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Ramin Karimloo

Let me just say something. RAMIN KARIMLOO IS THE BEST PHANTOM EVER. His acting, so full of emotion, he IS the Phantom, the way he just. . .I really have no words for how great Ramin is as Phantom! His singing is INCREDIBLE! So full and emotional. I literally listen to him singing EVERYDAY. His voice just lifts my spirits in a way no one can. I also love Ramin just like himself. He's sweet, funny, handsome. I just love him. Also, I really don't know how people think Gerald Butler is better than Ramin. Sure, Gerald is handsome and everything, but when he played Phantom, his character was very flat. Barely any emotion. And his singing wasn't too great either. Phantom is all about vibrato. Gerald had almost none. Ramin had JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT. Hopefully I've persuaded you to love Ramin as much as I do.

He was my first phantom, and he'll always be my one true phantom. He sold the role perfectly. I was captivated by his performance, and he cause mine as well as my sister's love of Phantom of the Opera. I was completely captivated watching him perform.

Ramin is totally the best! Well, maybe that's because I haven't seen Michael Crawford yet. Anyways, Ramin has that seductive touch, even with a hideous face, something that the Phantom SHOULD have. His voice is incredible as well, angelic, and a little demon-like scary when offended, like Phantom. His acting is also off the charts! He can shift from abusive to soft, from angelic to mean. He is totally BADASS. Plus, his voice fits the role perfectly, something that has a hypnotic quality that can actually bend the listener to his will- another noticeable characteristic of the Phantom. He is without a doubt the best so far. Scratch everything I've said- Ramin is Phantom. :))

Ramin is the phantom. I would also love to see him take over the lead in Les Miserables. He has won powerful voices.

Michael Crawford

Crawford, it's not even close. No one captured the crippling loneliness, the burning desire, the heart aching love the Phantom had like he did. No one has ever replicated that haunting, soaring angelic voice, that absolutely maniacal laugh, no one walked with his elegance and sensuality, no one was ever to express carnal need with so much sensuality and grace with just his 2 hands. Crawford's absolute love for the character he helped birth (just listen to him talk about him in interviews, it will make you cry) shines through the Phantom like a diamond.That's why it will never ever be replicated.

He's just the original, so great. No one will ever be quite like him.

An inspiration and truly the best phantom of them all.. The way he conveys emotion through music is magical.. He makes the audience understand the complex character that is the phantom and brought me to tears every time..

My first Phantom and the benchmark I rate all other Phantoms against. Pure class and sheer characterisation.

John Owen Jones

I saw John Owen Jones play the Phantom this Thursday just gone. I can't tell you how amazing he is, but then again, Phantom fans will already know how amazing he is. If you haven't seen him live on stage, then you must! I feel so privileged to have seen John play the Phantom on stage, especially considering that it was part of only a three month run, and also considering of how much of a Phantom legend that he is! He puts so much effort into his performance and his singing is just amazing. He has a lot of power in his voice as well as some very soothing tones. You haven't heard 'The Music of the Night' until you've heard John sing it!

I agree with this he is my favourite person in the world and I think he has such a remarkable tone of his vocal range if I had a best friend it would be him because of his amazing talents in these shows he has been in lots of musicals and now I'am having singing lessons and I have the same tone as him as he is my ideal performer and can't wait to hear his melancholy harmonies when I see him in next years cruise stages 2020 I have never sung with him if I get a chance john you are my kind special best friend in the world and just bought your cds I can't stop playing them as I 'am learning to sing them in my drama sessions and also my singing lessons as well thinking of you, wow what a achievement for you you make me cry with your amazing singing as I always loved hearing such a incredible voice you really have.

you're mine! forever
just to let you know I'am going to perform bring him home for my centres talent show for next year which I have chosen to do at the life skills ...more

One of the most beautiful voices to ever play the Phantom - no one can compare to him in theatricality.

Brilliant. Such an expressive voice.

Colm Wilkinson

My parents saw him live in Toronto when they were kids. His performance was part of the reason Phantom of the Opera had such a lasting affect on my Mom. When we saw phantom at the Royal Albert Hall, during the grand finale, she was able to recognize his voice, and she lit up when he started singing

His voice fills the auditorium. Deep and powerful, all other voices shrink in it's presence.

To me, not only is he able to blow away this role with his amazing voice, he best portrays the tortured character that is the phantom as well. His portrayal so precisely captures the essence of whom the phantom is - his weaknesses and his power. Colm is best able to evoke emotion from his audience by not only singing and acting the part but becoming the part. I remember watching him as phantom in the Canadian show and I got goosebumps!

