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1 Ramin Karimloo

Ramin is totally the best! Well, maybe that's because I haven't seen Michael Crawford yet. Anyways, Ramin has that seductive touch, even with a hideous face, something that the Phantom SHOULD have. His voice is incredible as well, angelic, and a little demon-like scary when offended, like Phantom. His acting is also off the charts! He can shift from abusive to soft, from angelic to mean. He is totally BADASS. Plus, his voice fits the role perfectly, something that has a hypnotic quality that can actually bend the listener to his will- another noticeable characteristic of the Phantom. He is without a doubt the best so far. Scratch everything I've said- Ramin is Phantom. :))

I've only been able to watch Ramin Karimloo on DVD and you tube, but I have to agree that he is the best Phantom out there, toppling even Michael Crawford. Crawford gives a classical, stylized performance, while Ramin definitely delivers the emotion, which coupled with an amazing voice, really makes you believe he IS the Phantom. Perhaps too, I am speculating that Ramin's success is partly due to the fact that he is the only performer compared to the others who has aspired to be the Phantom since childhood. I read that he skipped school and saw the Phantom at age 12, and life changed ever since. Gerard Butler delivers a brave, anguished performance, however his voice simply pales in comparison to Ramin.

He adds an intensity to the role that I've never seen before. He doesn't just act the part, he is the part. His voice is unique and engaging. His acting is brilliant and captivating. He emotionally engaged me in the performance like I've never been. His choice of movement and expressions just added so much to the character, I was completely intrigued. His dark side was thrilling and in such contrast to his tortured broken soul at points where he realizes he has lost Christine. The notes he sings, the way he sings them and the agony expressed in the acting. I almost can't bear to watch he makes you feel it with him.

Best of the best

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2 Michael Crawford

My mom told me that when I was about two years old, she would put on the disc of The Phantom of the Opera with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. She would also tell me the story while we were listening. And I used to cry because I felt so sorry for the phantom. To this day, I still think that Michael Crawford has that haunting and melodious voice that brings the character life. He is the original phantom and the one I thank for getting me interested in musical theater and Broadway.

Crawford brings a certain something to the Phantom that others, not even Ramin, can bring to the role. His voice has a ghostly quality to it and what he did with his hands is just incredible. I'm sorry but Ramin doesn't do that. His Music of the Night video is just so emotional and seductive, not only in the voice but in the acting. His performance has the perfect blend of being faithful to the original story but also being original in it's own way. THE Phantom now and always.

MC is THE PHANTOM. Ramin has nothing to compare. Michael has a warm tenderness and a cold sadness in his voice that suited the phantom. Michael literally sounds like a ghost where as Ramin sounds like a broadway singer. There's something about Michael's voice that suites the character so well. The character the phantom is supposed to be a sad mysterious lonely man, and Michael has the exact characteristics in his voice when he sings.

I couldn't choose between Ramin and Michael, but Michael's "Christine I loved you" and the way he sang it broke my heart

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3 Geronimo Rauch

Geronimo was the first Phantom that I saw in London. He was absolutely brilliant! Being Argentinian, I wondered how his pronunciations would be, but his singing and acting was absolutely breathtaking! Other than Michael Crawford, Ramin Karimloo, and John Owen Jones, I would definitely say that Geronimo sings one of the best versions of the title track that I've ever heard. His accent definitely added a uniqueness to the songs. A very powerful voice, and it's a shame that he's only played the role for just over a year. I hope he makes a return to the role one day. - imbo1993

His voice casts a spell on me each time I hear him sing!

I have seen Geronimo 3 times as Phantom. Absolutely captivating. Also seen Ramin who is amazing. To me there are certain similarities with how they play the role. A tough call between the 2 for me. Leave the theatre on a cloud after watching Geronimo! Do hope he can find the time to return to the role. Spoke to him after the show and lovely.

Incredible voice and acting! never immagine a version like this

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4 John Owen Jones

I saw John Owen Jones play the Phantom this Thursday just gone. I can't tell you how amazing he is, but then again, Phantom fans will already know how amazing he is. If you haven't seen him live on stage, then you must! I feel so privileged to have seen John play the Phantom on stage, especially considering that it was part of only a three month run, and also considering of how much of a Phantom legend that he is! He puts so much effort into his performance and his singing is just amazing. He has a lot of power in his voice as well as some very soothing tones. You haven't heard 'The Music of the Night' until you've heard John sing it! - imbo1993

One of the most beautiful voices to ever play the Phantom - no one can compare to him in theatricality.

Brilliant. Such an expressive voice.


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5 Colm Wilkinson

To me, not only is he able to blow away this role with his amazing voice, he best portrays the tortured character that is the phantom as well. His portrayal so precisely captures the essence of whom the phantom is - his weaknesses and his power. Colm is best able to evoke emotion from his audience by not only singing and acting the part but becoming the part. I remember watching him as phantom in the Canadian show and I got goosebumps!

