Best Persian Rappers of All Time

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1 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden is a Iranian singer, rapper, and producer. He grew up listening and composing rock songs. At age 18, He formed the group Zedbazi with Saman Wilson.

Best Voices Best Styles & best Fans
Zedbazi always in the sky guys
Zedbazi #1 For Ever

He has the best vocals
Everyone in Persian rap industry count on him
He has a high level standards
He is also a great rock singer
Also he one of the best beat makers
His guitar skills are great
And his lyrics are so effective

He has the best voice. very creative in producing in IRAN rap music . He combined rap and rock music. He created many styles in rap

ZedBazi you will be for always we have lots of remembrances with your musics such as tabestoon kootahe... Nakoni bavar... Cigar e soorati... Nabayad vaisam... All of your albums and musics... Some one who (pishro and his guys) is so jealous and he and his guys can't see your improvments... We hope that you mehrad and your band ZEDBAZI will be successful in your life and musics... Your new musics are PERFECT... When I was a child I heared your musics and I'm now a boy and love your new and past musics... Love you... Khodahafez... Bye...

2 Hichkas Sorush Lashkary (born May 10, 1985) better known by his stage name Hichkas (Persian: Hiĉkas - هیچکس‎‎; meaning "Nobody") is an Iranian rapper from Tehran. Hichkas is considered as one of pioneers of "Persian Rap" and "Persian Urban music.

While everyone else called any rubbish rap he's rap or text changed all the other rapper's styles, which shows that he is a leader in Persian rap.

He is old Persian rapper, and he is a first man who combined rap music with Persian traditional instruments.

If I could understand whats he saying ,
I could share a better comment ,
BUT, in flow and rhyming, he's one of the bests I've ever seen!

I think he is one of the first Rapper in Iran and he has a very powerful voice that everyone like it.

I love him and his song, too.

3 Bahram Called as one of the 50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East, by Huffington Post, Bahram Nouraei challenges the dominant artistic, cultural and philosophical consensus of the Iranian society . He constantly pushes himself out of his comfort zone to reach his own understanding of creativity more.

His most recent album Good Mistake is the first Iranian concept album ever made, using reverse chronology as the storytelling technique. The album includes 11 tracks connected together by 5 skits which are real sounds designed to help the listeners contextualize the story based on their own mental associations. The self-released album "Good Mistake" is published through all digital music channels on 4th of July 2015 and ranked #4 on Billboard's Top World Albums Chart.

His poems are so deep and meaningful that it takes a long time for listeners to understand his words. He has a lot of influence on his fans and a lot of people tried to change their life after listening to his albums

Real song.. Real rap

Bahram is my hero, when I listen his music, really my feel is good and I enjoy. He is the king of Persian rap(hip hop),

4 Yas Yaser Bakhtiari, better known by his stage name Yas, is an Iranian rapper. Yas is one of the most popular rappers in Iran and Middle East. He is also known for his Faravahar pedant, a symbol of Iranian nationalism and Zoroastrianism, that he wears most of the time.

Deep meaning from text I've never seen
any rappers like him that teachs you life's lessons in text only Tupac and baharam is powerful enough to rap in this style.

Everybody knows that he is the best Persian rapper. sth that other rappers in Iran can't deny it is that he is the most popular and most famous rapper in Iran. He also tries to introduce Persian rap to the world and he did travel to usa and performs and work with usa's rappers.

Yas talks about the pains we all have and his voice makes me feel it. But not just the pain, the hope at the end of his songs mekes him different for me. I like and I need this hope!

Yas is undoubtedly the best rapper Persia and even beyond that he's the best rapper in the world! Social and political character because he runs into tax fine

5 Reza Pishro

In terms of meaning and rhyme I never did get this one.
Isolates the style of God.

He has very well style

Pishro has presented his life to Rap and has passed all of the branch of this style successfully...

Pishro is the best Persian Rapper . His songs are great his beats are wonderful . He is the real rap god .

6 Sohrab Mj

The best rapper in Iran . I mean the strongest flow and lyrics in the same time . also he is the invented his own flow in Persian Rap .

He is so amazing and highclass in the game so alota of rappers diss him for no reason. because they want to sohrab pay attention for them and made them very proudful!

Best rhyme maker of all time
You can say he is the best rhyme maker of the world
With his accent, he is almost perfect in singing raps and disses

Best rapper in the world

7 Ho3ein

I think eblis is the best Persian rapper. Every rapper can sing in one style. But eblis can song in different styles. Also he is one of the first Persian rappers.

He is the best. There is no doubt. His Rap style and voice makes me Crazy. And also his lyrical poetry is amazing. There are so many definitions and meanings for each word that he says. I ensure you that he is the most biggest Persian rapper at all. Just Liston to some of his songs like ( Man, Lazeja O Joubia, Hasrat, Radepa and etc... Enjoy Persian Rap

One of Hussein Fans In IRAN ( Kurdistan )

Thanks for reading this comment

Eblis king of rap

Ho3ein is best Iranian rapper
Vocal, lyrics and style is wonderful
He have very special style in Persian rap all the time.

8 Shahin Najafi

You have to live in Iran to understand real differences of (Lyrics & music & voice)

between SHAHIN & all other government rappers!

SHAHIN is a kind of Ideology relevant to humanity...!?

