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OK, they only have 1 album, but here are the top ten songs...

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1 Icarus Lives!

Amazing vocals. Guitar is just brutal all the way through. I listen to this song everyday. Its simply put as what it is... BADASS!

Killer riffs, lush vocals. - GhostOfPerdition

Very powerful song, I like the riff in the intro that explain in all the song like a tree branch!

So cool and the drumming is phenomenal!

2 Racecar

Used to definitely think Insomnia or The Walk was their best, but now after listening to Racecar some more, I'm convinced entirely that this is the best song that Periphery has on their debut. One of their all time best as well, it is expertly structured and executed.

The song that Periphery should and most likely will be remembered for in the long run. It's as someone said already- a prog metal masterpiece. It contains everything that one would want in such a song.

This is probably the most progressive and well composed song they've ever written and probably ever will write. A true masterpiece in its own right.

It took me a while, but this most listened to song out of the 300 or so I have. Combining that with the 15 minute length of the song, I've listened to it for a whole day in total.

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3 Scarlet

One of the best songs, it is rated so low because the album is newer, but this song is beast!

Why is this not number 1? One of the most exciting and fun songs they've made, along with being the song that basically cemented Mark's place in the band.

It's better than icarus live just because the vocals are great, one thing that the "number one" has not

Crazy good song vrother

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4 Marigold

That part where he comes in after the calm with "I guess I'll just leave things the way they are! " gets me every time.

All around solid song. Melodic but heavy. Music is a little interesting but not in a bad way.

Amazing intro. The entire song is just a masterpiece.

Instrumentaly this is their #1 song.

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5 The Walk

Completely mental, yet amazing. - GhostOfPerdition

That metal voice doe

It has such great lyrics. its too bad that you can't even make out what he is saying

Yeah such a headbanging song...m/

6 All New Materials

One of the best intros I've ever heard

7 Zyglrox

This song is the best! And this song has too many insane riffs that will melt your mind! M/ periphery at its best m/

8 Mile Zero

New song, but excellent. Riffs of excellence and great vocals make this song on this list

Smooth going song.. ! A couple of drops... But it should be up there in the top tens!

First song I heard by Periphery. Get chills every time I hear it.

I think they made a messed up this song has a 0 behind the 1

9 Jetpacks Was Yes

When I first started getting into Periphery, this song was my absolute favourite, and it in fact it still is. Definitely the best song to ease into periphery.

A different approach, it payed off. One of Periphery's most popular songs. - GhostOfPerdition

I always go for the rhythm and tune. My second favorite is "Have A Blast". And then "Alpha".

10 Omega

The best progressive metal song ever written. Starting out with a well written piano solo, the song begins unfolding the tale of the omega. The song tells a beautiful story with an unforgettable climax. It has a soul lifting chord progression filled with Spencer's incredible singing. Shortly follows is a depression inducing breakdown that chills to the bone. Laced throughout the song are odes to other songs from both albums (notably Alpha). Of course it flows perfectly into the last song of the album, beginning how it started with an erie/uncertain melody. The most well written Periphery song to date in terms of overall cohersion and execution. It is written very well to the strengths of the individual players. I still get goosebumps each time the climax approaches. Give it a few spins if you haven't already!

Much much much heavier than alpha (especially the first three minutes or so) so if you put these two songs together they are so amazing

How is this not in the top 10? This is easily one of their best songs they ever created. - cjWriter1997

It's a shame someone had to add this to the list

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11 Light

Such emotions attached to a song. Epic vocals. Impossible drumming. Powerful guitars.

Your description fits every periphery song

Nice well composed song. - GhostOfPerdition

12 Erised

The best solo outro ever! How can this be so low. Underrated

Oh come on! John Petrucci guest solo on this track, and it's down at no. 19?

The lyrics are pretty good with some good riffs to boot.

Quite possibly the best song ever made but I don't know.

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13 Make Total Destroy

Easily the best song by periphery

Definitely best song. Period.

