Ferdinand Marcos (10th President)


Only president that made me define myself as Filipino. Now it's so confusing. Are we little brownamericans are we Chinese or are we Hispanics. Under Marcos government offices in Pilipino, OPM, arts, culture, traditions were enhanced. Discipline reign supreme. The Filipinos are not ready for freedom. Freedom to them means lawlessness, arrogance, inconsideration. You can see it in how people fail to fall in line they crowd each other boarding and disembarking airplanes. A laughing stock in first world countries. You see it in blatant disobedience of street rules and laws. You see it in the greedy cops that stop you only to get money from you. You see it at the airport asking for merienda. You see it in cars jockeying for position to be first. You see it in jeepneys the number one lawbreakers at nite time you see it in abject poverty So many homeless sleeping on sidewalks. The GDP is not a reflection of a Filipino family. The new generation are just there indifferent to political dynasty ...more

The best, smartest, disciplined, tough, true filipino president of all time! He implemented martial law because it was out of love for democracy and his beloved country. Philippines was starting to get out of control due to the influence and penetration of the communism to the our country. The only way to restore discipline and put his plans into action was the martial law. He is like a father who spanks his child not because he's abusive but he loves that child and wants that child to grow up successful. If he didn't implemented martial law, we probably be # 2 in asia during that time has one of the best economy, best military might, don't have the infrastructures that we have, we might be a communist country and worse of all, UNITED STATES probably would try to invade us again! He wants us to stand on our own, not to be a puppet to the US. Mabuhat APO!

Some people say, the Filipinos need an authoritarian figure to lead us. That could be true. During Marcos' days, discipline was instilled, albeit forcefully. In terms of economic policies, he built IRRI and transformed the country into the number 1 rice producing country in Asia, maybe the world. His downfall was not his own doing, it was because of his wife and the people around him, including then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile. Debates still abound of what Marcos truly represented for the Philippines. One thing is for certain, he stayed in power not only because of the military, but because he was cognizant of what the country truly need and what things needed to be done.

I will say this over and over HE IS THE GREATEST AMONG THE REST he is the only one who show that Filipinos reign supreme in Asia one of the top countries in Asia during his reign you cannot sell the farmlands my mother always receive nutriban everyday for free during their recess peso to dollar is almost equal your not afraid to go outside during nighttime because there's no snatcher no holdaper no drug addicts they are all afraid to do such things because they will be punished we have the strongest military ever that we are not afraid to go head to head with china do we still have that after he went down from his position? Not anymore because they always believe that these yellow people are the best but its a pure lie I just hope that every Filipinos would do a research of their own because history itself would tell the difference of our lives today and during marcos time I will vote if BBM will run for president 2016!

Let us not judge him according to what his opponents say about him if at this very moment we know that it would be a miracle if 1 peso becomes equal to 1 US dollar. He is the most excellent Philippine president that did it so. But, let us not blame anybody for all the bad things which are happening.. It is our fault because we lose respect, fear and conscience so we commit these unforgivable sins. If we want a president as good as the Late Pres Marcos, then we must vote for the right one, and then support him/her and not let him down with just few mistakes because all presidents committed their own mistakes. I can speak of praises to the late president but that was an issue long time ago. Yes he is the best in the history... But then, can we at least make Philippines better at this time instead of having an unending battle? If the present president is doing good, let's open our eyes and see it. If he is not yet good enough, then let us wait for another election and then we choose who ...more

He's the greatest among the Philippine presidents. He's the only one president who braved to cut down the US Military Base in the Philippine land for 25 years then later to 5 years from the original permanence of 99 years.

Why? Do you think we'd already attained the true Democracy here in our country? Up to this date... "tuta pa rin tayo ng mga KANO" and that's what MARCOS wanted to erase/eliminate! He dreamed that this country of ours could be great and radiantly can stand alone amongst Asian countries but... Alas... FILIPINOS QUITE IMPATIENT... THEY'VE CRIED FOR A CHANGE...! AND WHAT CHANGE... ARE WE INTO NOW?

He really is a good president especially for the poor. He is a just and fair president. He does not tolerate acts of evil. Punishing all those murderers and rapists. Giving fair treatments for low profile citizens as well as taking care of their primary commodities. He does not allow over pricing so that all basic commodities can be affordable for the poor such as medicine and food. Regularity to work and he even controlled those rich people for panic buying so that the poor wont be left for nothing. So many infrastructures built. Made the Philippines look beautiful and peaceful.

For a third world country like the Philippines, economic prosperity is the best way to satisfy the citizens and gain their support for economic cooperation. Marcos opened our country to the industrializing world and provided us world class modernization in promoting the culture and arts. Yes, morality helps a lot in the formation of nationalism but pragmatism should materialize in a poor country. Of all the former presidents and the present one, Marcos is undoubtedly the most capable one to bring the country to its supreme development.

I am the grandson of lolo ferdi he is a huge instrument both in economics and international relationships.
He introduced the magic rice that maded tons of millions of pesos.
STUPIDITY! Former president cory aquiano closed some of his projects because "his name will be remembered"
Intelligence is measured in logic thinking and strength.

