Best Persian Rappers of All Time

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81 Mehdi Alpha
82 Ali Elenor V 3 Comments
83 eMziper

One of the best in Persian Rap!

The best Persian Rapper, He is awesome!

V 1 Comment
84 EpiCure

Best dubstep band and 105 word in 16 seconds

Best fast rap of all time for epicure band

Has the fast record of persian rap

Best dubsteps beat

V 5 Comments
85 Saman Ahriman
86 Yashar Seven
87 Kose Ame Yashar Rapfa
88 Soroush Moltafet
89 Sisar
90 Purya Sharlatan
91 C2zo aka Armin

One of the best sounds that I listened

92 BooMRanG V 2 Comments
93 Dayan V 4 Comments
94 Arman Epicure

He has a great voice

Dubstep producer

The best

95 Mc Saretan

The only Persian rapper that can sing in American perfectly.

Now days is so good

96 Lighters

He's the best rapper in the world

97 Shayan
98 Benyamin
99 Dissking

King of west side

100 HadiMatrix

A Persian Rapper Who is the Best in the West!

Best Lyrics! Great Beats!

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