Best Phineas and Ferb Songs

I can't believe nobody touched on the topic yet. Well, no matter how tough and long this list will make, I'm doing it. So here you go: Best Phineas and Ferb Songs.
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1 Gitchee Gitchee Goo Gitchee Gitchee Goo Cover Art

This song is super catchy my 2nd behind summer belongs to you. I feel like Vincent Martella put a lot of thought into this song in sounding very enthusiastic. It's too bad his voiced quickly changed and now phineas sounds older and not as cool as his young voice. Personally I think since Vincent is older they should hire a new voice to match phineas's young voice in the first season but that's not to say his voice is bad in season 2 because Summer Belongs to You is still my favorite but I think Vincent needs a break since he's like 25 voicing a 7 year old. But none of that matters the show is already over but this is still a great song

Phineas: bow chick a bow wow Candace: that's what my baby says! Phineas: mow mow mow! Girls: and my heart starts pumping

Why isn't this number one? This song came out like 8 years ago and I STILL know all the lyrics! Love it so much

I love this song it's nice and catchy you wouldn't see candace singing with them but guess what she did!

2 Summer Belongs to You

This song is like a summary of the entire series. The only way to end an episode. P.S. If this is the best ending (it is) the best opening should be Phineas and Ferb Save Summer. Where's Summer All Over the World anyway? That song's catchy as hell.

Thumps down for a better song, people. No seriously, those few words were three minutes of delight, inspiration and some characters that were see sad or evil like candace and buford were enjoying this moment of truth

I like this song a bunch, and its super catchy and whatnot, but out of the two "summer" songs in the show, I like Summer (Where do we Begin? ) much more.

It is very up beat and catchy. I love to lissen to that song. When I'm sad it gets me happy. The best song in the world!

3 Busted Busted Cover Art

Friends and I binge watched the series and figured out this we all loved the song and always thought we were the only ones. Every single one of us. There's 7 of us.

I love the tune of the song. It's so catchy, and Olivia Olson (the voice of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz) is a great singer!

This song is great and unique. Does anyone else know the lyrics by heart. However, the episode the song was played in was pretty obscure.

A lot of people say Olivia Olson can sing, and I agree! Plus, this was one of the first songs from the show that is like a radio song.

4 S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants) S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants) Cover Art

I know all the words, and you would ALL vote for this if you heard the extended version! It's so random, just the lyrics make NO sense whatsoever, and it's a great rap as well. I'm even sad enough to know the guys who rap it are called 2 Guys In the Parque

I Love This song. I sing it at school but I don't know it that all of the class stares at me and I get tolled to stop. Everyone should hear this! My family loves this Song.

Those street performers made candace look like a complete freak! Perfect song and should be number two, behind summer belongs to you.

It is just so fun to lsten to because you don't have to know the words, it is just funny, but then you get the words and it is just that much funnier!

5 There's a Platypus Controlling Me There's a Platypus Controlling Me Cover Art

I love rap music and to be honest I never thought that Doofenschmirtz would bond with his daughter because he was a DJ and the way that they made this happen was creative and the song itself was just a brilliant masterpiece.

This song just great, I love that it when someone sings a song about things that are actually happening and no one else realizes it. It is GREAT

Well I'll be honest I don't really understand but I fell down the hill now I got glue on my hands! Best song ever!

Okay. Can we just replace Lil Wayne with Doofenshmirtz? Because this song is awesome and I hate rap

6 Ain't Got Rhythm

Ain't got Ryhthm by Swampy is awesome. It has a catchy beat and it is cool how they use they use the materials in the library for a beat. Also, the interaction of the library patrons is good as well.

This is WAY too low... brilliant song. Great beat, great lyrics, great back-and-forth between Phineas and the librarian/drummer. Should be top 5!

I’m not sure why this isn’t higher than Gitchee Gitchee Goo. After a while that one gets annoying. This one absolutely does not.

Brilliant, catchy and clever. Also the base for one of the best YouTube trends/memes to exist

7 Perry the Platypus Theme Perry the Platypus Theme Cover Art

I don't really like the extended version I just like the version in "One Good Scare Ought To Do It! "

My Social Studies teacher played the one from One Good Scare Ought to Do it in class

Yeah, for the semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action. One of the best

This is just by far the coolest song ever written.

8 You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart Cover Art

Bobbi Fabulous is my favorite band member he is nice and hot. I love you love Handel! I'm sure I'm just a Hugh fan all the time. Because Bobbi is having fun with his friends are Danny and Sherman I hope they are 1980's rock band in the world I love them so much and oh yeah they are so busted yeah I went there.
Your fan and love to be busted, Amanda Knox

This may be one of the few songs I'll remember when I turn 40 (I'm 17 now).
Very powerful, very emotional, and truly a classic tune in Phineas and Ferb.

This sounds just like an 80s rock anthem! It's awesome! It really should be rated higher.

This song surely is the best love related song on Phineas and Ferb.I like it as the lyrics are truthful throughout the whole song

9 City of Love City of Love Cover Art

This song is amazing! I'm in love with Isabella singing voice it's beautiful. Phineas needs to pay attention to her I know he is not trying to hurt her feelings but still it is my favorite Phineas and ferb song ever

I just love Isabella's voice. It's so cute just like her face. I'm so hoping that they will be a cute couple ever. They're so cute together. Oh Phineas go get Isabella. Love Phineas and Ferb

It is beautiful and I like it because Isabella sings it and it is nice because me and my sister sing it together.