He's the only President who transforms the Philippines from rags to riches... Being a teenager when he took over, I personally witnessed the transformation. He's truly a true and dedicated leader... Sad to say that the youth today were being misled by askewed history of the yellow propaganda movement. Begging somebody to surface out to produce volumes of books straightening history, a fair not biased history.

He is the only Philippine President that put the country into a limelight. I wish I was born that time. The Philippines is one the world's most influential country in whole world yet today the most corrupt country. What kind of brain our government had after Pres. Marcos? Answer: Brainless sorry if I say this but sad to say this is the reality. It's Brainless government.

He is the best.. Filipinos experienced life on his time and still experiencing it now, knows the big difference... And he said before that most Filipinos will experience poverty 20 years after 1986 because Cory Aquino decided not to operate Bataan Power Plant, only because Filipinos will remember Marcos because of Bataan Power Plant, Now Filipinos experiencing poverty and hard life in the Philippines... Sorry for my grammar... To be honest I'm not well educated... I just want to share my opinion...

Even if he was called a Dictator, he gave the Philippines at the center of the world. He developed many infrastructures and promoted the Philippines in the field of the performing arts. As far more compared to many presidents, he has given a legacy that many Filipino people could remember and will always stay in the hearts of the people who loved him.

During his government, the Philippines became one of the leading exporter of sugar, rice and very progressive country in Asia. It was during his Presidency that the Philippines was peaceful, well respected and you can see all over the Philippines from Apari to Jolo the infrastructure was being built; roads, bridges, hospital, school buildings etc. , until now all the beautiful scenery and buildings were being built during Marcos regime. He's the best President the Philippines ever had!

They always say he is corrupt... But if maybe true or not, at least he, and a few cronies are only involved in corruption. After him came the housewife, and the whole world witnessed almost every politician, every government employee from the top to bottom positions are engaging in corruption. Congress even made corruption legal, through their PORK BARREL! Result? The Philippines always lands among the top-notch most corrupt countries in the world!

I guess if they only allow Marcos to be the president until he can, most of us Filipino don't need to go abroad to be an ofw but we travel for business, leisure, etc.

There was discipline in his administration and real progress that made this nation learn on what it can do and made its capability be known. Such progress that is unmatched to any of the late Philippine President that keep the people moral high and made their life east and comfortabel. President Marcos we salute you

Although he was a dictator during his tenure, he was able to control the proliferation of heinous crimes like drug trafficking. The crime rate is lower as compared during the administration of his predecessors. The prices of prime commodities is being controlled. No such big increase and we didn't feel the burden so much unlike now it's soaring. I would say that life during the Marcos administration is better.

Iv got a filapino wife and she was born before Marcus came to power and has also told me about the things Marcus did and had planed but could not do because of the U.S.A. taking him out of the country and then saying he was corrupt but no more than the presidents that ruled after him.
He was a very good Strongman and leader and I hope and pray the same leadership style gets back in power.
NO leader is perfect and yes he made some mistakes but over all a very very good leader.
The rest that I would say has already been said below in the last line which I fully agree with.

I prefer dictator yet loves his countrymen, remember EDSA revol? He has all the means to remained in power but he preferred to step down because he has no heart to shed filipino blood. I am 54 and witnessed his leadership as well as the other and I could say that he is the best president our country could ever had. His vision is that of a genius leader.

He's the best president ever.. The Filipinos were disciplined and the Philippines was admired because he was well know for his intelligence and a workaholic president. Sad to say, because of the greediness of the elite group he was removed from office. Now, what happened to the Philippines?

Democracy has its limits... This country is going to pot because even the lowest civil servant can be corrupted... No road discipline and courtesy.. Why do put lanes on the roads if they are not followed and why follow the lanes if you get caught you can make lagay anyway... Bring discipline back if you have to knock the filipinos on their heads... That's the only language they understand

Was very progresive, everything was under control, and the country Philippines was in the top ten rich country. There were a lot of nice projects, and all the government projects were implemented systematically and nicely... There was a peaceful atmosphere during the Martial LAW period... President Marcos regime was really for the whole country not only for themselves...

Since I am in Elementary that was 1975 stage of Grade one, Pres. Marcos I been noticed that he is very good Leader being a father of the Philippines, He is supportive to the mass poor people. He is strongman preventing the abusive tourist those who making an illegal business in the philippines... Marcos still in my heart ever after...

Ferdinand Marcos - The Best Philippine President EVER!. A great Leader and a War Hero. He believed in the Revolution from the center - long before USA's Obama even dreamed it. He believed in the middle class and that a strong middle class will create a strong economy. He started Green Revolution and pushed for a self sustaining economy. We were the rice producer in Asia. The Tiger Economy. He invested on Infrastructures. In fact. his master plan was carried on long after his term. It's sad how people today try to revise history. Visit the museums and Marcos name is hardly mentioned. Talk about denial. Marcos was the President when the Philippines was at its best.