Best Petra Songs

Petra is a music group regarded as a pioneer of the Christian rock and contemporary Christian music genres. Formed in 1972, the band took its name from the Greek word for "rock."

What do you think are their best songs?

The Top Ten

1 Beyond Belief

Favorite Petra Song...Smooth Flowing.

2 You Are My Rock

I love the guitar and drums of this song, but particuarly the drums. The song has a complex and heavy drumbeat that really shows off Louie Weavers skills. - Cleor

3 Creed

Creed is my all-time favorite Petra song! Read the lyrics!

4 Judas Kiss

Hands down best Petra song. When this first came out it was Hard rock! The beginning of Rock/metal bands. The band walked me through many trials with their positive and uplifting lyrics.

5 No Doubt

The song helped me overcome a crisis of doubt in my life when my wife was alcohol dependent.

6 Prayer
7 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
8 Jekyll & Hyde
9 Lord, I Lift Your Name on High

Their take on this common chorus is so unique.. I absolutely love it.

10 Dance

The Contenders

11 It is Finished

This one is excellent! - LarkwingFlight

12 Just Reach Out
13 God Gave Rock and Roll to You
14 First Love
15 Ancient of Days
16 I Need to Hear from You
17 Grave Robber
18 More Than a Thousand Words
19 Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
20 We Need Jesus
21 We Hold Our Hearts Out to You
22 Hollow Eyes
23 Chameleon
24 Believer in Deed
25 Not of This World
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