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101 Technology vs. Nature
102 O.W.C.A.
103 Perry the Teenage Girl

Oh my goodness! So hilarious! Poor Perry. It must be a little embarrassing for him. If it is, I feel bad. - lolcutie86896

104 S'Fall V 1 Comment
105 Dancing In the Sunshine V 1 Comment
106 Blueprints
107 Watcha Doin'

Isabella's voice is cute and sweet just like her personality

Such a cute song I love Isabella

108 Straight-Up Bust
109 Backyard Hodge-Podge
110 Brick
111 Won't Keep Us Apart
112 Zubada V 1 Comment
113 Isabella's Birthday Song

I love this song isabella's singing voice is too adorably angelic and sweet. I just wanted to hug her because of the way she sings it and I felt bad for her because she just wanted to be alone with phineas. Poor little baby

This song is very adorable. It's also pretty funny; I cracked up at "moving a piano"!

V 1 Comment
114 Giant Puppet Show

Such a catchy song, and very different from the others, even better than Summer Belongs To You, it's a song about a giant puppet, but it's so addicting. - nelsonerico6

115 S'winter

Such a great song that has an old time feel. And so catchy!

116 One Good Scare

Absolutely GREAT song! I love it so much and the beat is so catchy

117 Gordian Knot

Fantastic song, from Phineas and Ferb

118 You're Going Down
119 Army of Me
120 Floor After Floor

Great song. - TeamRocket747

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2. Summer Belongs to You
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