I was fortunate to see the Phantom in Toronto with Colm Wilkinson as the Phantom, but it has also a curse as well. There is no other that I have seen than even compares to Colm Wilkinson. He not only has an incredible voice, but you could feel the pain in his character, portraying the torn soul that was the Phantom. I am happy to see that the Cameron Macintosh Phantom is being performed in Boston, but Cooper Grodin is no Colm Wilkinson. Everything else will continue to pale in comparison.

The original and the best, saw him many times in Toronto. His performance as the Phantom inspired Ramin Karimloo as a child back when Toronto School kids were taken to see the Phantom on a regular basis.

Wilkinson's voice is always remarkable!

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6 Hugh Panaro

There is something amazingly creepy and seductive, even pure, about Hugh Panaro's voice... and I think it's an absolutely wonderful combination! He is truly a lovable yet frightening Phantom (one of the few actually scary ones), not to mention colorful with the bits of wit and humor he throws in. It's just so FRESH. He acts with subtle little details that makes his rendition of the character so real and breathtaking, as can be witnessed with every precise, significant, and elegant action and movement. I guess Mr. Hugh Panaro wouldn't be among someone's favorites if they couldn't appreciate how amazingly he can seemingly channel the Joker into his Phantom while still making him this pitiful, sad and lonely creature; it really is a wonder, and quite a legend!

Hugh is FAR superior to any other Phantom to have ever played the role; speaking strictly from a musical/vocal performance stance. As an actor, he is right up there with Michael and JOJ. Overall, Hugh still takes my #1 - spot, then JOJ (again because of his superior vocals) and then finally #3 - Michael. On a side-nite, Hugh is such a BEAUTIFUL SOUL!

He's the first and only Phantom that I've seen on Broadway, ans his voice is just fantastic. He nearly brought me to tears when he sang The Music of the Night. I think that he's so much better than Ramin Karimloo, Michael Crawford, and Colm Wilkonson. He also portrays the Phantom with perfect wit and sarcasm.

Absolutely brilliant. Raised the hairs on my neck when I saw him in New York. Ramin Karimloo is a very close second followed by Mchael Crawford.

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7 Anthony Warlow

There are times in life when no words do a person justice. This is one such time. I've had the privilege of seeing Anthony Warlow portray the Phantom in 1990, then again in 2007 and finally in Adelaide where Warlow donned the mask for the final time on 23 May 2009. Never cried so much at a show in all my life. Perfection

Sublime. His portrayal absorbs you into the performance with power and strength along with softness and emotion. The word brilliant isn't strong enough.

Very seriously underrated as the Phantom. Compares well side-by-side, as at the anniversary performance.

I have heard others but know one else comes close to Anthony Warlow

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8 Norm Lewis

His romantic Phantom is so realistic. His Final Lair always makes me cry, especially when he repeats "I love you." Unfortunately the producers said his Phantom needed to be more childish, even though Norm wanted a more serious Phantom. The only flaws in his Phantom are the producer's fault. He is the Phantom for me.

His exceptional baritone voice gives the character an even more vivid depth

Loved Norm as the phantom

Norm is an incredible baritone singer which I think is meant for the Phantom. His chemistry with Sierra Boggess may be overlooked because of Ramin but nevertheless it was just as compelling.

His rendition of Music of the Night is a huge inspiration to me and I must prefer him as the Phantom than I did as Javert (he was ok but not one of my favourites... he was average).

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9 Peter Jöback

Peter makes some great acting choices which makes him a very moving phantom. His voice may not be as strong as some other's, but it's unusually beautiful and magical. He's also very musical, expressing the sensuality of this music instead of belting out the notes.

So magical to listen to live. So much emotion and beauty in his voice. You can hear the pain and longing.

His voice reminds me a bit of Crawford. It's kind of odd but there's something in it I like.

Seen him as Phantome twice and He has an amazing voice and does a wounderous performance. It can't get any better.

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10 Robert Guillaume

Hands Down-Rest in Peace my Phantom...Robert Guillaume

My husband and I have seen the Phantom of the Opera 3 times at the Ahmason Theater in Los Angeles. The first time Davis Gaines played the lead and was very good. Then we wanted to hear Michael Crawford because we had heard that he was wonderful...much to our dismay when we arrived at the theater Mr. Crawford was ill and was replaced by Robert Guillaume ((Benson? Can Benson even sing? I just knew that we were going to be disappointed! )) WELL, let me tell you Benson CAN Sing...imagine how excited we were when Mr. Guillaume started to sing his first song! His voice sent chills down my spine...he was Fantastic! About a year later we did go to see Michael Crawford as the Phantom and yes he is Wonderful, but Mr Robert Guillaume will always be the voice of the Phantom to my husband and I. Signed, Nancy Hubbard from Anaheim, CA.