I was fortunate to see the Phantom in Toronto with Colm Wilkinson as the Phantom, but it has also a curse as well. There is no other that I have seen than even compares to Colm Wilkinson. He not only has an incredible voice, but you could feel the pain in his character, portraying the torn soul that was the Phantom. I am happy to see that the Cameron Macintosh Phantom is being performed in Boston, but Cooper Grodin is no Colm Wilkinson. Everything else will continue to pale in comparison.

Geronimo Rauch

Geronimo was the first Phantom that I saw in London. He was absolutely brilliant! Being Argentinian, I wondered how his pronunciations would be, but his singing and acting was absolutely breathtaking! Other than Michael Crawford, Ramin Karimloo, and John Owen Jones, I would definitely say that Geronimo sings one of the best versions of the title track that I've ever heard. His accent definitely added a uniqueness to the songs. A very powerful voice, and it's a shame that he's only played the role for just over a year. I hope he makes a return to the role one day.

His voice casts a spell on me each time I hear him sing!

I have seen Geronimo 3 times as Phantom. Absolutely captivating. Also seen Ramin who is amazing. To me there are certain similarities with how they play the role. A tough call between the 2 for me. Leave the theatre on a cloud after watching Geronimo! Do hope he can find the time to return to the role. Spoke to him after the show and lovely.

For sure Gero is "The" most expressive phantom in all times. He is talented in telling you a story for your dreams. You'll get emotionally breakdown listening his voice among his acting. He has that perfect gesture for every word. He is powerful up on stage and let you have a magic and special moment.

Hugh Panaro

There is something amazingly creepy and seductive, even pure, about Hugh Panaro's voice... and I think it's an absolutely wonderful combination! He is truly a lovable yet frightening Phantom (one of the few actually scary ones), not to mention colorful with the bits of wit and humor he throws in. It's just so FRESH. He acts with subtle little details that makes his rendition of the character so real and breathtaking, as can be witnessed with every precise, significant, and elegant action and movement. I guess Mr. Hugh Panaro wouldn't be among someone's favorites if they couldn't appreciate how amazingly he can seemingly channel the Joker into his Phantom while still making him this pitiful, sad and lonely creature; it really is a wonder, and quite a legend!

Hugh is FAR superior to any other Phantom to have ever played the role; speaking strictly from a musical/vocal performance stance. As an actor, he is right up there with Michael and JOJ. Overall, Hugh still takes my #1 - spot, then JOJ (again because of his superior vocals) and then finally #3 - Michael. On a side-nite, Hugh is such a BEAUTIFUL SOUL!

He's the first and only Phantom that I've seen on Broadway, ans his voice is just fantastic. He nearly brought me to tears when he sang The Music of the Night. I think that he's so much better than Ramin Karimloo, Michael Crawford, and Colm Wilkonson. He also portrays the Phantom with perfect wit and sarcasm.

Hugh Panaro was the second Phantom I saw live ( besides listening to Crawford on CD) but the first to make me care, to understand the depth of Phantom's "love" for Christine. His powerful and controlled singing perfectly conveys the creepiness, the tenderness of his feelings, making us repelled yet sympathetic to his need for Christine's affection. Hugh is No1 followed by Rahim, JoJ, and I'm very excited about James Barbour's baritone Phantom!

Anthony Warlow

There are times in life when no words do a person justice. This is one such time. I've had the privilege of seeing Anthony Warlow portray the Phantom in 1990, then again in 2007 and finally in Adelaide where Warlow donned the mask for the final time on 23 May 2009. Never cried so much at a show in all my life. Perfection

Sublime. His portrayal absorbs you into the performance with power and strength along with softness and emotion. The word brilliant isn't strong enough.

Very seriously underrated as the Phantom. Compares well side-by-side, as at the anniversary performance.

I have heard others but know one else comes close to Anthony Warlow

Norm Lewis

An incredible majestic voice l vote for him saw the show twice by two different artists

His romantic Phantom is so realistic. His Final Lair always makes me cry, especially when he repeats "I love you." Unfortunately the producers said his Phantom needed to be more childish, even though Norm wanted a more serious Phantom. The only flaws in his Phantom are the producer's fault. He is the Phantom for me.

My vote goes to Norm Lewis because of his majestic full voice (unlike Michael Crawford's quacking), I mean an ultimate version of Music of The Night is the one from Alfie Boe, but Alfie never actually played Phantom. John Owen Jones is the best Valjean in the known universe, yet he does not have The voice. I think The Phantom should not have a quacky high voice, but a wide, dense, and surrounding one, and this cathegory Mr. Lewis fits perfectly.

His exceptional baritone voice gives the character an even more vivid depth

Peter Jöback

Peter is outstanding in every, single, way. His performing is moving, mesmerizing, magical. The way he looks at the the character is truly inspiring. He knows what he's doing. He's the best.

His voice is a lot brighter than the other's who have played the Phantom before, but he adds an element to the Phantom which hasn't been seen before. As he put it "I want to play the abused child, instead of the monster", which is an interesting take. He clearly can sing, and the difference is voice, from the other "darker" voices, is an excellent choice I think. Very good!

