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21 Lon Chaney

Why is he not in the top 3, the very first phantom ever, all the way back to 1925.

If it wasn't for him there would be no Phantom.

22 Chris Mann

Chris Mann is to us the most authentic, moving and exquisite of voices and stage presence---undeniably our favorite Phantom!

The most beautiful voice of all the Phantoms.

23 Simon Bowman

His rich, powerful voice both makes you feel like he has control over Christine whilst wanting to take care of her and admiring her completely. He's an extremely underrated performer with so much soul and passion

He's got an amazing voice. He can sing those powerful notes and the gentle floating ones perfectly. Extremely underrated. I only wish there were more videos/ tracks available of him as the phantom. I'd listen to him all day!

24 Franc D'Ambrosio

I have seen three of the top ten listed Phantoms here and in my view Franco ties at #1 with Ramin. They are very similar, with their strong, clear low notes and smooth tone. Franco made his long run in the role of Phamtom in San Francisco during the 1990s. Sensational voice and his acting talent added the physical emotion to the role that I found unmatched. - Liebling

25 Cooper Grodin

Cooper Grodin's Phantom is not only sexy, but tortured as he sings and acts out his love for Christine whom he needs for his music. Cooper's voice in "Music of the Night", and duets with Christine on "Point of Return", and "Angel of Music", knocked me out of my seat! He plays Phantom with a feeling and depth that reach right into your heart so you find yourself rooting for him to get the girl. His performance is that heart rendering and touching.

I just saw Cooper Grodin in Boston on Opening Night, and his voice truly took my breath away. There is this velvety nuance in his voice that strikes a chord with me. I have scoured the other recorded versions of this musical, and as wonderful as the other Phantoms have been, I truly prefer Grodin's voice over the rest.

Phantom for the West End Production. Saw him in Chicago. Cooper is marvelous! Especially impressed since he stepped in after the original Phantom left the production. I fell in love with his voice right after "Music of the Night." Truly portrays the "Angel of Music" perfectly.

One of the best Phantoms I have seen! And I've seen this play 14 times. So touching and yet so forceful. Touched my heart throughout his performance! His voice and his range were beautiful! Brought me to tears!

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26 Rob Guest
27 Henk Poort

He's the Dutch Phantom, and a brilliant one! He should have been singing and playing his Phantom in West End or braodway and he would have soared! Epic voice, mesmerizing singing!

Too bad that he didn't performe on westend. He certainly would have been one of the very best! I've seen him perform several times. He got better and better after each performance

28 Travis Taylor

I just saw phantom last night at tpac for my birthday, and this guy was the phantom. He was amazing!

29 Matt Camelle

He's the best less known performer. He masters every sound from soft whisper to thundering.

30 Derrick Davis

His phantom blew me away! His range was incredible and his final lair was powerful. I felt he captured the emotions of Ramin Karimloo's phantom as well as the psychotic element of Hugh Panaro's while adding his own pain and violence to it. It was an amazing performance.

31 Scott Davies

I just saw him as the Phantom and wow I was amazed. He is absolutely wonderful, his voice was stunning and his acting even better! Met him at the stage door and he was so nice and signed everyone's tickets! He told me that I was the "new generation" after I told him that this was my first time seeing the show!

32 Robert Englund Robert Englund
33 Kevin Gray

Kevin was such a captivating phantom, it was easy to see that he immersed himself both mentally and physically into his role as phantom.

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