Ramin Karimloo


I have never seen Ramin live but I still believe that he is by far the greatest Phantom. The only times I've seen him as the Phantom was on Netflix and YouTube! Every single time he sings I get the chills. His singing is spectacular and perfect for the role. He gets into character so well, building so much chemistry with his costars, and just giving me goosebumps. His acting is also superb and he can become the phantom so well whether it be soft or harsh. I don't think any other Phantom will bring me to tears and with that I give Ramin my vote.

Ramin truly brings the Phantom to life. His voice is powerful and raw and really captures the sadness, anger, and misery that the Phantom feels, yet it is also soothing and caring when it needs to be. His acting is also superb. In the 25th anniversary of the show, everything from Ramin's Italian accent during The Point of No Return to the subtle twitching of his fingers made the show memorable. For me, there is no other Phantom but Ramin Karimloo.

Ramin Karimloo is riveting. He does not just play the phantom - he IS the phantom. His voice is by far the best voice I've ever heard. Though his face definitely looks disfigured, he still perfectly executes beauty, seduction, and grace. He is haunting with a hint of demonic, all the while being angelic and captivating. He executes the perfect amount of emotion for his role without being over-emotional, and his chemistry with Christine is incredible. He has to be the best phantom there ever was.

Ramin is, and undoubtably will always be, THE phantom. He portrays the character extremely well with unpalatable emotion. Karimloo's voice never fails to leave me speechless. Ramin was the first phantom I ever saw/heard, and I must say, I have never seen a better phantom (but Crawford is a close second;)! ). He is most definitely the complete package, and read the character of the phantom perfectly. He sings and acts with a fiery longing and passion, with a fatherly warmth, yet a lonely coldness. He can sing with raw power and authority, but sound soft, gentle, and angelic at the same time. BEST PHANTOM EVER!

Ramin Karimloo is the best Phantom (or Eric, which ever you'd prefer). His voice is the voice of the Phantom, angelic and most importantly memorising. His movement of the Phantom was perfect and also memorising. Not only is he a fabulous singer he is an incredibly good actor, this was shown through is works in Phantom and Love Never Dies. Ramin is the best of the best and will continue to be the best Phantom there is.

Ramin was the second Phantom that I listened to (right behind Crawford) and I still can't get his haunting voice out of my head! I love Crawford's version - I mean, he WAS the original - but I have Ramin on my Spotify. His voice is beautiful, and although at points he overacts (for example, the NOOOs), that fits with my personal interpretation of the Phantom. This is a man who has practically exiled himself from society (I don't know many people who would freak out if they saw his face even with the deformed part... I mean...) and has no understanding of how normal people handle themselves. It kind of makes sense that he would overreact. No one usually makes mannequins of the people they love and not many people resort to killing others when they're jealous.

He's the best Phantom for obvious reasons. Not only his voice is amazing, but he also encapsulates the essence of the Phantom; a love-stricken, deranged, gifted, damaged person. He's also a great actor and doesn't resort to over-emoting. Can we also agree that his a one-of-the-kind singer? Not just in theatre, he can sing absolutely every genre of music. Don't believe me? Just look up his solo material and live performances. You're welcome.

I've seen many other phantoms and he is the best by far. His voice filled my spirt with a strange sweet sound. This part was made for him. His voice goes amazing with music of the night it is so soft and sweet when it needs to be, and so angry and harsh when it needs to be. HE IS THE PHANTOM!

Visually, vocally, and emotionally he was by far the best Phantom. He looked so comfortable in the character and his voice is perfectly angelic. He made the character come to life in a way no actor ever has before. Also, the chemistry between him and Sierra just makes everything seem natural.

Ramin Karimloo is the best Phantom ever. He brings a touch of tenderness to the character and his voice is amazing. Even though I only saw his performance on dvd all of his emotions came through perfectly. By the end of the show I was in tears. I can only imagine how powerful his performance was live. Perfection!

Michael Crawford is the music of the night I will give him that, but Ramin is the all around superior Phantom. He makes you feel what the phantom feels. He brought me to tears and that is hard to do. I would love to see someone try and top his performance as the Phantom because I personally believe it can't be done.

Again, well deserving of first place. Wow! This man really takes you on a journey with him through love, frustration, jealousy and obsession. Michael Crawford may have been the first Phantom, but Ramin owns it with such an outstanding performance. - Britgirl

I have heard about 10 people play the Phantom and no one made me care for him as much as Ramin. He made him not a monster but a human who did terrible things but only because no one ever whose him any kindness. Also his voice is amazing. True Angel of Music.

While other Phantoms I've had the joy to watch earned every ounce of pity and sympathy, Ramin's is the first Phantom who made me fall in love. The dichotomy of a beautiful, seductive voice coming from this frightening disfigured face a raging, obsessive man capable of murder one minute, and breaking our hearts the next, all brilliantly sold by the talented Mr. Karimloo.

Absolutely flawless Phantom. He had a voice that nailed the high and vulnerable notes and could be bass-baritone-y enough to become threatening. He was operatic enough to sound great with the actual opera styled tunes and untrained enough to do the rock tunes. Not to mention his absolutely PERFECT acting.

No Phantom has ever made me cry during the All I Ask of You reprise and the end of Final Lair. Ramin is the only one to do it. He's the best!

He is simply astounding. He shows the most emotion and passion in his acting by far from what I've seen.

Ramin's voice can explain the sentence in original "music of the night" lyric. - hard as lightning, soft as candles light

He has a bee y unique voice (in a good way). And his acting is wonderful too! Especially in the Final Lair scene, the way he portrayed and expressed the Phantom's frustration, pain, anger and sadness was enough to make me tear. Literally.

Simply the best! Sweet when it has to be, threatening when necessary. His vocal and interpretive qualities are above any other.

He for sure is my favorite! To me he brings this sense of humanity to the Phantom. He brings such life to the character! I love him!

I love his voice, he makes a good couple with Sierra I would like them to be together in real life I LOVE THEIR VOICES!

RAMIN IS THE BEST! Ramin's acting an singing will make you cry. He's an amazing performer with an incredible talent.

Yep! I LOVE Ramin! I love the way he sings, and I wish I could have his career! He's so fortunate to have such talent!

He is my favorite singer ever and an amazing phantom... he was also super nice when I met him at phantom