Stunning and unforgettable, extremely underrated! A very moving phantom, outstanding overall performance.

Peter makes some great acting choices which makes him a very moving phantom. His voice may not be as strong as some other's, but it's unusually beautiful and magical. He's also very musical, expressing the sensuality of this music instead of belting out the notes.

Gerard Butler

In an interview, Andrew Lloyd Weber personally chose and trained Gerad Butler for the phantom. The movie requires close ups and the acting must be compelling and not overly done as compared to the stage where the actors are far from the audience and emotions must be "big". Gerard's acting and characterization are what Andrew wanted to achieve in the movie. He wants the raw emotions, and not the perfection of notes, though Gerard did well considering he is not a trained professional singer. Bringing theatre actors to the movie screen sometimes requires a lot of unlearning because they have been trained to overemphasize gestures, movement, emotions even voice modulations because we cannot see facial expressions much from afar.

He was just beautiful as the phantom. Of course the movie phantom requires different acting than the stage phantom, and Gerard Butler nailed the role.

Yes I agree he is by far the most handsome phantom and I could live with his scars!

By far the best. When Christine pulls his mask off in the final act, every woman I know said I could live with that. While this scene doesn't happen on stage even if it did few if any phantoms could pull it off. Yes I know the stage makeup has a lot to do with that too.

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Robert Guillaume

Robert Guillaume! He brought me to tears with his rendition.

Hands Down-Rest in Peace my Phantom...Robert Guillaume

My husband and I have seen the Phantom of the Opera 3 times at the Ahmason Theater in Los Angeles. The first time Davis Gaines played the lead and was very good. Then we wanted to hear Michael Crawford because we had heard that he was wonderful...much to our dismay when we arrived at the theater Mr. Crawford was ill and was replaced by Robert Guillaume ((Benson? Can Benson even sing? I just knew that we were going to be disappointed! )) WELL, let me tell you Benson CAN Sing...imagine how excited we were when Mr. Guillaume started to sing his first song! His voice sent chills down my spine...he was Fantastic! About a year later we did go to see Michael Crawford as the Phantom and yes he is Wonderful, but Mr Robert Guillaume will always be the voice of the Phantom to my husband and I. Signed, Nancy Hubbard from Anaheim, CA.

John Cudia

He was my first Raoul and second phantom. So awesome. God bless john

Incredible portrayal of the final lair scene. John is a top 5 for me

He was my first phantom from when I was in middle school. To me, it’s a testament of his impact and talent that over ten years later I’m going back his videos to hear his performances.

Brent Barrett
Anthony Crivello
Earl Carpenter

Guys, you are putting everyone else first mainly for their voice. Earl really gets into the essence of the character. He is so gently with every Christine he plays, it is beautiful.

He is a great actor, he is so passionate when he sings. You can feel the emotion of the Phantom through Earl Carpenter's voice. He's just so alluring.

I agree. He struggles a bit more with the high notes but there's such passion in his performance. I would say that JOJ, Ramin and Earl are the most convincing phantoms I've seen.

Ben Lewis

Everyone who's still stuck in 2012 and comparing Ben Lewis with Ramin Karimloo for LND, wake up! Ben was the principal Phantom in London from 2017-18, and he is incredible! I really appreciate the full, dark, rich quality of Ben's voice. Look, this man has perfect pitch, can belt the high notes with zero stress (and make MOTN seem like it's transposed down when it's really not), and his voice fills the theatre. I find Ben to match Leroux's description of Erik's voice the best, as Erik is described to sound like "the God of Thunder". Similarly, Ben's acting as Erik is pretty original and spot on; he has an absolutely horrifying laugh, he throws violent tantrums like a child that is emotionally undeveloped (which the Phantom is), and his tears and sadness are absolutely heart-wrenching. He actually cries for real. I don't know how this man summoned the passion that he does for a role he played 9 times a week, but I love him all the more for it. Also, his "All I Ask of ...more

Ben is vocally, emotionally, and physically one of the best phantoms ever.

Ben Lewis is amazing! I'm not saying he's the best but he is at least number 3! Have any of you seen him in Love Never Dies! He has an amazing voice and just like Ramin, he can be strong and sexy and times, but also weak when the phantom should be weak.

I love Ben Lewis' take of the phantom. Being a baritone added so much emotion. I'm not saying he's the best because in my opinion Ramin Karimloo is better. But Ben is definitely one of my favorites

James Barbour

I can't even begin to express how phenomenal his performance was. I think my jaw actually dropped upon hearing his, "Insolent boy! " His deep baritone voice drew me in immediately, full, dark and mysterious like I believe the Phantom should be. He also used his whole entire body to act, gesturing with his hands and walking at certain paces that enriched the experience just a little more than I've seen it in the past. He's definitely my favorite portrayal of the Phantom to date.

