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1 Gone, Gone, Gone

Excellent song! It should be # 1


Awesome song love phillip phillps

Like a drum baby don’t stop beating like a drum baby don’t stop beating like a drum baby don’t stop beating like a drum my heart never stops beating for you!

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2 Home

Yup this song is amazing and the lyrics and just Phillip Phillips! The other songs are really good but I like this song the best.. Especially the chorus of " oh" Love it!

One of my favorite songs of all time. This is the only good song that one of the two finalists made a good single. - ckets4769

Love it, my dogs favorite song, words and tunes, she knows she always has a home with me, we both love it

This is my favorite song ever...I would love to meet Phillip ever song he sings...bits his heart and soul in them all...he's the best

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3 Tell Me a Story

Awesome lyrics..!

4 Where We Came From

Meaning we need to remember where we came from

Really good song. It really speaks, and its really catchy

5 Man On the Moon
6 A Fool's Dance
7 Get Up Get Down

This is a jamming song especially live!

8 Wanted Is Love


9 Drive Me
10 Raging Fire

One of his best songs yet. Can't wait for new album.

NEEDS to be higher. - ckets4769

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11 Hold On

This song is everything, love it!

12 Take Me Away

This song is on his itunes session album. It is such an amazing song that you can't find on any of his albums. If you enjoyed his voice on American Idol, this album is right for you. It is my favorite song by him.

13 So Easy

Amazing song - I was shocked to see it down so low. Of course, the rest of his songs are incredible as well!

That needs to go to number two

14 Miles

Nice beats, catchy song

15 Fly

This is a new song so its # 12. Otherwise the song has a beautiful pickup!

I love how none of the new ones on the album are up here.

16 Unpack Your Heart
17 Lead On
18 This Love
19 Volcano
20 Wicked Game
21 Can't Go Wrong
22 Hazel
23 Alive Again
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