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For me the no. 1 best philippine province is either PALAWAN and CEBU... Capiz? I think its not belong to top 2 to 5...

Number 1 PALAWAN! Go go palawan number 1...

I think capiz is not the best provinces in the Philippines it should be palawan or bohol

Its should be cebu


Wow how come Cebu is in this rank it should be the FIRST because Cebu is a lively province with the sweetest people, when you visit this province you will only see the sweetest smiles of the Cebuanos. Cebu also has the most beautiful places and the most beautiful historic places that are still visited by tourists from the whole Philippines and the whole world. Cebu also holds some of the actors and actresses that are now progressive and they show the whole world including the Philippines that Cebu can be good in acting. Cebu also holds the commercial buildings, like Sm Seaside City and it will be the next biggest mall of the Philippines and 4th in the whole world, like also the Mactan International Airport which serves as the gateway to Cebu and many more others. Cebu also holds the beautiful cities like...
Bogo City
Carcar City
Danao City
Naga City
Talisay City
Toledo City
Cebu City
Lapu-lapu City
Mandaue City
And many others.
Lastly, I voted this ...more

It's the richest province, economically, culture-wise and everything it's the center of roman catholicism in the Philippines! CEBU is the best province even ranked to be the 8th design capital in the world!

This is where I live,the Cebu is beautiful!,it has many islands to explore around,I love the place where I Live,Cebu ha sto be FIRST

In everything, Cebu is the first from Christianity to recent time. From history and culture, foods and infrastructure. And the richest province in the whole Philippines. Viva Cebu..Viva Sto. Nino. Go Ceboom. Most populated province and most tourist arrivals next to Metro Manila. Cebu should be no. 1.


The Philippines last frontier, that's palawan... Number 1 PALAWAN...

Palawan should be the no. 1. The paradise in the modern world,

A well run province and safe

Number 1 should be PALAWAN!


"Bohol is known as "God's Little Paradise","Heart of the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS", and" Jewel of the Philippines"... We can't deny the fact that this island province is rich in natural resources, culture and tradition, and floras&faunas, that made it like a combination of tree provinces;Aklan for white beaches, Cebu for rich History, and Palawan for it's unspoiled paradise.. Bohol has it all! It's more fun in BOHOL & It's the Better in BOHOL!

Bohol deserves to be called the "Best Province in the Philippines" or even to be "in the world" more than the 2 provinces listed above. Peaceful, Natural, and truly a Paradise as it is called to be the "God's Little Paradise" and also "Jewel of the Philippines". Also the "Heart of the Philippine Islands". Bohol has it all and It's more fun in BOHOL.

Bohol is undeniably a paradise. It's the most beautiful province that is yet knowing. Bohol has everything you wish to see in a tour. The natural wonders, the colourful floras and faunas, the fine white-sand beaches, the historical sites and most of all the overwhelming people. All of what other provinces offers is also found here in Bohol. Just see it for yourself. so come and visit Bohol and I'm sure that you'll get amazed in it's breath-taking features. The only island-province that's complete package for everyone. The Best Province EVER among the rest.

Bohol is the best province because it has many white beaches, this is the home of the tarsiers, chocolate hills is most beautiful hills in the Philippines.


Aklan is the only province in the Phil. that has 2 International Airports. Th province haS 6 Jetty Ports and the road networks are wide..

If you want world class beach island, white beaches, diving sites, world class ati-atihan festival, wild river adventure, green scenery, mountains, forests, mangrove forests, caves, waterfalls, cold springs, original pina fiber clothes, seafoods, hospitable and fun-loving people and many many more... Visit beautiful province of AKLAN... The "Philippines oldest province"-1213 A.D. and 1956...

GO Aklan! Aklan is really a gorgeous Province and their beautiful traditions and culture. Even, the White sand of Boracay. I choose Aklan!

Becuase it is wonderful and gorgeous...


