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41 Monty Monogram

Vanessa secret boyfriend, I love him - ComelCumil

He's kinda cute although he looks like his dad.
Good Guys are and will always be my weakness - Organ

42 Suzy Johnson
43 Planty The Potted Plant V 2 Comments
44 Mr. Johnson (Jeremy's dad)
45 Mrs. Johnson (Jeremy's mom)
46 Bob Webber
47 Johnny
48 Worthington Dubois
49 2nd Dimension Candace
50 2nd Dimension Charlene
51 2nd Dimension Isabella
52 2nd Dimension Major Monogram
53 Coltrane
54 Irving Du Bois

He has got to be the best character of ALL TIME! I mean, who would HATE him? He's so nerdy and comical, especially with the glasses. Those glasses are awesome. He must be at least in the Top 10! Way to go, Irving! Keep up the great work!

Irving is a wonderful character! If you ask me, he should be in the Top 10! His glasses make him good enough to be part of the show! Disney Channel, make Irving more involved!

The way Irving stalks Phineas and Ferb is HILARIOUS. "I got in the trunk when she stopped for gas." Just amazing.

He's hilarious "sweet and adorable! I have never been so insulted in my life! " How can you not laugh at this?

55 Perry the Platyborg (2nd Dimension)
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