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101 Gordian Knot

Fantastic song, from Phineas and Ferb

102 You're Going Down
103 Big Honkin' Hole in My Heart Big Honkin' Hole in My Heart

How is this not on the list yet? Such a sweet little song for too "frenemies" who can't live without each other.

104 Extraordinary Extraordinary

Love it it is boss

105 Won't Keep Us Apart
106 Quit
107 O.W.C.A.
108 E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. V 1 Comment
109 Rollercoaster Rollercoaster

This song is obviously THE ANSWER, because I see its number 42. :) hehehehehehehehe

But seriously, I don't expect this song to be ahead of Summer Belongs To You, S.I.M. P, or any of the more popular songs, but it's my favourite! Me being more of a rock fan, this one hits all the right spots! Always loved the part when they go in the tunnel!

110 Aerial Area Rug

WHAT?! I'm shocked that this song is in 35th place! Its the only song that has truly AMAZING vocals. Nice little spin on Aladdin. Haha, the lyrics actually make sense. I think this song is beautiful :') - dragonfly99

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111 Do Nothing Day Do Nothing Day
112 Quirky Worky Song

YES! You can listen to this doing anything and it'll make it 10x more enjoyable!

113 Horse In a Bookcase
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