Best Phineas and Ferb Songs

I can't believe nobody touched on the topic yet. Well, no matter how tough and long this list will make, I'm doing it. So here you go: Best Phineas and Ferb Songs.

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1 Summer Belongs to You

It is very up beat and catchy. I love to lissen to that song. When I'm sad it gets me happy. The best song in the world!

Best song in a cartoon show ever - Margarida

Most inspiring song ever.

Best cartoon song ever!

2 Gitchee Gitchee Goo Gitchee Gitchee Goo

I love these song! 1

This song should be number one

Pretty much any P+F song is the best.

I think this song is amazing because I love this song

3 S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants) S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)

Those street performers made candace look like a complete freak! Perfect song and should be number two, behind summer belongs to you.

I know all the words, and you would ALL vote for this if you heard the extended version! It's so random, just the lyrics make NO sense whatsoever, and it's a great rap as well. I'm even sad enough to know the guys who rap it are called 2 Guys In the Parque - Mushroom99

It is just so fun to lsten to because you don't have to know the words, it is just funny, but then you get the words and it is just that much funnier!

It's one of the funnier songs. I think it's one of the few that made an episode better.

4 Busted

Simply the best.

This one is the best

I love the tune of the song. It's so catchy, and Olivia Olson (the voice of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz) is a great singer!

It's just... so catchy... I love it

5 Perry the Platypus Theme

My Social Studies teacher played the one from One Good Scare Ought to Do it in class - TeamRocket747

Yeah, for the semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action. One of the best

This song rocks! It should win

This is just by far the coolest song ever written.

6 City of Love

Come on Phineas pay attention to Isabella and kiss her in Paris already

I just love Isabella's voice. It's so cute just like her face. I'm so hoping that they will be a cute couple ever. They're so cute together. Oh Phineas go get Isabella. Love Phineas and Ferb

Isabellas voice is so cute! Can Phineas just kiss her already? I'm a huge Phineas and Ferb fan!

It is beautiful and I like it because Isabella sings it and it is nice because me and my sister sing it together.

7 There's a Platypus Controlling Me

My teacher is a panda

Its underneath the table

The governments a platypus - TeamRocket747

This is the best rap song of phineas and ferb

8 Come Home Perry

I love it when candace sings

I love this song so much I listen 2 it every day. I vote this song should win.

I want come home perry song because that song is a very good to here

Such a sad, emotional and amazing song! I just wish Candace didn't ruin the song though. Despite that it's a great song!

9 Ain't Got Rhythm

Actually just the best song ever


Awesome song. - KalloFox34

Brilliant, catchy and clever. Also the base for one of the best YouTube trends/memes to exist

10 You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart

THIS SONG IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST SONG FROM PHINEAS AND FERB! The guitar riffs make me emotional and I don't even know why. And the ninja of love part is just incredible.

Bobbi Fabulous is my favorite band member he is nice and hot. I love you love Handel! I'm sure I'm just a Hugh fan all the time. Because Bobbi is having fun with his friends are Danny and Sherman I hope they are 1980's rock band in the world I love them so much and oh yeah they are so busted yeah I went there.
Your fan and love to be busted, Amanda Knox

This is exactly how I feel for a girl right now.

This sounds just like an 80s rock anthem! It's awesome! It really should be rated higher.


The Contenders

11 Summer (Where Do We Begin?)

I play this song on the last day of school every year!


I think this song, along with Come Home Perry and Summer Belongs To You are among the three best songs in this series. Really underrated if you ask me, I was shocked this song was only 5th in Cliptastic Countdown 2

So upbeat and happy and makes me want summer to come 10 times faster. Phineas and Ferb was the best show Disney produced. The songs are actually good (why is itchy glitchy goo not on the radio? ). Love them and this song!

12 Carpe Diem

The lyrics are catchy and original. The song shows all the characters, even the one-timers.

