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21 Phineas and Ferb's Musical Cliptastic Countdown

This episode was great, they need to have another one.

Phineas and Ferb songs really are the best Disney Channel songs, they definitely need to do another on, totally in agreement.

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22 Swiss Family Phineas

It was hilarious when Ferb said"Yep, had to be done, " while giving a monkey a shower.

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24 Meapless In Seattle

Awesome episode

Great episode

Amazing episode! In the end isabella Is the cutiest

Still waiting on meep me in St. Louis.

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25 The Magnificent Few
26 Thaddues and Thor

I LOVE this episode. Candace meets a neighbor who also desires to bust her obnoxious brothers since they too build things. But Candace then gets into an argument with her neighbor. Because of this, she forces the boys to build a fort that tops the fort her neighbor's brothers wish to build. See who will win by watching "Thadeus and Thor".

This episode was awesome it's my favorite episode I wish they would have made another episode

27 Magic Carpet Ride

One of my personal favorites due to the Stacy/Candace dialogue. Candace is convinced that fortune cookies tell her what she should do next to bust her brothers, and Stacy is the voice of realism, despite seeming normalcy in a cartoon.

28 The Great Indoors
29 The Doonkelberry Imperative
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31 Last Day of Summer

Greatest finale ever and their greatest masterpiece other than Summer Belongs To You from a masterpiece cartoon. We will miss you phineas and ferb!

This is by far meant to be Number 1, but I wish it wasn't the last episode they're making... :(

Act your age was a bittersweet ending, but I really liked this as a big epic finish! Can't believe how low on the list it is.


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32 It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World
33 The Doof Side of the Moon
34 Where's Perry? (Part Two)

This is an awesome episode! I really love both parts, but this was my favorite. Phineas goes so far to rescue Perry, it's so sweet. And EVIL Carl. And Candace living with monkeys. BEST EPISODE EVER! Go Phineas and Ferb!

One of my favorites! Intense and Heartwarming!

35 Run Away Runway

Candace loses her dreams while Phineas and Ferb become the new craze!
One of the best episodes for sure

36 Tip of the Day
37 Oh, There You Are, Perry

I was real happy to know that this was the first time Ferb smiled and the song is really romantic and awesome and funny too. Candace was probably the reason why this thing started, you know, Perry went out.

This episode will give you all kind of pleasant warm feelings. IT shows Perry's attachment to his host family and just how much everyone loves him. - akarisoma

It's just so sweet! It really shows the loving bond between Perry and the boys... And even Candace!

This episode showed agent P's attachment to his host family. It was adorable! - akarisoma

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38 The Fast and the Phineas

Go phineas go go phineas.

39 Phineas and Ferb Get Busted

In Ireland, it's called "At Last".

40 Atlantis
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