With over 19 municipalities 2 component cities and 1 independent city pampanga is really wonderful province

One of the richest province in Philippines

It should be on top

Looking for Beautiful places? Why not try the mountains of Pampanga? From Mount Arayat to its High Lands to mount Pinatubo? Why not try its mountain range? Ehy not try its breathtaking waterfalls? Its Rio Grande de Pampanga,2nd longest River in th Philippines? Why not try to taste the Pampanga's Cuisine, best of the Philippine Delicacies? Its fantastic celebrations. Kapampangan are called to be the Lovers of Festivities.

Not only for its nature loving appearance, why not try the religious side? Remember, Churches in Pampanga are one of the most beautiful and Oldest BuiltChurches in the country. Know the so called SISTINE CHAPEL OF THE Philippines (BETIS CHURCH), & the The Sunken Shrine, half buried church, and the Metropolitan Cathedral?

Wanna know why Pampanga? Check for its titles...
Pampanga is:
- The Culinary Capital of the Philippines
- The Christmas Capital of the Philippines
- The Kabaong Capital of the Philippines
- HotAir Balloon Capital of the ...more


Pangasinan should be top 1 because we have hundred island, and minor basilica and more tourist spot that you should be visit

Pangasinan a great province.. !

I Love Pangasinan, Pangasinan Number 1.

Pangasinan should be top 3


Iloilo is the best province of the Philippines because of mega world, and international airport also clean river...

The Iloilo will soon be the next BIG THING in the Whole Western Visayas Region.. Hopefully regain it's Tittle as The Queen City of the South..

Iloilo is a place of gifted and talented people

Mirriam Santiago,Franklin Drilon,Jed Madela,Jose Marie Chan,Grace Poe,Aiza Maizo,Bong Ravena are some of them.

Iloilo the original Queen City of the South and the City of Love in the Philippines. Iloilo Province being known of its famous beaches, resorts, mountains and among others.


Batangas could be the highest income generating province in the Philippines. It's got the 2 gas refineries, Shell and Chevron, plus dozens of petrochemical plants. This is very evident on the number of banks in this region and the very high cost of living.

Batangas' roads and highways are way ahead of its neighboring provinces. Batangas to Manila is just a little over one hour drive. This is very attractive to investors, agriculture, and other business segments.

According to data from studies, Batangas is included within the Philippines' Top 10 Richest Provinces list, and most of the people who live in the province has a high income. And, according to statisticians, if Batangas keeps its pace, it could easily outrun Cavite, Davao, and even Cebu as one of the best provinces to live in.

Hospitable, kind, mild mannered
Batangas should be the best province. It offers great opportunities for everyone and due to its close proximity and easy access to metro manila's major business and industrial hubs, it is among the top earning province and probably the richest in terms of assets

Beautiful batangas, discipline people and responsible,


This province is the home of a world wonder Mayon Volcano. Nominated as one of the Nature 7 wonders of the world. This province is considered as the greenest Province in the Philippines because the government prohibits the use of plastic. It is the only province in the philippines who specialize in climate change.

One of the greenest, scenic, magnificent, industrialized, disaster free and the most livable city in the Philippines!

One of the top tourist destination of the Philippines because of the beauty of Mayon Volcano. It is the most perfect cone volcano in the world!

I'm from cam sur which I believed rich province but when I start living here in albay I really love it due to continues progress and development when it comes to economy

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Ilocos Norte

Looking forward travelling to Ilocos norte and witness the beauty of it,

Ilocos Norte considered as the Best Little Province of the Philippines

It's really amazing. Enjoy the Sceneric Beauty of the Northern Gateway Paradise of the Philippines. A place that brings you into happiness and really worth it

Rich in historical sites. When I travel to this place I feel so close to nature.


One of the high standard of living in the Philippines. This province is the salad bowl in the Philippines, strawberry capital, summer capital, flower capital, gold producers and other mining products. Many tourist destinations and attraction in the province of Benguet. A very rich culture you will be learning.

Peace loving people and have the potential for progress

Cool place, culture & people...

