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41 Siquijor

Peaceful province

Low rate crimes

Delicious foods

Great story

Not just low rate crime.. Almost zero crime.. White sand beaches, hospitable people, virgin, untouch, and no pollution..

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42 Surigao del Norte

It is located at the north Eastern part of Mindanao. The province is divided into two district; district 1, Siargao island and the district 2 is the mainland. This province is headed by the smart, beautiful and kind governor, Governor Sol Forcadilla Matugas.

A very kind people and surfing capital of the country and also one of the top 9 best surfing site of the world.Top 7 in 3 consecutive years. Mabuhay Philipiness
Also lowest crime rate in the country. Safe to tour and travel.

43 Sorsogon

There was a treasure hidden there. See for yourself.

This is where our famous grandfather (Manoy) Eddie Garcia was born here in Sorsogon on May 2, 1929 according to Wikipedia.

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44 Catanduanes

Visit Catanduanes! It is the most majestic provinces I've seen

45 Surigao del Sur

Very laid back. You experience old traditions

46 Lanao del Sur

Lanao del sur is a great province. Because lanao del sur is religious province. You can see here the sleeping beauty mountain and many undiscovered beautiful spot in lanao del sur.

VERy gOoD EsPECIALLy MaRawI - CoolKidsClub

47 Abra
48 Cotabato

North cotabato is now want to peace

The home of peace loving people.

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50 Aurora

Baler is the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines.

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51 Tarlac

Beautiful people itself. There is a lot of torist spots like pinatubo,capas national shrine and many more

Chicharon Iniruban Festival.In the town of Camiling. Celebrated during the last week of October for the preparations for All Saints day and a thanks giving celebration for good harvest particularly (Iniruban) and good quality of meat products particularly the Chicharon or Bagnet.

Tarlac is also one of the best provinces in the Philippines because there's a lot of tourist spots here. We have capas national shrine, death march,mt. Pinatubo, isdaan, and many more. The agriculture is really good. We have a lot "tubos and palays"

Tarlac is also one of the list because its more fun there.

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52 Dinagat
53 Davao Oriental

Avao Oriental is the Easternmost province of the country with Pusan Point as the Easternmost location. The Philippine Sea, part of the Pacific Ocean, faces Davao Oriental to the east. Part of the province lies on an unnamed peninsula that encloses the Davao Gulf to the west.

Davao region's best kept secret

54 Agusan del Sur

Beautiful province and home of historic sites of the Philippines

55 Lanao del Norte

The land of bounty and beauty

56 Zamboanga del Norte
57 Zamboanga del Sur
58 Zamboanga Sibugay
59 Batanes

This place is awesome, scenery is indescribable. - userkosatoptens

60 Ifugao
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