Best Persian Hip Hop Groups

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1 Zed Bazi

Trying to Resemblance this band with others its really comic

Best Group all time,

The best hip hop group in the world

The best in all time

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2 Paydar

Paydar ta paye dar

Paye dar ta paye dar

Paydar ta peye dar...

Paydar �"

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3 Kaqaz

Ho3ein & Sadegh Is Best Persian Rappers - mohammedrezaei

Ho3ein in the best

KaqaZ For Ever...

Lazej Va Joobi...


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4 Samet

Saamete Pesar Samete!
That's the best Persian HipHop Group Ever!

5 Moltafet V 2 Comments
6 Tik Tak

Best Hip Hop Group

The best just this

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7 Tan Be 10
8 Tm Bax


Lovely Group... 3Member... Alibi And Nabilety Are Brothers And ShahinLoo... alibi Producer Of Group

9 Nabegheha

Is largest and best group Persian rap

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10 Jadougaran

The Newcomers

? Bozorg

The best persian rap group

The Contenders

11 Miss AL V 1 Comment
12 Ehya
13 Boom Bax V 1 Comment
14 7T
15 Ekhtelal Band

Dasband is best album - EKHTELAL

very good - EKHTELAL


Just mobin and amir and mozab

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16 Janjal

This group was very very very very very good

17 Persian Bax

The big group of hip hop Iranian - swcbsdbi

18 Erfan Mirzapour
19 Jahanam
20 Amin Jahanam
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1. Zed Bazi
2. Paydar
3. Samet
1. Moltafet
2. Kaqaz
3. Zed Bazi
1. Kaqaz
2. Jadougaran
3. Zed Bazi

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