Surprised this isn't higher

One of the most mindblowing djent riffs

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14 Letter Experiment

Brilliant song! I love Icarus lives.. But in my humble opinion, this is any day better!
Hats off to Misha and Periphery! M/
This is what real djent/progressive metal is about!
The middle section where the harmony comes in just gives me goosebumps.. (the melodic part).. And the vocals during the end of the song, well that's just pushing the limit.. And aah, the guitar solo.. *love* m/

15 Have a Blast

The riffs in this song are just astonishing, I love this song deserves number 2 in my opinion after Racecar

I'm so surprised this isn't on the list.. It would be on my top 3 for sure.
Periphery forever m/

Definitely my favorite Periphery song! I'm surprised this didn't even hit top ten

This songs is packed with loads of sick riffs and a sick solo by guthrie. I used to love scarlet and Luck as a constant when I first heard P2, but after hearing the entire album for more than 50 times (p2 is my most heard periphery album to date), it's safe to say have a blast is my absolute favourite. Well to be fair, I love every single pieces on P2. I consider it a music masterpiece that is even above rust in peace!

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16 Insomnia

Seriously one of Periphery's best songs. Everything about this screams awesome. It's more complex than Zyglrox, has better clean sections than Racecar (Might be considered blasphemy but oh well) and portrays the diversity of the band in one song, instead of one album.

Good intro to the album - GhostOfPerdition


17 22 Faces

This song is one of the strongest songs on the Juggernaut albums. The buildups are engaging, the hard-hitting choruses are incredibly climactic, and the guitar solo is very memorable.

Best song on Alpha, hands down.

The chorus man, THE CHORUS!

Best song on Juggernaut, but great album (s), so not the best by much!

18 Luck as a Constant

The perfect blend of simplicity and technicality. The simple intro... The fast riffs... The vocals... The catchy chorus... And then Jake's epic solo... This song needs to be in the top ten.

This is a top 10 song easily. There is so much variety of music in one song; plus the guitar solo is amazing

It's not lucky then...

Clean to heavy, then heavy to clean... Then into epicness...

19 Alpha

I'm guessing people aren't voting for this because its considered commercial? It's their catchiest song in my opinion, let me put it that way, because technically stuff like Racecar is by far superior.

Yes but have you guys heard the second half?

This should be number one

La mejir cancion de periphery, tanto alpha como omega son sus mejores discos

20 Froggin' Bullfish

Amazing guitar riffs, Shows the extent of his vocal range

21 Feed the Ground

Maybe not as progressive or metal as some of these songs but an amazing song to sing along to and growl to.

Amazing song has it all

22 The Bad Thing

Just absolutely brilliant. The guitar is amazing. The vocals are badass. The solo kicks ass. This is one of the best progressive metal songs ever made and the bands best song yet.

Best track off both Juggernauts hands down. Slow, chugging, heaviness.

If you wanna be a thug you gotta crank up the chug.

How this song is not in the top 10 is beyond me

23 Facepalm Mute
24 Buttersnips

So good to play it

The ending, so chilling!

25 Ji
26 The Summer Jam
27 Stranger Things

Spencer's vocal work on this is delicious, and the blend between Melody and Heaviness is perfect. My only knock is "no guitar solo"

One listen and you'll get it

28 One (Metallica Cover)
29 Remain Indoors
30 Ragnarok

This song in its simplest form is a story. It starts dark, angry and aggressive, then suddenly the clouds move and the 'Somewhere in Time' movement comes through. The first movement is full of rage and increasingly becomes more and more aggressive as the instruments are 'pounded'. Once the rage is calmed, the emotional finale breaks through. A drastic change but it forces an emotive serge in you. To finish the'symphony', a the Capo is introduced but a calmer variation. This song can only be described as a masterpiece.

Absolutely underrated

The opening groove way to good for this song to be 28. This is a top 10 song. There’s no denying that - xEJD-

Oh god this song is definitely underrated!
I'm so SHOCKED!? This song's gotta be in the top 5! The part after 2:20 makes me FLY!
And the godly note by spencer at the end of this, god, makes me pee.
"... To ourSELVEES" :D

31 Rainbow Gravity

Crazy... such fun to listen to! And the riffs...