His voice is absolutely amazing with so much emotion! He had the smoothest voice and he was absolutely amazing! His voice was great! He was mysterious but also handsome at the same time. It was so amazing!

I was completely entranced by the way he carried himself - especially his hands! It's as though he was acting through them exclusively at times.

His voice is amazing! I think a dark colored baritone suits the phantom better than a tenor now. There's so much emotion in his voice and his acting is phenomenal. I saw him with Ali Ewoldt and Jordan Donica and they make a great team. What I also really like was that even though his voice was commanding and powerful, I could still hear Ali or Jordan very well if they were singing together.

Peter Karrie

The best phantom without a doubt! The only one who brings the phantom to life! Amazing!

Peter Karrie is, without question, the best Phantom ever.

The best ever!

Wow! Just wow!

Gary Mauer

Absolutely spellbinding. I was captivated by him, especially when he sang Music of the Night. He had such a fabulous stage presence.

The most underrated phantom. His clarity is stunning and his highest notes seem effortless. I get chills every time.

Loved Gary Maurer as the Phantom. There is no one better‼️

Jonathan Roxmouth

He is currently on The Phantom Of The Opera World Tour. He is my first Phantom and I saw him when they toured in the Philippines. I loved his portrayal of the character. I sobbed so much during his performance in the final lair scene. His voice is as magical as the much more famous Phantoms. He is for me underrated, and I believe he deserves to be recognized in the musical industry on Broadway and on West End.

I love his deep voice and his charisma as the phantom. He portrays the emotions and spirit of the phantom very well. Beautiful voice and commanding presence

He should be top

Watched it in Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore. He was really charming and emotional, simply amazing! His voice, expressions, gestures and emotions draws you in and connect to the Phantom. I cried in the final scene, empathizing with the Phantom’s anguish and sadness. To me, he’s the perfect Phantom. Hopefully, more people would watch him and feel the same way as I do!

Ben Crawford

I saw Ben Crawford in NYC! He sounded just like Ramin Karimloo

I like his face.

Best phantom we have ever seen. Tremendous voice and acting.

He did really good. He had a nice baritone voice, it wasn’t unbelievably deep, but it also wasn’t too high. He also added new life to the role.

Henk Poort

Henk is amazing even now.
I can't wait to see him perform with Nightwish.

Henk is my no1 Phantom, even years later he still kills the song with Floor.

He's the Dutch Phantom, and a brilliant one! He should have been singing and playing his Phantom in West End or braodway and he would have soared! Epic voice, mesmerizing singing!

Wonderful voice!

Davis Gaines

I think Gaines was the best Phantom! I can still hear his voice when I hear others perform. With that said, there are others who do a great with a great role!

Davis Gaines if by far my favorite phantom. His voice is perfect for the roll and is stunning. Wish I could have been there to see it/

I saw Gaines in L.A. in 94. He held up th the Phantom standards. I was raised on Crawford a few years earlier, he still rules. Whoever played Christine also kept the show alive but she was weaker than Sarah and too shrill and forced.

Saw Davis Gaines at the Ahmason in LA and again in New York. He is the ONE who all others are measured. BRAVO, Mr Gaines!

Derrick Davis

He was spectacular. It was the perfect Phantom voice- beautiful and hauntingly melodic- so much better than Davis Gaines!

Derrick was spectacular as the phantom. He laid his heart on the stage. Such incredible acting and that voice, haunting!

His phantom blew me away! His range was incredible and his final lair was powerful. I felt he captured the emotions of Ramin Karimloo's phantom as well as the psychotic element of Hugh Panaro's while adding his own pain and violence to it. It was an amazing performance.

This is the first time my daughter and I saw Phantom of the Opera. It was in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater. We were completely taken by Derrick Davis’s performance. The entire cast was amazing in how they were able to convey emotion through all of the larger-than-life songs. You really felt the things that the characters felt.

Derrick Davis was perhaps the most poignant of all. You could feel all of the emotions roiling in him and his presence on stage was both forbiddingly fearsome and humanly relatable, even when he was in the worst of his impulses.

But the singing... I’ve heard some of the other actors perform on the internet. Most of them seem to be tenors. Davis has a deeper and more resonant voice—smoother and the tremolos weren’t overly dramatic or forced. And it really conveys the spirit of the Phantom. He also does a rendition of a phantom song on YouTube but it doesn’t do his singing justice. When he’s singing on stage you feel so many things ...more

David Thaxton

I saw him in london months ago and he was amazing. So powerful voice.

He was the first phantom I saw in london and he is the best I every

He is one of the best Ever. So beutiful and powerful voice.and very god acting also. He should be in the top 10

The best phantom ever

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