Best Periphery Songs

OK, they only have 1 album, but here are the top ten songs...

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41 Masamune

This song is so underrated. This song is heavy and that last part just kills!

Just take away all the numbers there all good!

Such an epic and powerful song to end the P2 Album. Definitely higher than 40

42 Frak the Gods
43 Captain On'

A flowing yet brooding song. Top 3 songs from Periphery in my opinion!

One of the songs who's intro makes you FLY! Spencer's vocals could never have been better.

44 Totala Mad
45 Ow My Feelings

I honestly don't understand how this song isn't farther up. It has great vocals and riffs, and I think is just an amazing song. Who cares if they've only played it once in concert?

46 Rainbow Gravity

Crazy... such fun to listen to! And the riffs...

47 Graveless
48 Heavy Heart

Best chorus ever

Most easily the best song in the newly realeased periphery album. I know this is top 10 material.

49 Priestess

Very underrated song by them. I love the acoustic guitar in this song.

50 Psychosphere

Its awesome!

51 Hell Below
52 Muramasa

Can't believe I have to ADD muramasa to the list! Where are u, periphery fans?

53 Eureka!
54 F***in' F**k
55 Epoch
56 Inertia
57 New Groove
58 Zero
59 A Black Minute
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