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1 The Outsider

So much power and emotion was put out in this song, and it's a song that emotionally everyone can relate to their own life on some level. Love it

I cannot believe this in not on top. This song is so powerful and energetic, building up until the last lines of the song with the slamming guitar chords leaves you breathless. This is the best APC song by far.

The Outsider is Michael Angelo's David. Its something everyone can enjoy and can be played on repeat over and over again.

Incredibly powerful

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2 Judith

The entire band comes together to create one of the finest hard rock songs of the decade.

amazing vocals and a truly deep lyrical masterpiece...

Undoubtedly their best. The sheer frustration in this song is quickly felt. The heavier of their songs and is a true testament to the fury that A Perfect Circle is able to deliver.

This message. I could listen to this on repeat. I'm not going to say or look up the meaning, I think it's pretty easy to get. So use your own imagination and take a dip in the fountain.

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3 3 Libras

Who knew simplicity could be so complex?

This is definitely A Perfect Circle's most crowning achievement. The musicianship, the vocals, the production, the emotion, everything comes together to create what is possibly the best rock-ballad of all time.

It has set the bar, and the bar will never be met. If all people were to appreciate art and expressionism like this, the world would be completely different. One of the most honest and impressive songs in musical history.

A song many can relate to.. beautifully sung and so unique. An absolute masterpiece.

it's a pretty depressing song, literally, it's beautiful, but depressing b. c. it's like he sees something in someone, and they don't see him. Sad but I'm sure a lot of people feel this way, I do sometimes.

My favorite song of all time. It deserves number one

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4 Passive

Over the years I've switched back and forth between a few of their songs as being my favorite. But Passive is the song of theirs that I have the deepest emotional connection to. 3 libras is a very very close second for me though. I saw APC live in Seattle in 2010, they were playing all three of their albums, but I only had the money to see one of them. I chose emotive, literally just because of this song. Sure I have many other favorites in Thirteenth Step and Mer De Noms, but I needed to hear passive live. Their performance did not disappoint. GOOSEBUMPS! Maynards voice penetrated my soul that night... Laugh out loud it was awesome.

Outstanding lyrics that just explode with emotion. Such emotion conveyed by musical and lyrical genius Maynard James Keenan. His voice perfectly harmonises with epic and also emotional guitar and piano playing that further sticks into you like the thorns of a rose. As it builds up in sound towards the end and Maynard's screaming voice just gives the chills to anyone who listens to this piece.

Amazing song. Best of APC in my opinion. MJK's screams gives me the chills!

The vocals is calm but very strong and emotional. I can say it’s their best song. - joshsanz

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5 The Noose

Noose is a lyrical master-piece. Its got so much of feel. Uh, I get goosebumps each time. The voice is a thud in the hard. Captivating and enormously satisfying.

Well It's not easy to pick one song, so I voted this song because it should be at least in the top 3; however, I will be dumb if I said the others don't deserve to be in the top 3 as well. Finally, I think it's a personal choice.

You can exactly feel the emotion vibrating through your whole body while listening to this song... Even though not many people can relate through the true meaning of the song, the lyrics are so well written and so powerful that you can't stay indifferent after hearing it.

Undisputedly one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. To me it resonates on a spiritual level, and strikes all the right notes, vocally lyrically and musically.

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6 Pet

What! How is this not up further! The package is really my favorite, but pet needs to be further up there. This was the first Maynard song I ever heard and it is what got me into a perfect circle and tool. I love the riff, and when it gets really loud with the haunting harmony in the middle, it kicks the butts of everything Maynard James Keenan.

Best in my opinion, and the first song I ever heard from a perfect circle. Loved Tool before I was even old enough to know what they were saying, my parents listened to Tool around the time I was born, so I grew up listening to Maynard.

Maynard's portrayal using his vocal range makes this song an opus. I'm going to have to go with it even though I respect and admire all of the others on this list.

This is far and away my favorite APC song. Heard it a thousand times, but I still get the chills every time. Maynard's dark and sarcastic anger, set to a perfect hard and soft roller coaster of music. I personally love tool more than APC, but this song is up there with any of my favorite tool songs

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7 The Hollow

The lyricism of this song connects with the listener just as deeply as any of his other work with A Perfect Circle. This song, Orestes, 3 Libras and The Noose could be considered the greatest songs by them because of the captivation and mesmerization felt during them. I can't describe this songs beauty really in words, like Maynard would say, you should close your eyes, enter yourself in a comfortable yet vulnerable position, and go there. The drumming is tight, the guitar is perfect, the attack, lyricism, harmonies and singing make this the ideal song and my favorite song of all time. The Noose, Orestes, 3 Libras, and a few others are great too, but this song definitely deserves more credit.

The emotion when Maynard scream's: Feed Me Here!

This song is awesome and beautiful for relax after a day of hard work

Awesome lyrics, Maynard sing with feel

This song tells the truth in the world, man's libido and quench their thirst for the big void you feel inside, and acoustic session "Hollow" adds a "exciting" and a serene relaxation.

8 Orestes

This song is beautiful. You can feel the kind of personal agony he's going through. Definitely the best song they've ever done, and my favorite song of all time.

Definitely one of A Perfect Circle's most captivating tracks, this is on par with 3 Libras in terms of emotive and evocative lyrics. That, coupled with the swirling majesty of the instrumentation, make this one hell of a journey. Seems like a Pink Floyd track that never was, really.