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11 John Cudia

He was my first Raoul and second phantom. So awesome. God bless john

Incredible portrayal of the final lair scene. John is a top 5 for me

12 Gerard Butler Gerard Butler

Yes, the others aren't that bad and tenor is the idea romantic voice but... I imagine the phantom being dark and mysterious. Gerard sang as a baritone and portrayed my idea of the phantom 99.9% clearly! If only he had more experience with singing I think the rest would agree. His voice and acting made me feel the emotions his character had felt. I think he did an outstanding job for someone who wasn't as skilled at singing as the rest!

I prefer the stage production to the film and think that overall, Ramin Karimloo is the better Phantom but I really love Gerard's slightly tuneless but gritty, rock vocals. It's these vocals which make the Phantom more believable. I like that it's not as "polished" as the stage production. - Britgirl

Gerard Butler may not be the best singer, but he has incredible acting skills and a demeanor that compensate for all his vocal flaws. Despite all the flaws, I find his voice incredible and powerful and very emotional as well as expressive. There is a reason that Lloyd Webber chose him himself.

Exquisite voice and intense and passionate portrayal.

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13 Brent Barrett
14 Earl Carpenter

Guys, you are putting everyone else first mainly for their voice. Earl really gets into the essence of the character. He is so gently with every Christine he plays, it is beautiful.

He is a great actor, he is so passionate when he sings. You can feel the emotion of the Phantom through Earl Carpenter's voice. He's just so alluring.

I agree. He struggles a bit more with the high notes but there's such passion in his performance. I would say that JOJ, Ramin and Earl are the most convincing phantoms I've seen.

15 Anthony Crivello
16 James Barbour

I can't even begin to express how phenomenal his performance was. I think my jaw actually dropped upon hearing his, "Insolent boy! " His deep baritone voice drew me in immediately, full, dark and mysterious like I believe the Phantom should be. He also used his whole entire body to act, gesturing with his hands and walking at certain paces that enriched the experience just a little more than I've seen it in the past. He's definitely my favorite portrayal of the Phantom to date.

His voice is absolutely amazing with so much emotion! He had the smoothest voice and he was absolutely amazing! His voice was great! He was mysterious but also handsome at the same time. It was so amazing!

I was completely entranced by the way he carried himself - especially his hands! It's as though he was acting through them exclusively at times.

Beautiful voice! Perfect for the part!

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17 Peter Karrie

Peter Karrie is, without question, the best Phantom ever.

The best ever!

Wow! Just wow!

18 Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis is amazing! I'm not saying he's the best but he is at least number 3! Have any of you seen him in Love Never Dies! He has an amazing voice and just like Ramin, he can be strong and sexy and times, but also weak when the phantom should be weak.

I love Ben Lewis' take of the phantom. Being a baritone added so much emotion. I'm not saying he's the best because in my opinion Ramin Karimloo is better. But Ben is definitely one of my favorites

Absolutely hottest and edgiest phantom! He is really talented and his voice is crystal clear, whilst sexy and dangerous at the same time. Better than Ramin Karimloo!

He's the best.

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19 Gary Mauer

The most underrated phantom. His clarity is stunning and his highest notes seem effortless. I get chills every time.

20 Davis Gaines

Davis Gaines if by far my favorite phantom. His voice is perfect for the roll and is stunning. Wish I could have been there to see it/

I saw Gaines in L.A. in 94. He held up th the Phantom standards. I was raised on Crawford a few years earlier, he still rules. Whoever played Christine also kept the show alive but she was weaker than Sarah and too shrill and forced.

Saw Davis Gaines at the Ahmason in LA and again in New York. He is the ONE who all others are measured. BRAVO, Mr Gaines!

Davis will always be my #1 Phantom! All others pale in comparison! His voice was made for this role...a true Angel of Music. I was only in junior high when Phantom was at the Ahmanson in LA, but I was somehow able to get my parents to let me see it about 6 or 7 times, and I’m so grateful to them for that! Davis’ voice is life changing! That’s why I’m still raving about him over 25 years later.

21 Ben Crawford
22 Lon Chaney

Why is he not in the top 3, the very first phantom ever, all the way back to 1925.

If it wasn't for him there would be no Phantom.

23 Franc D'Ambrosio

I have seen three of the top ten listed Phantoms here and in my view Franco ties at #1 with Ramin. They are very similar, with their strong, clear low notes and smooth tone. Franco made his long run in the role of Phamtom in San Francisco during the 1990s. Sensational voice and his acting talent added the physical emotion to the role that I found unmatched. - Liebling

24 Chris Mann

Chris Mann is to us the most authentic, moving and exquisite of voices and stage presence---undeniably our favorite Phantom!

