Best Persian Rappers of 2012

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21 Sadeq

Best lyrics & music when be alone

Sadegh is my life

22 Saman Wilson Saman Wilson

The Best Rapper of the world/After Eminem

23 Shayea
24 Nasim

Best rapper girl!

25 Parsa V 4 Comments
26 Saeed NP
27 Pantomim Family
28 Saman Ahriman
29 Amir Ali A2
30 Leito V 1 Comment
31 Sohrab MJ V 2 Comments
32 Shahin S2
33 Sadegh Sadegh
34 Ali Gdal
35 Omid Ghadar
36 Donred Chronic

New one, but best

He is not talented. What makes him think he is a rapper?

Still the kings was dope

37 Amigo Wolf

The best gift this year and I'm really happy to have my name on this list, I will always support thanks admin

V 1 Comment
38 Bahador Bee
39 Far Hang
40 Bizhan August
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