartwarming. Leo's and Calypsos ending was great and Georgie will be a fun plot to explore on in future books. Though I'm really mad that Percabeth and hazel, frank Leo Jason piper nico and all of those characters are going to be basically token out of the story. WHY!?!?!?

This book made me cry all lot. It’s favorite

22 The Demigod Files

I like the stories and other info

I loved the files

It ok do not like because the other ones are jest so cool

23 The Red Pyramid

The Kane chronicles are very underrated. They are my favorite Rick Riordan books because they feature strong human emotions and virtues such as love, loss, and humility. My favorite will always be the first one.

This should be in the kane chronicles series list, not this list

Well the Kane Chronicles only has 3 books (6 if you count the Percy Jackson crossover). - RandomUser

This book should be much higher than it is

24 The Serpent's Shadow

What an underrated series and an absolutely satisfying conclusion

This should have way more votes. The Kane Chronicles is as goo d as the Percy Jackson series. Too bad it's seriously underrated

25 The Ship of the Dead

Great book and a satisfying conclusion plus great cover art

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