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21 Cavern
22 David Bowie

Why is this song so low? Top 5 for sure! And why is YEM at the bottom? And where is The Divided Sky? Come on people, you're leaving out the best work of Phish.

23 Lawn Boy
24 Guyute
25 The Squirming Coil
26 Access Me
27 Ghost V 1 Comment
28 Colonel Forbin's Ascent
29 Dirt

A modern classic. Hope 100 years from now will be remembered because is a fantastic song

One of the greatest songs ever written with some great guitar in it too

30 Taste
31 AC/DC Bag
32 Icculus
33 Walls of the Cave
34 Llama

Sunrise under turquoise mountains messenger birds in sight they came up through the valley both sides at a time
RAID! I bend down poke a double decker on a llama taboot llama Taboot taboot trigger a blastoplast ram shackle laker recedes I start to run it was the loudest thing I ever heard and I knew my time had come

V 1 Comment
36 Free

Great song! Makes me feel free!

An epic love song

37 Gumbo
38 Simple
39 Runaway Jim
40 Sleep

This is definitely one of the best Phish songs. It's short but sweet and has poignant lyrics and that kind of acoustic magic that makes Phish Phish.

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