32 Flatline
33 Absolomb

This song epitomizes Periphery: a Bulb-style, rhythmically complex intro (that is also quite djenty), seamless transitions from heavy to soft, perfectly-placed hits by Matt, 3 unique solos played by each of the 3 guitar powerhouses, and transcendent harmonies and chord changes over Spencer's lush yet passionate singing. I truly believe that this song is the pinnacle of Spencer's singing (as of October 2017).

The ending, however, is what keeps me coming back to this song so often. Incorporating a massive-sounding string orchestra in a way that I believe doesn't shock metal fans but rather captivates them further proves that all 6 members have songwriting skills beyond many other djent artists. But even more, I am in awe of how they made the ending in their own style rather than in the style of classical orchestral music. I am not referring as much to the notes that are being played, but rather more to the entire song structure - the ending comes after a monumental 5 minutes of ...more - themagicpebble

34 The Way the News Goes

According to me it should be at least in the top 20. It is not much of metal stuff. But it still is very progressive being quite soft than the other songs.

35 The Heretic Anthem
36 The Parade of Ashes

This is a great song! I heard the first time this morning and I have listened to it more then 50 times!

This song is sick

Why isn't this on spotify? This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life.

37 Pale Aura

I'm not into prog metal. I listen to good music from whatever genre people suggest, and try to adjust to their style. I can't claim to be a person who knows good music, but I do have some knowledge of music, starting from a young age, and a good sense of rhythm. So this friend of mine suggested this band Periphery to me, and I respected his opinions, he's kind of a genius. So I checked out the band, but never really got to it. I mean, it's a great band, and they make good stuff, but just not what got me in. Every song other than Jetpack Was Yes got deleted, and that stayed until 2014, when I was just going through Wikipedia and saw these guys were releasing a new album, and that was incidentally the very day. So I hit Pale Aura on random.

That stayed for a few weeks. I usually go with whatever random song comes on shuffle. I liked the song, but did not think it was something amazing. I'm sure a lot of guys can relate to listening to a song for the first time, thinking it was ...more

I have to say that Periphery has become top 5 favorite bands. Their music and writing styles are absolutely captivating. Although Mile Zero is by far my favorite song and composition, this song is definitely my second favorite. As amazing as Misha is, Mark's writing style is so much more in line with my musical tastes. I feel like it has so much more depth and feeling. Pale Aura is definitely my second favorite song by Periphery and arguably one of their best efforts overall.

Way better than the overrated crap that is currently at the top of the list.

Mark Holcomb's riffs are just sheer awesomeness. every part of the song, right from the beautiful intro chords to the amazing riffs to the oh-so-catchy chorus to the pretty solid solo makes me wanna listen to the song over and over again... The beautiful clean guitar parts on the outro add to the awesomeness of this track. this needs a place in the top 15.

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38 The Gods Must Be Crazy!

This song deserves much better ratings

Love the lyrics of this song, most underrated song in my opinnion!

39 Priestess

Very underrated song by them. I love the acoustic guitar in this song.

40 The Price is Wrong
41 Passenger

Number one. Always

42 Extraneous
43 Masamune

This song is so underrated. This song is heavy and that last part just kills!

Just take away all the numbers there all good!

Such an epic and powerful song to end the P2 Album. Definitely higher than 40

44 Frak the Gods
45 Captain On'

A flowing yet brooding song. Top 3 songs from Periphery in my opinion!

One of the songs who's intro makes you FLY! Spencer's vocals could never have been better.

46 Totala Mad
47 Ow My Feelings

I honestly don't understand how this song isn't farther up. It has great vocals and riffs, and I think is just an amazing song. Who cares if they've only played it once in concert?

48 Graveless
49 Heavy Heart

Best chorus ever

Most easily the best song in the newly realeased periphery album. I know this is top 10 material.

50 Psychosphere

Its awesome!

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