Best Peter Gabriel Songs


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1 Solsbury Hill

This is one of the greatest songs of all time! Should for sure be number 1!

Should defiantly be number 1 for his solo songs. - Acdcdanny

By far his best work

Solsbury Hill is the best song ever sang by Peter Gabriel.
Should be number 1 all the way!

2 Games Without Frontiers

Wildly creative, seemingly out of nowhere given that it sounds like no song he created prior. This is the song - and by extension the album - that he intuitively knew he had in him when he left Genesis and would not be able to birth while with Genesis. His first two solo albums were really exercises in shedding Genesis...

Way ahead of its time.

Peter Gabriel is a genius

The intro fits perfectly with the Globglogabgalab song.
But still a great song. - 445956

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3 In Your Eyes


4 Sledgehammer

The song that really changed his career

The best song of all time #1 in my book!

5 Lay Your Hands On Me
6 Don't Give Up

One of his very best, has to be top 3 for me

One of the song, that returns me to normal life, when everything falls on me and I can't go futher.

7 Sky Blue
8 Blood of Eden
9 Digging in the Dirt
10 San Jacinto

Underrated masterpiece, listening to it right now

The Contenders

11 Big Time
12 Shock the Monkey
13 Steam
14 Here Comes the Flood

By far one of the most under-rated songs of all time - original album version was good... but version from "Shaking the Tree: 16 Golden Greats", utterly brilliant. So simple, serene, yet also deep, powerful, just amazing.

15 Time of the Turning
16 Burn You Up, Burn You Down
17 Wallflower
18 Mercy Street
19 The Barry Williams Show
20 Red Rain
21 Biko
22 Signal to Noise
23 Secret World
24 Down to Earth
25 Family Snapshot

How is not already on here?!?! It's a terrific song!


26 The Book of Love
27 Moribund the Burgermeister
28 The Rhythm of the Heat
29 Kiss That Frog
30 I Don't Remember
31 My Body Is a Cage
32 On the Air
33 The Family and the Fishing Net
34 Growing Up

Great song, while the lyrics might be simple, the song is still worth a listen.

35 Darkness
36 While the Earth Sleeps

Does this qualify? If so, it should be on this list.

37 I Grieve
38 Kiss of Life

Great rhythm to this song. - MaxStickies

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