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21 On My Way

So spiritual, it really inspires me to go on my way. The moment is played in Brother Bear is part of my childhood.

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22 Two Hearts

Love love love this song! It makes me happy every time I hear it.

23 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
24 Everyday

Best song from his Both Sides album, I love it if it would've been on the number one charts! This is a very beautiful mid-tempo ballad that Phil could've ranked it in his own compilation of best songs.

This is the most worthy listening to song by Phil Collins. To me it's his best song ever. It is underrated by people who don't listen to it but those who listen to this song agree it's his greatest song ever.

One of the favorite of Phil Collins, though it's a lost gem and could have been possible if it were his hit?

Love Love Love this song, beautifully written.

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25 That's Just the Way It Is

The song is great

26 Strangers Like Me

His catchiest song

27 Both Sides of the Story

Exceptionally underrated song, so powerful.

28 Hang in Long Enough
29 Find a Way to My Heart

My absolute favorite from But Seriously... Which seriously is the only album I have which I love every single track. This should have been a top 3 choice. If you haven't heard it, please do. You will not be disappointed. Great lyrics and fabulous instrumentals!

Most underrated song from his... But seriously album!

Best Phil Collins song by a longshot. Very underrated.

Agreed. This track is really underrated.

30 All of My Life
31 Look Through My Eyes
32 Don't Lose My Number

Its ridiculous how low this song is rated, should be at least top 10 in my opinion

Aw man...This was my childhood favorite! BILLIE

33 Two Worlds

Aside from the fact that this is from Tarzan, this song is just fantastic!

34 Take Me With You

This is a great song

35 Another Time
36 You Know What I Mean

Unusual because it's such a raw and stripped-down ballad, and the song just has a special intensity to it. Very underrated.

37 I Missed Again

I want you to watch the music video and tell me that isn't the best thing you've seen all day.

38 No Way Out
39 We Wait and We Wonder
40 The Roof is Leaking
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