The most beautiful voice of all the Phantoms.

25 Simon Bowman

His rich, powerful voice both makes you feel like he has control over Christine whilst wanting to take care of her and admiring her completely. He's an extremely underrated performer with so much soul and passion

He's got an amazing voice. He can sing those powerful notes and the gentle floating ones perfectly. Extremely underrated. I only wish there were more videos/ tracks available of him as the phantom. I'd listen to him all day!

26 Steve Barton

This man was the best at every role he ever tackled - and Phantom is no exception. Sure, everybody will think of him as Raoul because he was the first to do that role in the ALW version, but screw that stuff. His deep, emotional, tortured baritone belting is exactly what the doctor ordered - even though no doctor can help those who has heart attacks from that chandelier, ha!

Anyway, Steve is the biggest talent in the history of musical theater. And that goes for his performance as the Phantom, too.

27 Cooper Grodin

Cooper Grodin's Phantom is not only sexy, but tortured as he sings and acts out his love for Christine whom he needs for his music. Cooper's voice in "Music of the Night", and duets with Christine on "Point of Return", and "Angel of Music", knocked me out of my seat! He plays Phantom with a feeling and depth that reach right into your heart so you find yourself rooting for him to get the girl. His performance is that heart rendering and touching.

I just saw Cooper Grodin in Boston on Opening Night, and his voice truly took my breath away. There is this velvety nuance in his voice that strikes a chord with me. I have scoured the other recorded versions of this musical, and as wonderful as the other Phantoms have been, I truly prefer Grodin's voice over the rest.

Phantom for the West End Production. Saw him in Chicago. Cooper is marvelous! Especially impressed since he stepped in after the original Phantom left the production. I fell in love with his voice right after "Music of the Night." Truly portrays the "Angel of Music" perfectly.

One of the best Phantoms I have seen! And I've seen this play 14 times. So touching and yet so forceful. Touched my heart throughout his performance! His voice and his range were beautiful! Brought me to tears!

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28 Henk Poort

He's the Dutch Phantom, and a brilliant one! He should have been singing and playing his Phantom in West End or braodway and he would have soared! Epic voice, mesmerizing singing!

Too bad that he didn't performe on westend. He certainly would have been one of the very best! I've seen him perform several times. He got better and better after each performance

29 Rob Guest
30 Travis Taylor

I just saw phantom last night at tpac for my birthday, and this guy was the phantom. He was amazing!

31 Matt Camelle

He's the best less known performer. He masters every sound from soft whisper to thundering.

32 Derrick Davis

His phantom blew me away! His range was incredible and his final lair was powerful. I felt he captured the emotions of Ramin Karimloo's phantom as well as the psychotic element of Hugh Panaro's while adding his own pain and violence to it. It was an amazing performance.

33 Scott Davies

I just saw him as the Phantom and wow I was amazed. He is absolutely wonderful, his voice was stunning and his acting even better! Met him at the stage door and he was so nice and signed everyone's tickets! He told me that I was the "new generation" after I told him that this was my first time seeing the show!

34 Robert Englund Robert Englund
35 Kevin Gray

Kevin was such a captivating phantom, it was easy to see that he immersed himself both mentally and physically into his role as phantom.

36 Ben Forster

This performance is very underrated and I think he is one of the best. His voice may not be to everyone's taste but I thought he did an amazing job and he did get better as his tenure went on.

He looked really good too despite the artists over-doing the make-up. But I love how he filled that costume and his immediate Michael Crawford-esque presence. He has even said in live videos that Crawford was his main insperation and even went out of way to read Gaston Leroux's original novel. Now that is method acting!

Point is, I love this man. He is incredibly talented and I would love to see him play this part again. He's also said that he's interested in playing Jean Valjean as well. That I would love to see!

37 David Shannon

Even though he was only an understudy to either Ramin or JOJ, I think he pulled off the Phantom really well with his sometimes menacing voice. His performance in Final Lair is unbelievable, he also had great chemistry with Gina Beck as well who is one of my favourite Christines.

38 Charles Dance

Definitely my favorite of all time. He brought a sense of human-ness to the role. He's not trying to manipulate Christine, nor is he abusing her (as much, if we count locking someone in a room as abuse). He didn't even know Christine until she was at the opera house. So we get to see him before that. He's also probably the least violent phantom.

39 Claude Rains Claude Rains William Claude Rains (10 November 1889 – 30 May 1967) was an English film and stage actor whose career spanned 46 years. After his American film debut with The Invisible Man (1933) he played in classic films like The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), The Wolf Man more.

His phantom was tragic character and father figure of christine even name after him

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