Laugh out loud I've watched that like 5 times in a row

I call it the "everything is awesome"of the show.

Awesome way to end the show!

13 I'm Me

This song explains why I love Vanessa!

So uptempo and really highlights Vanessa's singing ability.

Two words: KICK ASS!

I love this song is so Vanessa and I love it ๐Ÿ˜

14 Little Brothers

Beautiful and sad, this song is sad and reveals Candace's true feelings. Plus, in the music video Candance has flashbacks to childhood memeories. This song is so cute!

So cute and I heart twilight

This song made me cry a little. Its so beautiful.

This is so sweet song.

15 Backyard Beach

Ferb sung it, enough reasons to be best song?

How is this not number 1! Best song from the very start

Very good rap by ferb cool lyrics



This is undoubtedly the best Phineas and Ferb song. Period.

It really inspired me to sing in front of 200 people at my school!

This is pretty much the dumbest song they made.

Great, catchy... completely silly song.

17 Alien Heart

Max Modem is the best singer of our time.

Sick song

18 Everything's Better With Perry

I like this song because I like the way they put a song of perry saying how much they love them and at the ending Ferb sang awesome

It's a cute song about with nice metaphors and similes

I love this song it's so cute

Great song, so upbeat, and I love the Jackson 5 references in the video

19 Mysterious Force

This song is great but, deleted like vanessa from 2nd dimension - ComelCumil

It should have been in the movie, it was so catchy!

Too bad this got deleted in the movie

20 Evil Love

I love this song I was laughing and it was in my mind all night long after! I like how the chick leaves him right after laugh out loud

This song got stuck in my head for two whole weeks. Had me laughing and singing along the second time around. Best song in the series

This song is so underrated. It is such a well written song

Why am I the only one who thinks this song is the best in the whole series?

21 Chains On Me

This song is horribly underrated!

22 Candace Party

It's not a party it's an intimate get-together!

I don't like candace but this song is catchy

23 Kick It Up a Notch

Slash is one of the greatest guitarists of all time!
This should be in the top tens list!

24 I Really Don't Hate Christmas
25 Brand New Best Friend

The best song in the movie. It's catchy and upbeat... I love it. Dan Povenmire really nailed both Doofenshmirtzes (don't know how to spell this). Lyrics are hilarious and playful. I just love this one.

A great duet with two of my favorite singers. Doofenshmirtz and Doofenshmirtz.

Come on guys this song is so great please can we get it higher!

Doofenshmirtz is a great singer, it has to be number one

26 A Real Boy

Better than eminem - TeamRocket747

This song makes Norm the robot show his feelings about being a real boy - amedina

27 What Might Have Been

This shows what might have happened if phineas and Isabella became couples

How is this song so low!?

This song is ridiculously beautiful and can actually make me teary eyed. It tells the story of two people who always wanted to be together but never were. Deserves to be a radio - Hajj

This is ludicrous. Why in the living hell is this song not #1? JUST LISTEN TO IT! - LordofGeek

28 Evil for Extra Credit

This song is so awesome! Carl is a really good singer. He should sing more! The whole time Doof is just rocking out and Monogram is just like... What? This is the best P&F song ever!

Ya heard it here first cause I'm the one who said it, yeah I'm evil...(he's evil) I'm evil for extra CRRREEEDDDIIIT! - DCfnaf

29 Theme Song

Bowling for Soup nailed it! The extended version is even better!

It's a catchy song but I love it!

30 Big Honkin' Hole in My Heart

It's just so emotional!

How is this not on the list yet? Such a sweet little song for too "frenemies" who can't live without each other.

31 Phinedroids and Ferbots

Its SOOO Underrated
And its awesome - yk1ll3r

32 When We Didn't Get Along

This is the only song in PHineas and Ferb that ever made me cry, the next closest being the ending of "Happy Evil Love"

Awesome song made me what to cry

The melody is simple and the instrumentals basic, but the message it gets across about Perry and Doof's relationship is more powerful than in any other song from PnF. Probably my favorite song from the whole series.