You can not Imagine how much SHAHIN can pleasant for every Persian Language that had lived in Iran...!?

You can not Imagine how much SHAHIN understand me & my Oppressed people...!?

Absolutely SHAHIN is best voice of multifarious levels of Iranians all over the world!

Shahin najafi is a real singer that sings about social pains and etc...
He is not only a rapper... Some part of his work and singing is RAP...
We can not say that shahin is a rapper... He is different. But in the RAP is 1th too, this is my opinion.

What I most love about Shahin is ... I'm just kidding I can't choose, I love his feelings his voice his songs his lyrics his art all of it

Shahin, God of Persian rap. Voice of a voiceless nation. One and only who respect the word (Rap) and/that experienced the pain. Talented in Rock-Hip Hop-Blues. Rapper of all time.

9 Saman Wilson

He is the best. You know why he is in this place? Cause his 7 years absence. But his now back to get his place again. Number 1

He is good too. I love his gang voice.

He is the best

Wilson is a great man

10 Erfan

His work actually has the best quality among all Iranian rappers.
Besides, he was the one who released the first Iranian hip-hop album in international markets.
Comparing his music and beats to other rappers, he is a head and shoulder above them all!

He is Talented, Intelligent, stylish and Handsome, His poet is so beautiful, meaningful and touching, Never seen such a talented Persian rapper.

Erfan Is The Best Persian Rapper! Believe it or not, his poet is unique, he's talented and no one can deal with his talent and poem.

Erfan is the best, He is #1 and the first international Persian rapper.

The Contenders
11 Ali Sorena Ali Khoddami (born April 26, 1990), also professionally known as Ali Sorena, is a hip hop recording artist and record producer from Iran. Sorena in his stage name refers to Surena, leader of Parthian Empire in Battle of Carrhae. In about 2008, he started his work in underground Persian music and his more.

This is one the best Rapper in the all time.
His vocal and lyrics is so powerful.
Ali Sorena's flag is up in every time...

Belive me best rapper in the world even better than bahram or Eminem...

Very very good. Urban singer

He doesn't need the vote of some people who think tohi and tataloo are better than him... Ali sorena is THE BEST

12 Siavash Sijal

I love you sijal

God of sense coloring

His voice is magical

13 Alireza JJ Alireza Jazayeri, better known by his stage name Alireza JJ, is an Iranian rapper, producer, and film director.

He is probably the most controversial member of ZedBazi. He often takes shots at other artists and sometimes even his own fans. His flow is often slower than the other members, but he makes up for it by having controversial and politically-charged lyrics:"chejoori rafte on lahjeye aalie Amricayi/ too oon kaleye Khalie Ariayi? ", "Ellate davamemoon/ Mellate Javademoon". He also serves as a producer in the group alongside Mehrad Hidden.

His puns are so good, and he's the number 1 producer. He always has a new idea!

He is very good. I like him!

God of meaning in rap.

14 Fadaee

What? Fadaee is 17? I'm sleep or no?

Best rapper in the word

Nice lyrics nice style

The best rap talent

15 Shayea

He is really underrated I just can't believe some one like "alireza jj" is above him in this list...

Shayea is just amazing. his poets are masterly written by him which even some idiots can't write such good poets in yrs

A special talent for persian rap...

Best rapper in the iran
And young!

16 O-Two

He is like god in Persian rap

His genre is ALTERNATIVE rap/hiphop (the first person in this genre)

O-Two is looking to make an
Impact on rap culture in Iran.

Music producer & singer

17 Behzad Leito

He has lovely voice

Behzad leito is the best

One of the best

He's always the best

18 Sadegh

The best poet.
He is very talented.

Sadegh has the brightest mind, just close your eyes and travel with him...

Sadegh is really nice... Best lyrics (after Ho3ein's ), Best voice (after Ho3ein), Just awesome (after Ho3ein)

He's rapper form despair in the hope of... Very very good.
Sadegh? You're best rapper

19 Justina

I love your song

She is rap girl

20 A2 aka Amir Ali

I just love him

21 Quf

The Only Persian Rapper That Is Hood an Such a gangsters. Quf Doesn't Fear Iran government such the other artists.

I know quf since I was a child he's like a gangester and don't fear about anything.

22 Behzad Pax

King of diss love in Iranian because the text of behzad is very beautiful and powerful. And behzad, s voice very good
Behzad best rapper.

Behzad pax is king of diss love, I adore him because of his personality, nice voice and beautiful songs.

King of diss love

He is awful. His musics really sucks. Sorry but it really sucks. It is not his right to be the firts.

23 Amir Tataloo Amirhossein Maghsoudloo, born September 21, 1987 (age 33) more.

He's the best and I think he has many fans all over the world, not just in Iran. So it's his right to be the best one. His style and appearance also should be considered. I love hiim

Yes! He is best in the music and best in the world and he is king in the everything! He has a perfect voice and he my life, my love, my king and my star!

Hi is the best... More then best...

Tataloo is king of R.N. B

24 Amir Khalvat

Future of Persian rap

The best iranian rapper

The true street rapper

Feature of persian rap

25 Nassim

She has pleasure sound I think she comes from heaven!

My love heavenly voice...

You are zedbazi lady's

She has very good sound

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