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61 Handcar
62 Brand New Reality
63 Christmas is Starting Now
64 Ducky Momo Is My Friend

I love this song! Brings a tear to my eye every time. It explains how deep and personal Candace's liking of Ducky Momo really is. I can't believe this isn't higher up!

What?! No love for Ducky Momo?! It's okay. True Ducky Momo fans stand alone.

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65 Izzy's Got the Frizzies

So funny! I also remember when she taught the people in Africa how to do that dance. Again, so funny! - lolcutie86896

66 Mix and Mingle Machine

So catchy! Especially the chorus.

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67 Rollercoaster

This song is obviously THE ANSWER, because I see its number 42. :) hehehehehehehehe

But seriously, I don't expect this song to be ahead of Summer Belongs To You, S.I.M. P, or any of the more popular songs, but it's my favourite! Me being more of a rock fan, this one hits all the right spots! Always loved the part when they go in the tunnel!

68 Waggle Dance
69 Only Trying to Help

Amazing! Isabella and Candace just wanna help! Isabella wants to help, but she thinks the boys are being too overprotective, and Candace was messing things up and Phineas kicked her out. This song shares a lot of emotion with the two girls.

So beautiful! This song is way better than most pop music on the radio. This episode was so sad... And the song was too.

Candace and Isabella's duet was amazing!

This is one of the best songs! The harmonies are so beautiful!

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70 Dancing In the Sunshine V 1 Comment
71 My Nemesis V 1 Comment
72 I'm Fabulous

Perfect song, disco beat to pander to a narcissist! Bobby is so "fabulous"

Do you know that bobby is bald and the har is a wig-its there in the song where candace becomes fly

From dude werw getting band together

73 Lies
74 My Goody Two-Shoes Brother

This song never fails to make me laugh. The song has funny lyrics and Dr. Doofenshmirtz's over the top "performance" (both audio and visual) of this song makes it my favorite Phineas and Ferb song of all time.

75 Give Up
76 Moon Farm - Space Icecream Song
77 Welcome to Tokyo!

Funny take-off on anime styles, catchy song and really funny lyrics, if you can understand them (watch it on YouTube).

I love how they use that different animation! It's so cute! - lolcutie86896

78 My Ride from Outer Space

Don't look no further baby, 'cause you know it's number one!

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79 My Name Is Doof and You'll Do What I Say

My name is Doof and you'll do what I say whoop whoop! - GenoKenneth

80 Isabella's Birthday Song

I love this song isabella's singing voice is too adorably angelic and sweet. I just wanted to hug her because of the way she sings it and I felt bad for her because she just wanted to be alone with phineas. Poor little baby

This song is very adorable. It's also pretty funny; I cracked up at "moving a piano"!

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