33 Christmas is Starting Now
34 I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun

This song was stuck in my head all day. It's catchy

I really love this song never left my head

Biggest one-hit wonder of all time.

35 Gimme a Grade

Wow, the Beat in the background... the song getting faster and faster. The rythum thumping in my chest. And the hilariousness of Baljeat singing a rock song about grades. Just LOL

Definitely a great song! Although very absurd since Baljeet is still thinking about his grades during summer, but his outrage, amazing lyrics and the melody makes this song completely outstanding.. It is also the most underrated one :/

This song is my favorite! What a song! The mad lyrics, the outraged expression, Thrilling!

This one has got the beats I must say.

36 Not So Bad a Dad After All

"Good meaning and a good song"

This should be top 10... the girl that voices Vanessa can SING! Can't believe "I'm Me" is so much higher than this...

Wow that song is reslly good you no if you came over to my house in england then you'll see that I can sing like her

Canada is such a good singer

37 Summer All Over the World

This song should be in the top 10! Not the best episode, but this song gives it the best opening for any episode. It's so catchy and the gang look so cool while performing.

This makes me so happy! It shows that no matter where you are, you can still share something with someone. To quote it,' the other half is in a different time of year, but we can still say whoo! '

38 The Yellow Sidewalk

These is song is so catchy and cute... Isabella is the fairy girl and I think she should sing more often in phineas and ferb song and I love her voice because its sound like a baby

THIS SONG IS BOSS. At first my mom thought it was Yellow Cyclops and I loved it ever since

39 Don't Even Blink

Also known as "Watchin' and Waitin'" - booklover1

I LOVE THIS SONG! I love the melody and rhythm :) it makes me wanna dance

What is this song doing down here? And more importantly, why wasn't it in the second cliptastic countdown?

Great songs but howw to dounolade

40 Me, Myself and I

I love this - itskenny

41 Blueprints
42 Queen of Mars

This should be in top ten at least come on people!

Such an awesome song! I wish it were longer!

I like the song

This is the BEST

43 Rollercoaster

Why is this the best song? Because of the energy. Because of the catchy tune. Because of the guitar duet by Phineas and Ferb. But most importantly because it totally emphasizes on Phineas' blatant insanity. They flipping strapped themselves to the rollercoaster so that they could be standing on it to shred on their guitars, play trumpets, all while riding a frigging rollercoaster through their town, upside down looping a BUILDING, these two are nuts! They'd make stuntmen blush!

This song is obviously THE ANSWER, because I see its number 42. :) hehehehehehehehe

But seriously, I don't expect this song to be ahead of Summer Belongs To You, S.I.M. P, or any of the more popular songs, but it's my favourite! Me being more of a rock fan, this one hits all the right spots! Always loved the part when they go in the tunnel!

44 Get Down

It's song about "non reaction" but it sounds great! Melody and voices in background are just amazing

45 Spa Day

It should be the first place in the top ten list

46 Robot Riot


47 Mix and Mingle Machine

So catchy! Especially the chorus.

I love the talking rooster

48 Where Did We Go Wrong

This is such a emotional song phineas isabella and baljeet sing wonderfully together they are so darn cute I wanted to hug the three of them they were so sad

Phineas isabella and baljeet sing wonderfully in this sad song I wanted to hug the three of them they looked so sad

Only got one word for this. AWESOME!

49 Mom, It's Your Birthday

Good song, remind me of when I was 12

Mom itโ€™s your birtday

Can you vote it to top 20

This is the cuttest song in phineas and ferb! I just love it!

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50 My Cruisin' Sweet Ride

Phineas kills it

A song by Phineas, Candace, Jeremy, Ferb, Vivian Garcia Shapiro, Mrs. Johnson and Baljeet's Mom

It's a great catchy song, definitely overlooked.

Awesome, bouncy, catchy, heartwarming song.

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