It is located in the Cordilleras Region. Considered one of the high standard of living in the Philippines. This province is the salad bowl in the Philippines, strawberry capital, summer capital because of coolest temperature, flower capital, gold producers and other mining products. Many tourist destinations and attraction in the province of Benguet. A very rich culture you will be learning.

Northern Samar

The hidden paradise in the East...

The most peaceful province...:-)

Best province ever...

Truly breathtaking. Biri rock formation, pink beach.

Negros Province

Negros Island Region is an amazing place where you can find peaceful, amazing and wonderful not only places but also people who always makes us feel overwhelmed and welcomed by their smile and hospitality.

I voted Negros Province because it is a province where people come and love to live. Though, away from Metro Manila, its glory captures the hearts of the people to stay. It is a peaceful and sweet productive place. It is the province in the country with the highest number of towns converted into cities because of productivity. You will enjoy to live in these provinces where smiling (Bacolod City) and humble (Dumaguete City) people live.

Negros is an island not a province, negros occidental and negros oriental are separate provinces... This is "best philippine provinces" not best philippine island...

The Negros Island Region is the perfect destination for travelers who likes to witness the beauty of our nature.

Mindoro Province

Here in Oriental Mindoro, whenever you go outside everyone is very kind. Here the crime rate is very very very very (i'm serious very) low. There is many places to go and in the Philippines I think this is the most peaceful place.

Occidental mindoro has this countryside feel to it... It's a breathe of fresh air when you arrive on its northern part of Abra de Ilog.. Its amazing you have mountainous areas at your left and the ocean on your right when driving from a car... The scene is breath taking and the food... Savory... Love it.. =)

Mindoro is an island... Occidental mindoro and oriental mindoro are separate provinces...

You are right. I live here for almost 30 years and this province is very peaceful. Hoping someday I will retire in this island.


This is well known for private pool resorts that people would enjoy a lot. Yes! That's what I'm talking about! You cannot go wrong with this!

Because! Many tourist spot

I like many culture and historical places.

Because... I love this province


Cavite, The Historical Capital of the Philippines

Cavite is the best!

Cavite is the best

Tagaytay :) Summer Capital na

Ilocos Sur

Because this is my birth places and it so beautiful

Rich in historical places.

Heritage City!

Mostly I love Vigan which you can see old houses!


Antique is the first Malayan settlement in the Philippines, a clean and beautiful place. The beach is so amazing. The people is very hospitable. A perfect place to relax.

A place where the mountain meets the sea

Undiscover beautiful province of ANTIQUE.

Where the mountain meets the sea

Camarines Sur

In my opinion it is the religious capital of the Philippines because the people are really religious to their patron our Lady of Penafrancia for centuries.

The extreme sports capital of the Philippines

I love camarines sur especially caramoan,

Really nice to visit

Davao del Norte

Basta davnor the best


The Little Baguio of the South

Most peaceful.
Low Crime rate.


MARINDUQUE is the very center of the Philippines and the heart of the Philippine archipelago. It was marked by Americans as the LUZON DATUM of 1911 being the center and mother of all majons. Aside from that, the province of Marinduque was ranked number 1 by the PNP and Philippine Security Forces as the 2013 MOST PEACEFUL PROVINCE in the country. It was also a site of natural and man-made resources.. The famous MORIONES FESTIVAL serves as the TRADEMARK OF THE PROVINCE. If you want to explore the what they so called "THE SANTORINI OF THE Philippines".. come here in MARINDUQUE and you'll be amazed with its distinct and peaceful attraction.

One can walk around free from the threats of criminality. After all, Marinduque is the second safest province of the Philippines, next to the Batanes group of islands.

Beautiful island

Go marinduque!


Besides of being the Province with highest Income in the Philippines, the province is very rich in History and Natural Resources.

All rivers are died

Province of a great heroes

Great tagalog speaking province, bulaklak-burak-bulak.


Queen province of the North

Isabela is the 2nd largest province in the philippines


In ISABELA you can found the biggest project in Asia which is the MAGAT DAM. And also here you can found the biggest grain granary in SOUTHEAST Asia which is the MIN.GRAINS in the municipality of Reina Mercedes.

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