Isabellas voice is so cute! Can Phineas just kiss her already? I'm a huge Phineas and Ferb fan!

10 Summer (Where Do We Begin?) Summer (Where Do We Begin?) Cover Art

So upbeat and happy and makes me want summer to come 10 times faster. Phineas and Ferb was the best show Disney produced. The songs are actually good (why is itchy glitchy goo not on the radio? ). Love them and this song!

It's just one of the most upbeat songs throughout the series, showing how much the brothers love summer, with that signature pnf humor inserted in the middle too. Plus, who doesn't love it when ferb does his super deep voice thing?

I think this song, along with Come Home Perry and Summer Belongs To You are among the three best songs in this series. Really underrated if you ask me, I was shocked this song was only 5th in Cliptastic Countdown 2

Some of the most catchy lyrics in Phineas and Ferb history, with the parts of the theme song and Phineas and Ferb doing duets with themselves, this song should be number one on any list.

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11 Come Home Perry Come Home Perry Cover Art

The song is really good. Listening to it brings back so many nostalgic memories. Although I don't listen to it any more now because I am older. Nice topic OP. Weird thing is I thought of this poll the same day you did :D

Such a sad, emotional and amazing song! I just wish Candace didn't ruin the song though. Despite that it's a great song!

I love this song so much I listen 2 it every day. I vote this song should win.

I want come home perry song because that song is a very good to here

12 What Might Have Been What Might Have Been Cover Art

Best song from Phineas and Ferb EVER! I'm already starting to memorize the song. by the way it's called What Might Have Been. I hear people tell me I sound just like Isabella. And I also remember a song when Phineas says: And Isabella kissed me but I got my memory erased! And then Isabella was like: Wait, what? And then Phineas says: You just wait ten years. If you saw Act Your Age then you would get the joke. - lolcutie86896

This song is ridiculously beautiful and can actually make me teary eyed. It tells the story of two people who always wanted to be together but never were. Deserves to be a radio

This shows what might have happened if phineas and Isabella became couples

This is ludicrous. Why in the living hell is this song not #1? JUST LISTEN TO IT!

13 Backyard Beach Backyard Beach Cover Art

How is this not number 1! Best song from the very start

Ferb sung it, enough reasons to be best song?

Very good rap by ferb cool lyrics

14 Little Brothers Little Brothers Cover Art

This song is both heartwarmingly beautiful and just hilarious at the same time. Especially with the "Little brothers cause you're younger we're related and you're boys." Both sweet and just so funny.

Beautiful and sad, this song is sad and reveals Candace's true feelings. Plus, in the music video Candance has flashbacks to childhood memeories. This song is so cute!

This song made me cry a little. It's so beautiful.

I only like this song cause of Ferb.

15 Chains On Me Chains On Me Cover Art

Highly underrated, really set the mood for the whole episode.

This song is horribly underrated!

16 Carpe Diem Carpe Diem Cover Art

Super catchy and fun to listen to. Makes me happy every time I listen to it.

"And u don't have to build a roller coaster! "

The lyrics are catchy and original. The song shows all the characters, even the one-timers.

Nice, it looks like there are a lot of songs from 2nd dimension

Laugh out loud I've watched that like 5 times in a row

17 I Really Don't Hate Christmas I Really Don't Hate Christmas Cover Art

This should be around top 10

Just amazing

18 Alien Heart

Max Modem is the best singer of our time.

this song's out of this world

19 A Real Boy

This song makes Norm the robot show his feelings about being a real boy

Better than eminem

20 Everything's Better With Perry Everything's Better With Perry Cover Art

I say this would definitely be the number one song in the movie.
Robby Wyckoff is crazy talented and is even more awesome with the angelic choir in the background.
Love this song! I envy the creators of this wonderful show!

Great song, so upbeat, and I love the Jackson 5 references in the video

This song is so good, it was the first song that I bought on ITunes.

It's a cute song about with nice metaphors and similes

21 Kick It Up a Notch Kick It Up a Notch Cover Art

Slash is one of the greatest guitarists of all time!
This should be in the top tens list!


It really inspired me to sing in front of 200 people at my school!

This is undoubtedly the best Phineas and Ferb song. Period.

This is pretty much the dumbest song they made.

This should def be in top 3 if not number 1

23 I'm Me

This song explains why I love Vanessa!

So uptempo and really highlights Vanessa's singing ability.

This is the best Vanessa song

Two words: KICK ASS!

24 Phinedroids and Ferbots Phinedroids and Ferbots Cover Art

Its SOOO Underrated
And its awesome

25 Evil Love

I love this song I was laughing and it was in my mind all night long after! I like how the chick leaves him right after laugh out loud

This song got stuck in my head for two whole weeks. Had me laughing and singing along the second time around. Best song in the series

It was sad when doofensmits only beautiful date left him. I cried in that episode give him someone who loves him at least.

Why am I the only one who thinks this song is the best in the whole series?

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