Man what a great song. I barely found out about this song and it's the one I jam out to all the time now. What great beautiful lyrics. He's a very intelligent writer and singer. He's very unique and I say this song is up there with schism and sober or probably even better in my eyes...

Best of them all, by far.

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9 Blue

Great song. Very simple and emotional while being ambiguous at the same time.

This song is just amazing... great guitar riff, stunning vocals, catchy melody, but still has that creepiness that all APC songs have. Such an amazing song off of such a good album

How can this song not be in the top 10? One of my absolute favorites from APC, along with The Noose.

Really? Cus I didn't want to know

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10 Rose

3 Libras is probably the very best, but man, Rose is a close, close second. Beautiful and spiteful all at once.

Why is this last? This is my favorite by far. its about that intense spiritual struggle

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11 Weak and Powerless

Can't believe that I'm the first one to vote for this song! This is such a soul inspiring song.. Got me hooked to A Perfect Circle!

First song I've heard that's by this band. Personally, I think it needs to be higher.

I love Maynard. He is a truly gifted singer.

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12 Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums

Also known as "Pet"...this is my favorite..I also Like The Noose...and 3 Libras is one of the most beautiful songs... - MusicManiac69

Why the on earth is this AND Weak and Powerless in the honorable mentions?! These songs need to be higher. Top 5 along with Judith, The Outsider, and Passive.

This is so intense, like "Pet" but in a completely different and far more carnal way.

Awesome song! Makes me think of the theme to American Horror Story :L

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13 Imagine

Such a dark dark version of what, lyrically, is actually a dark song. Touches nerves that I'm sure John Lennon wish he did with his original masterpiece. Epic.

Better than the Beatles, have you seen the video it's awesome, they trully express what Paul and John wanted to say, it's a great and catchy song


14 The Package

The package is one of their most badass songs, next
to Judith - YEAH

Very beautiful introduction song it's like as you are starting the album your given a package to see the insight of the band. Love the soft build in the song to it getting loud deep and sounds like personal for Maynard

The package gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, it is very unique because unlike the other son

I can't belive it! Why'd its this song last?
that bass inro and the solo it's the definition of PERFECTION

15 By and Down

This is for sure one of the best songs ever made by apc it's so full of emotions.

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16 Gravity

This song is a beautiful recount of the struggle and emotion an addict feels when trying to let go of their addiction while following a "12 Step" program. The most difficult steps to get through are steps 1-3 which involve completely surrendering to a higher power. Relapse is very common after step 3 as the addict feels a confidence in their sobriety that leads them to feel that they have control again. The second verse "I fell again, like a baby unable to stand on my own." describes this common occurrence. From step 3 back to step 1. This is a very difficult cycle that an addict has to beak in order to remain sober for good. Maynard's portrayal of the addicts emotion along with the waves of light and dark instrumental during the phases of "the struggle" make this my favorite APC song.

I don't understand how this isn't in the top ten. Even if a lot of people cannot relate to the main meaning, so many can relate to the feeling. The lyric "I choose to live" sends a chill down my spine every time. It's so inspirational, not just for addiction, but whatever has gotten anyone down. In any recovery, one must remember that one of the steps is Love. From another.

Seriously one of my favorite songs of all time. You can hear his past heartbreak and struggle in his voice. The lyrics... Amazing. As someone who has struggled with addiction in the past, I love this song.

17 Magdalena

How could anyone not love this song! This song reminds me so much of my past when I first started listening to a A Perfect Circle! How could anyone not fall in love with it?!

So heavy and driving, very different from most of the rest of their songs but it is my favourite anyways

Classic MJK vocals and great lyrics. "I'd sell my soul one dollar at a time..." Fantastic song and my fave.

Best "hunting" bassline/guitarriff in metal music.

My favourite metal song.

18 Thinking of You

Of all the ways to describe sodomy. 1000 describe 1 picture. But this song is a role of film.

19 Vanishing

So much power in this song from lyrical to instrumental...
MJK and Billy knows whats music. They are above best!

20 Brena

The songs you picked are up there, but all singles. They have much more to look for than those three, though I agree they are ALL great songs on this list. Sleeping beauty is great, Brena, etc...

Did I really have to go all the way down to 21 to Find Brena?

Such a powerful song emotionally...

number 1

21 A Stranger
22 Sleeping Beauty

Such a great song that never fails to get me to sing along.

Maybe not the best but it must be in top ten.

23 When the Levee Breaks
24 The Nurse Who Loved Me

Not sure why, lyrics could seem meaningless, maybe the song might strike some as pretentious and/or just a filler track, but I find this really beautifully composed. I have a lot of vivid memories whenever this song plays.

25 Thomas
26 People are People
27 Talk Talk

Such a powerful song. Best in years.

Their best song so far!
You can really hear the sadness in Maynard’s voice, but also strength and power...
True masterpiece!

28 The Doomed

This song is so amazing!

29 Disillusioned
30 Let's Have a War
31 Fiddle and the Drum

Lyrics, harmony, and tone are all AMAZING. I cannot believe this song was not even on the list!

32 Peace, Love & Understanding

I was shocked no one here heard this song. I Really love this song. Great Lyrics, nice Background Music and to Top it up it has Amazing Lyrics.

33 Gimme Gimme Gimme
34 What's Going On

Seriously? Not even on the list... what's going on?

35 Freedom of Choice
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