Top Ten Best Personal Finance Sites

These are the best sites to learn how to manage your money and your personal finances.

The Top Ten

1 Bankrate

Bankrate started out by tracking interest rates and now has a wealth of articles on most finance topics. - WillieFalco

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2 Morningstar

Research stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and other investments with the site's free content. A subscription gets you access to premium content, including analysts' reports. - WillieFalco

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3 RateNerd

RateNerd finds the best CD rates, mortgage rates and bank deals every day. They send you daily deals from banks if you sign up. They also have a credit guide called "Your Credit Sucks" that's pretty good. - WillieFalco

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When 529 college savings plans were created, accountant Joe Hurley was an early evangelist. He explains how they work, the details of each plan and how to choose the right one for your family. - WillieFalco


This is the government-run clearinghouse to get your legally mandated free credit reports -- you get one per year each from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Accept no imitations. - WillieFalco

6 myFICO

If you're going to pay for a credit score (as opposed to a credit report, which you should never pay for), you might as well get a FICO, which is the scoring formula most lenders use. This is where you can buy FICOs for Equifax and TransUnion. (The third credit bureau, Experian, no longer sells FICO scores to consumers. ) The site also has a lot of great information about how your scores are figured, what interest rates your scores qualify you for and how to improve your scores. - WillieFalco

7 Yahoo FInance

Yahoo finance has it all. - WillieFalco

8 Wise Bread

A variety of voices enlivens Wise Bread, a site devoted to helping you "live large on a small budget. " In addition to personal finance and frugal living, Wise Bread provides commentary on careers and "life hacks. " - WillieFalco

9 MoneyFarm

Love the sound financial advice on this site. Every article is comprehensive and well-written, and the topics are diverse, including investing, coupons, real estate, small business, careers, etc.

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Easy to read with useful advice - balautos


Practical personal finance advice with a jobs site. - balautos

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