Best Persian Rap Songs

The Top Ten

1 Gabrestoone Hiphop - Reza Pishro

Best persian rapper - Hoomiaz2000

Hiphop is alive with king pishro

very god - Hoomiaz2000

2 Man Mijangam - Yas
3 Firooz - Hichkas
4 Tabestoon Kootahe - Zedbazi

Greatest Persian Song ever! (by far)

Best song in the Iran

Mehad Hidden - Siavash Sijal - Saman Wilson - Nasim


5 Ye Rooze Khoob Miad - Hichkas
6 Sarbaze Vatan - Yas

You can see the power of words in this song! YAS is the BEST!

7 Asemoone Abi - Amir Khalvat
8 Afsoos - Bahram

Bahram is best forever

best song

Bahram is the best Persian rapper

9 3ft - Ho3ein
10 Saz - Bahram

I am listening to it. I'm sure it will be on repeat for over a month rapidly

The Contenders

11 Sangin - Ho3ein & Sadegh
12 Ekhtelaaf - Hichkas

This is a song for Iranian bad society.
Inja Tehrane Yani Shahrike...

13 Dastane Ma - Zedbazi

When your head is blowing. and you don't want some one shouting in it, this song is the best choice

14 Az Khazar Ta Khalige Fars - Zedbazi

It's awesome I can't say anything about it it's just awesome

Best diss music of persian rap

15 Mano Bebakhsh - Bahram
16 Tond Naro - Wilson, Hidden

The best diss love song of persian rap

I can't live without it

Hidden babyy

Best sonf of bozorg-vol.2

17 Pooria Putak - Ajibe
18 Bahram - Khiaboon
19 Maghze Dar Rafte - Tataloo

He is really genius

20 Nemitarsam - Ali Sorena
21 Lams - Bahram
22 Mesle Man - Zedbazi
23 Ho3ein & Sadegh - Radepa
24 Bazam Kalaan - Hichkas
25 80 - Fadaei
26 Az Chi Begam - Yas

Az Chi Begam!
The Best Persian Rap Song Ever!
This is a song for burned students of Shahid Rahmati School.

27 Ma Ba Hamim - Bahram

The unity among Divar and Samet!
Seriously the best Persian hip-hop song!

28 Inja Iraneh - Bahram
29 Sound of Unity - Yas
30 LOL - Tanbe10

This is a good diss by tanbe10 for paydar

31 Palang - Leito
32 Sadegh - Khone Bi Saghf
33 Obi - Zedbazi
34 Kalafegi - Reza Pishro

I love this song so much

35 Jenay - Fadaei
36 Inja Irane - Bahram
37 Fitile Pich - Amir Khalvat
38 Kheyli Khastam 2 - Pooria Putak

Woow. how could putak rap better than this

39 Anjam Vazife - Hichkas
40 Big Hess - Zedbazi

It's awesome I love it so much

41 Tof - Hichkas
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1. Firooz - Hichkas
2. Man Mijangam - Yas
3. Gabrestoone Hiphop - Reza Pishro


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