Best Persian Rappers of All Time

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61 Yak Ballz
62 Bigrez

The best R&B singer in persian music market

63 Sabi
64 Ase Banafsh
65 Saeed NP V 1 Comment
66 Mehrdad Black M V 3 Comments
67 Santism V 1 Comment
68 Amir Zizi

I don't know him

69 Alireza Fj

He, s my life

He, s best just listen song

V 3 Comments
70 Omeo

Omeo is a beast. enough said. Listen to some of his tracks on youtube and hop on the bandwagon before his music blows up. Check out The Crash and Fame and enjoy from there. Beast.

71 Hesam Steps

He has best fans

God of diss for ever

One of oldest and best rappers
Best in fast style
Tchnical texts

King Of Diss In Iran :x

V 2 Comments
72 Far Hang V 2 Comments
73 Mohammad Arbadeh

He is just 17 years old

Best Flow, besT lyrics - mohammadmirzaarbadeh

74 Milad Ehya
75 Ali Afsa

The best persian rapper

He is one of my friends and lovely voice

Hip Hop is Dream

76 Amir Ghiyamat

Amir ghiyamat is the lord of diss love in iran. He have special fans. Her best song's is eshghe parzade and tarikhcheye rap.

V 2 Comments
77 Nima Nimoosh

He has a different style not old school, His voice is perfect.

The fastest rapper Persian

He is very good

I love his style

V 1 Comment
78 Ali Elenor V 3 Comments
79 eMziper

One of the best in Persian Rap!

The best Persian Rapper, He is awesome!

V 1 Comment
80 EpiCure

Best dubstep band and 105 word in 16 seconds

Best fast rap of all time for epicure band

Has the fast record of persian rap

Best dubsteps beat

V 5 Comments
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