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4 4th? This is definitely the best Peter Gabriel's album, with songs like "The rhythm of the Heat" - amazing African drums at the end with words "The rhythm has my soul! ", "San Jancinto" - the song which makes you cry, "Shock the Monkey" - so catchy, that is in your head for hours..., "Wallflower" - full of hope and pain...
"So" is good album too, but too pop.

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Of course it's got to be So, amazing - keanelover

Me and my mom, love this album by Peter. There is so many so many great songs on "So". My favorites are:
1. Sledgehammer
2. Big Time
3. Red Rain

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Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) Product Image

1 Melt
2 Scratch
3 Security
4 So
5 Car
6 Us - Ninjaturtlesforpresident

Peter Gabriel 1 (Car) Peter Gabriel 1 (Car) Product Image
Scratch My Back Scratch My Back Product Image
New Blood New Blood Product Image
Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch) Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch) Product Image

Why is this so low? I absolutely love this as well as Car.

Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ Product Image

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